Malevolence ( Photo by Black Eye)
Malevolence ( Photo by Black Eye)

On the ever growing Culture of Metal surviving is no easy task! One such band that’s proudly and resolutely defied all predictions of their own termination is MALEVOLENCE. A band that on the back of bringing us MARTYRIALIZED (1999) an album that completely showcased their instrumental phenomenon in the Metal craft forefront, whilst blowing the unrestricted minds all over the globe to generate simply one of the mightiest Portuguese extreme metal exports of their generation, is such a testimonial.

Whilst perpetuating an accurate existence with a constant refusal to follow people’s expectations, MALEVOLENCE is an institution that constructed a pathway growing from inner pulse & strength. Exploding with the kind of ferocity that can only come from a band that’s really been through hell and back, MALEVOLENCE still keeps as relevant these days as on their inception (1994) bringing forth their stylish, sinister and aggressive fortification of sound ahead.

With such strength and determination, MALEVOLENCE triumphs again over all adversities (in order to present their most comprehensive, bold and perverse collection of songs to date), they proudly announce the recruitment of none other than producer and sound engineer V. SANTURA (TRIPTYKON / DARK FORTRESS).

About this amalgamation of minds V. SANTURA had this to say: “I am very pleased and honored to work with MALEVOLENCE, one of Portugal’s finest and most established Extreme Metal bands. I’m looking forwards to some creative and highly challenging sessions.”

The pre-production is going on (as we speak) between all the minds engage to bring along the metal monster. The final recordings, mixing and mastering of the bands 3rd album shall be perpetuated in WOODSHED STUDIOS in GERMANY, tentatively in the beginning of 2012.

CARLOS CARIANO added about this excellent teamwork: “In an age where people are losing their fucking minds we are concentrating ten ton times more to generate and release a pure dose of Extreme Metal mayhem coming from our inner passion and against the defeatist. It’s not just for us or the Portuguese crowds; it’s for everyone at a worldwide level that constantly refuses to bow down to the predefined patterns! The reason why we have made an option for V. SANTURA to work with us on all the single details of this amalgamation it’s because the man can deliver passion and organic artistic quality in the whole lot he his obsessive with” From the unique dark excellence contained within TRIPTYKON “ EPARISTERA DAIMONES”, to the blackish heart of DARK FORTRESS “YLEM”, to the most technical tapestry of OBSCURA “OMNIVIUM” or even the raw sheer aggression of PESTILENCE “DOCTRINE” he adds: “The man has it all along with our own imagination to bring to the forefront all that’s inside our minds”

The band is thorough that MARTYRIALIZED is not a straightforward project to top and even V. SANTURA acknowledges the fact by stating: “I seriously consider FREDRIK NORDSTROM (FREDMAN STUDIOS) as one of the best producers in metal music, so by releasing this album together with MALEVOLENCE is utterly interesting and remarkable on all levels plus quite a large challenge in terms of footsteps to fill for me” while MALEVOLENCE collectively states: “We have been asked constantly over the past years how will we top MARTYRIALIZED. As a matter of a fact we all find the irresistible magnetism of that release now in 2011 with the same devotion of when we crave it back in 1999. Still we are not to compromise under any circumstance or wall of pressure. We are missing albums with a nonconforming style these days and this is exactly what crowds can expect from our next move so beware our metal monster!”

The World of metal is simply exploding with stories that continue to enthrall and inspire, MALEVOLENCE is one of those stories of perseverance still refusing to put hands down. After all it’s not just the band getting excited, the metal community in general has a new rise above triumphant holder to celebrate and MALEVOLENCE is here to stay, to perpetuate and bring rejoice with their own seeds and earthworms. And it is made in Portugal! or



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