APOSTOLUM finishing new album for MORIBUND, their first record in four years

Italian dark metallers APOSTOLUM are currently finising their new album for MORIBUND, to be entitled Winds of Disillusion. The follow-up to APOSTOLUM’s previous record for MORIBUND, 2007’s Anedonia, the quartet’s Winds of Disillusion should be completed by September or October, with an early 2012 release likely. Guitarist Stone reports: “Winds of Disillusion is the consecration of APOSTOLUM, and will be a long ladder through the planes of existence, a journey inside the ruins of life, against a stupid existence of human life. The work will be very different from Anedonia – a disc much more complex, oppressive and obsessive, a record that clears the positive emotions. To suffer is to produce knowledge….”



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