Nazareth – Aug 6th, 2011, Lewisporte, NL


Aug 6th, 2011

Lewisporte, NL


Show Review & Live Photos by Celtic Bob

The annual Lewisporte Soiree is always a good time. In the past few years I’ve seen Kim Mitchell, Honeymoon Suite, Harlequin, April Wine, Prism and my personal favorite Helix (2 years in a row). This year was Classic Rockers Nazareth headlining the bill. This was my first time seeing them live so I was quite psyched for the show.

Once we arrived at the show the festivities were well underway. After a few moments we made our way to the front of the stage and caught the last couple of songs by local Newfoundland band The Navigators. These guys were doing a great job with their mostly traditional music even doing a cover of Big Sugar’s “All Hell For A Basement” which went over quite well before ending off with their most popular song “The Islander”.

Next up was The Trews who seemed to be a favorite of many in the audience. The only song that was familiar to this reviewer was “Not Ready To Go”. They did a good job but nothing outstanding.

Finally after a MASSIVE delay in set change over Nazareth hit the stage. For this show it was the biggest in advance ticket sales the festival has seen and after hearing Nazareth live there is a reason why. These guys know how to play some great Rock n Roll. They did a nice mix of old, new and some songs in between that were unfamiliar. It was great hearing a few tracks off their new album BIG DOGZ and much like the album the band performed them flawlessly. While Dan may not have the range he once had in the early days he still sounded fantastic and gave it everything he had. He was clearly enjoying himself up there despite the cold weather we were experiencing. For “Love Hurts” Dan took to the bagpipes but used them for a ‘talkbox’ effect. Apart from McCafferty the other surviving original member was bassist Pete Agnew who was enjoying the show just as much as Dan was, maybe a bit more? On guitar was Jimmy Murrison who played remarkably and let his guitar speak for him. He tended to concentrate on what he was doing more so than interacting with the audience. His playing spoke in volumes, literally. The entire concert was loud but remarkably clear, especially for an outdoor field. One of the best I’ve seen at this location.

While some fans commented about the inclusion of too much newer music and not enough older the majority loved what they saw and heard, this writer included. I would not hesitate to go see them again and would recommend their show to anybody. It’s acts like this that younger bands should look at and learn how it’s done.