The Jeff Healey Band – Live At Grossman’s 1994

The Jeff Healey Band – Live At Grossman’s 1994

2011, Convexe Ent.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Jeff Healey for those who don’t know was one of the greatest musician’s that ever lived and he was a genuinely friendly person as well. This combination is what helped bring him to stardom and fame. His unique style of guitar playing and sound will never be imitated and this live recording proves it tenfold. LIVE AT GROSSMAN’S 1994 is the first in a series of live recordings to be issued from new label: Convexe Ent. If this title is any indication of what is to come then we are all in for some aural treats.

The nine tracks that make up this disc are unfortunately non-Healey originals. This is the only drawback to this amazing release. From the Lennon penned Beatles track “Yer Blues” to Ellmore James’ “Dust My Broom” we the listener are treated to the amazing voice and guitar playing of one of music’s finest. During this show Jeff covered Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” that Hendrix did and made his own. Each and every track on here is pure Jeff as he had a knack for making any song he touched his own, as cliche as it sounds. If you are a fan or know some of his work you will know exactly what I mean.

Jeff Healey’s music is heavily based in the Blues and this performance showcases that with some of the selections he does. Jeff was and still is THE Blues guitarist of Canada and ranks up there along side of Stevie Ray Vaughn. His electric blues guitar is second to none. Have a listen to LIVE AT GROSSMAN’S 1994 and be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor. Amazing!



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