Hellfighter – Damnation’s Wings

Reviewed: August 2011
Released: 2011, Factory Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Before I got this to review, I can safely I say, I did not have a clue who Hellfighter where. But after being blown away by every single song on their latest album entitled Damnation’s Wings, it is safe to say that it is a must have for any metal fan in 2011! With fast paced riffs and one hell of a powerful metal voice, Hellfighter manage to bring the thunder with their thrash metal masterpiece which not only is the best thrash album of 2011 thus far, but possibly the best thrash metal release you will have heard in a long time!

The album gets off to a flying start with ‘Tower of Sin’ which takes no time to kick in with a cantering riff that sounds like some Megadeth/Sodom hybrid with a voice which heavily resembles that of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Yes, it does sound that fucking good, and when you add those crushing drums it really blows your eardrums off with the it’s pure aggression and power! It’s a great way to start an album, hooking the listener from the word go, with speed, power, distortion and most of all a killer heavy metal melody line.

The great thing about Hellfighter is that they can play just about anything. Damnation’s Wings has slow parts, fast parts, melodic parts and harsh vocal parts, and Hellfighter can play all these different styles superbly. They are all excellent musicians and it’s the fact that they can play excellent songs like ‘A Lesser God’ and ‘Epitaph’ in the repertoire that will make them huge in a couple of years down the line. Damnation’s Wings is chocked full of killer riffs, vocal lines and drum beats that will get you doing air guitar, singing along and moshing like a monster in no time!

You can tell that every single song on Damnation’s Wings would be perfect for a Hellfighter live set. There are tunes to make you jump. Tunes to sing or scream along to and best of all tunes to have a mosh pit to! It’s the ideal concert set list for a band has heavy as Hellfighter, and when tracks like ‘Legacy of Hate’ kick off, the whole room will just erupt into a fucking riot!

Hellfighter are one of the best underground thrash metal bands you can stumble across and are well worth a check out at the upcoming Hard Rock Hell festival, for if they deliver any multitude of songs off of Damnation’s Hands, shit is guaranteed to go down!

Review by Matt Seddon


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Track Listing:
01. Tower of Sin
02. A Lesser God
03. Legacy of Hate
04. Faith in Lies
05. Damnation’s Wings
06. Revolution Within
07. Epitaph
08. Bring Only Pain
09. Descent
10. Firewalker

Simon Gordon – Vocals
Stan Havard – Guitar
Pete Smith – Guitar
Mel Gasser – Bass
Den Gasser – Drums




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