New HELIX EP To Be Released Next Month


Next month we’ll be releasing “SKIN IN THE GAME”, our new 5 song EP. Songs on the disc include:

The William Tell Overture
Skin in the Game
The Bitch is a Bullet
Champagne Communist

The CD is being mixed by Aaron Murray and being mastered at Carvello Mastering in Toronto. Artwork is once again being done by Babyjack Design, the same people who did the Vagabond Bones and Smash Hits Unplugged cover.

This time around we’ll be immediately putting up the songs for digital download. As well, we’ll be initiating a website where fans with a special code (which you will purchase from us) will be able to buy different packages of ring tones, video, band member tips, etc. I’m thinking that this is where we will test market the reality show.

Regarding the new material, HELIX frontman Brian Vollmer said, “I wrote [the first] four songs with Sean Kelly. One (‘Angelina’) was also a co-write with Moe Berg. Sean has been my partner on the last couple of HELIX discs — ‘Vagabond Bones’ and ‘Smash Hits Unplugged’ — as well as being a large part of the acoustic show.

“These four songs (‘Champagne Communist’, ‘Angelina’, ‘Skin In The Game’, and ‘The Bitch Is A Bullet’) are really just a continuation of the ‘Vagabond Bones’ CD. We wrote them very shortly after that CD was finished and they’ve been sitting in the can for a year.”