D.A.D with support acts at En Dejlig Aften at Valby Parken in Copenhagen,Denmark 2011


Kim Larsen & Kjukken – Special guest

Magtens Korridorer – Support act 

En Dejlig Aften 

Valby Parken 
Copenhagen, Denmark 
June 4th, 2011

Review and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

Guest contributor: Ulrika Henriksson




Beatbox Booking & Concerts along with PFM Management put together this open air show with three of Denmark’s most beloved bands. The show took place at a huge soccer field (for this occasion renamed as Festplatsen) located in Valby a few kilometres outside Copenhagen not far away from where the Green Concert is held every year. The sun beamed down from a clear blue sky and it was a perfect day for a show. Kim Larsen is a Danish singer that has been in the business for centuries now and he is one of the most loved artists in Denmark and he was also really successful in the rest of Scandinavia in the 80’s.


This particular evening was the only time that Larsen and his band Kjukken was going to perform in Copenhagen and that was also the case for D.A.D. The soccer field had a capacity for 12,000 people and as we walked towards the field we crossed numerous happy beer-drinking and barbecuing Danes that enjoyed the weather and the atmosphere. We came to the field about one hour before the shows were about to kick off and to our surprise many people had not yet shown up yet but when Magtens Korridorer kicked off their show, a lot more people arrived. I don’t know if it’s typical Swedish but we really like to be on time :).

Magtens Korridorer

Despite the desperate heat, it seemed both the band and the fans to be in a great mood and the fans screamed and cheered when the members arrived out on stage. The singer came out when the band began to play. It’s a little tricky do describe what kind of music the band plays but the music is close to heavier rock’n’roll music with dashes of punk elements and everything is sung on Danish. We have heard and seen the band quite a few times now and have never managed to understand their greatness but the crowd seemed to love and like the one hour the band were on stage.

Magtens Korridorer_1.jpg

Magtens Korridorer_live_2.jpg 

Magtens Korridorer_live_3.jpg

The audience was really mixed and I guess that these three acts really lures all kinds of people of various ages. I bet that when Larsen had his glory days many of the fans of Magtens Korridorer weren’t even born. A lot of people had sat down on the grassy hills that surrounded the field and unfortunately also many people (read guys) started to pee at the fences that surrounded the grassy hills. Really disgusting. If you’re drinking beer and are too lazy to visit the toilets than squeeze it in please or don’t drink so much.




Larsen has sold over 3 million albums as a solo artist and he was also the lead singer in the well known Danish act Gasolin back in the 70’s. When the clock reached 8 it was time for the silver haired gentlemen to take place on stage.

Kim Larsen & Kjukken

Larsen entered the stage dressed, as always, in his cap and began the show with being warmly welcomed by the crowd. Shortly into the show Larsen and the band were covered in smoke from the machines on stage and it was almost hard to see him. It felt like being on a huge party because everyone in the crowd, from people in their 60’s to small children sang along with Larsen in the songs and everyone danced and seemed to be really happy. There were no doubt that Larsen was as loved as ever by his fans and he was called out to do three encores. Larsen played about one hour of patented boogie rock’n’roll before it was time for him to say goodbye to his loyal fanbase.



D.A.D. have been out supporting their latest studio album that came back in 2008 and to be honest I think it’s time for the guys to come out with something new really soon!! But it feels like the band has gotten a revival and they’ve been out touring across Europe for a while now. Unfortunately, almost the majority of the crowd left the field after Larsen had played and it seemed strange to us why the promoters hadn’t put Larsen as the headline act instead of D.A.D.  The darkness began to roll in over the place and at 10 o clock it was finally time for D.A.D to kick off their show. Behind the drums hung a huge black backdrop with the band logo, the cow head, portrayed with contours in silver.




“Evil Twin” opened the show and the members are:

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals,guitar

Stigge Nasty – bass, vocals

Jacob Binzer – lead guitar

Laust Sonne – drums, vocals

Fire burst out during the opening song and one thing that’s fun with D.A.D is that they have always got a thought through stage performance with things happening on stage all of the time. “Bad Craziness” continued and Jesper strapped on his guitar and let the audience sang the chorus. “Beautiful Together” and “Soft Dogs” followed and Jesper said that the audience looked really beautiful this evening.



As always, Nasty had a few of his many fun bass guitars with him and when the band fired off “Ninteenhundredandyesterday” he played on a bass that glows in the dark. The cow’s head in the background shifted in different patterns all through the show. The band had the same problem as Larsen with the smoke machine that had gone crazy and blew out smoke like there was no tomorrow as you can see on the pictures. There was not a lot of wind so the smoke stayed on the stage.

On the older albums Nasty used to sing a lot more lead vocals, but during the years that’s something that’s been narrowed down at least on albums. Live he always used to sing one song and that normally is “Riding With Sue” and when he grabbed the mic and said that it was time for him to sing we all thought it would be that song. But to our surprise kicked he off the excellent but quite forgotten “Black Crickets” and it seemed like the audience also had longed to hear Nasty sing something else than “Riding With Sue” because they sounded really happy. After Nastys excellent song it was time for the band to play the title song from the latest studio album “Monster Philosophy” and once again the crowd went frantic. Frantic is also the proper word for what the audience went when they heard the first notes of the D.A.D. all time classic song “Jihad – No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims” where Nasty once again had changed bass guitar into the one with a cadillac fin at the back. The Binzer brothers took a leap on each side of the stage on to the amps that was placed there and played most of the songs on top of them. In “Sleeping My Day Away” sang the fans the first verse of the song and that is something that’s been done since ancient times. At the end of the song out came Nasty with his fire-bursting-helmet on and ran around on stage while the song ended.





Sonne is a great drummer that seems to be able to master any kind of instrument he lays his hand on and in “Road Below Me” he performed a brilliant drum solo. While he was doing this his entire drum kit tilted forward so at the end he was hanging vertical playing. Jesper shouted to the fans that they all should scream “Come on Laust we know you can do it” while he was tilted and playing. That song and solo ended the show that to our surprise was over after only 60 minutes.




Shortly after the band came back again and kicked off the encores that a little unexpected began with the song “Reconstrucdead” taken from the not to good album HELPYOURSELFISH. Jacob thought it was a good thing to do a guitar solo and extended the song a few minutes. “Everything Glows” followed and as always the audience sang the chorus and the encores was over after 15 minutes and the band once again left the stage. We couldn’t believe that the guys could leave us without playing either one or both of their official-this-is-the-end-of-the-show-song(s) . “Laugh N a 1/2” or “It’s After Dark”. Phew, after a short while came the brothers back with acoustical guitars strapped on and fired off “Laugh N a 1/2” thankfully. And as an bonus treat the rest of the band came out and Nasty grabbed the mic and sang “It’s After Dark” while the cows head on the backdrop showed small sparkling stars during the song. That officially marked the end of the show and after singing our throats sore we and the rest of the audience were satisfied and content with the amazing show put together by the best arena rock’n’roll/party hardrock act in Denmark.





Set list


Evil Twin

Bad Craziness

Beautiful Together

Soft Dogs


Scare Yourself

Black Crickets

Monster Philosophy

Jihad – No Fuel Left For the Pilgrims

Sleeping My Day Away

The Road Below Me

Encores I


Everything Glows

Encores II

Laugh N a ½

It’s After Dark

The evening was really great with perfect weather and a kick ass atmosphere, the Danish people sure know how to have a good time and how to share that spirit with everyone else around them. The negative things was the lack of toilets that made people (guys) pee at the fences around the area as well as the lack of foodstands. A strange thing that you could question was also the low amount of attending people. The soccer field had a capacity to take about 12,000 people but I have numbers that there were only 8000 people attending. That’s strange with the thought of that this was the only show in Copenhagen for both Kim Larsen and D.A.D. Otherwise it was a great evening with some great music and we do hope that this event is going to take place next year as well




Thanks to Pyg Grynderup ad Beatbox Booking and Concerts for all the help with press/photo passes to the show.


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