ALICE COOPER – “I think there will eventually be a Broadway play just called Alice”

Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 my nightmare
Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 my nightmare

In a new interview on the national news site with Alice Cooper, the rock legend gave his thoughts about his new album along with his opinions on KISS, Marilyn Manson and who should follow him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Burt Bacharach being his top pick!).

When asked what his next career goal was, Alice said:

“A Broadway play. I think there will eventually be a Broadway play just called Alice. And it’ll be about the life of Alice Cooper, all about the alcoholism; there’s a lot of great stuff going on in there. You’ve got the connection to Groucho Marx and Salvador Dalí, and there’s a billion ways to go with that. And I would love to see somebody else play Alice, you know? I think that that would be fun. Or I wouldn’t mind doing Welcome to My Nightmare parts one and two on Broadway myself and turn it into a Broadway play, but not water it down; keep it as electric and loud as it is in a regular concert. They kind of watered [the Who’s] Tommy down; when you put rock on Broadway they suddenly start making it viable to the 80-year-old in Iowa that wants to come in and see a show, and they start softening it. I would never do that; I’ll keep it just as hard as it is!”

Welcome 2 My Nightmare is available now. For more information and upcoming tour dates, visit Alice’s homepage at
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