Eat The Gun – Runner

Reviewed: September 2011
Released: 2011, Metalville Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Having never heard of them before, I was surprised to learn that German rockers Eat The Gun have been around for almost ten years and have put out an EP and two albums, toured with the likes of HIM, Duff McKagan, and In Extremo amongst others. Given the description of their music as no nonsense hard rock, I was looking forward to hearing what they’re offering with RUNNER.

RUNNER quickly proves that the band is true to their word as its chock full of straight ahead rockers with no false pretensions. Indeed, the title track is clearly the best song on the album, being a thunderous song about breaking free, belted out by Hendrik Ücüncü’s clear vocals. Shockingly, the next four songs follow this path, change only coming with the brooding (but weak) “Down in the Fire”. The band varies it up a bit from there with the chugging sing-along of “Give Sight to the Blind” (great song!), the highly melodic “Liberator”, and the hard rock version of The Police’s stalker song “Every Breath You Take” called “I’m Obsessed” which is a slow stomper of a song.

All told, RUNNER is an entertaining album but there isn’t much to distinguish Eat The Gun from other hard rockers: no flashy solos, no powerful singing (Ücüncü gets the job done, but isn’t really memorable), no instantly classic songs. Justified or not, it makes me think that there’s a reason why I’d never heard the band before. Still, RUNNER is solid, and there are worse legacies than that.


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Track Listing:
1) Runner
2) The Evil in You and Me
3) The Remedy
4) Not Dead Yet
5) Daredevil Supreme
6) Down in the Fire
7) Liberator
8) Give Sight to the Blind
9) I’m Obsessed
10) My Retribution
11) 365

Hendrik Ücüncü: Vocals, Guitar
Phil Hüls: Bass
Gereon Homann: Drums