VOICE OF THE SOUL – Into Oblivion EP Available

After 2 months of recordings, 2 shows in Dubai, and 1 month of mixing, the Kuwaiti Melodic Death Metal band VOICE OF THE SOUL will be releasing their 3rd EP, Into Oblivion, on August 5th, 2011! 

The 6 track EP, consisting of 5 originals ( ‘ Immolation ‘, ‘ Guardians Of Genocide ‘, ‘ Pandemonium ‘, ‘ Cast Away In Betrayal ‘, ‘ Wither ‘ ) and 1 cover ( ‘ Under A Serpent Sun – At The Gates Cover), was recorded and mastered by Sajid “Sarj” Masood at Sarj’s Studio, in Kuwait, with Steve de Pina (keyboardist/folk instrumentalist of Riddare Av Koden) – keyboards in introduction of “Wither” as guest musician and the cover art for the record it was developed and realized by Vincent Monsonego.


The ‘Into Oblivion‘ EP preview can be viewed here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=Od9GD7GeaXI


This is the band’s third work, after the releasing of “Winds of Apprehension” in 2009, and “Eyes of Deceit” in 2010 and it shall be made available on iTunes and for free download soon.


The band’s new EP track ” Cast Away in Betrayal” was released in Loucifer Speaks Compilation album. The compilation is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at: www.mediafire.com/?659y1q1u6ah962h.


VOICE OF THE SOUL line-up consists on:

Kareem – Lead guitar/Vocals

Monish – Guitar

Ahmed – Bass

Rana – Drums


More information can be found at:






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