OL DRAKE of EVILE: „Support the bands you are genuinely into”

Evile 2010
Evile 2010

Metal-Rules interviewers had a chance to talk with Ol Drake of British trash metal band Evile. The band will release their third album on September 26, 2011 through Earache Records. Ol Drake talked about the new album, remembering ex-bassist Mike Alexander and also being a fan of Lady Gaga. Here are few excerpts from the interview:

Your up coming album “Five Serpent’s Teeth”, which will be available for purchase on September 26th, is your third full-length release. What makes this album stand out from the first two?

We’ve changed our approach to how we write the music on this one. I think we wanted to avoid skating around the point in songs and just get straight to it. Do we have a good riff? Yes; so let’s just play it. A few confusing time signatures; Just very direct and in your face. I feel we’ve matured a lot on this album and it is personally my favorite of the three because of it.


What’s with the Lady Gaga cover of “Born this Way”? It’s a bit strange, but I have to admit, It sounds way better than the original.

It’s just me fooling around. I’m a fan of her (shock! horror!) and what she does and how she does it; I just wanted to incorporate what I love doing into that. If our fans have a problem with it, so be it, but I was Born this Way and don’t really care if anyone thinks less of me for doing something I want to do. (see what I did there?)

Any last words for the fans?

No, Thank you for being interested! I’d just like to say support the bands you are genuinely into. I don’t mean just Evile. These days it is so difficult to be in a Metal band, so do everything you can to help them; Spread the word, pay for the music you like, go to their shows, buy a shirt if you can (the latter alone helps fill the petrol tank to get to the next show). Other than that, thank you for supporting Evile!

For the entire interview click the following link – www.metal-rules.com/zine/content/view/2263/1/

Evile’s previous album “Infected Nations” was released on September 21, 2009 through Earache Records and it was the last album that featured bassist Mike Alexander, who died on tour just weeks after the release. For more information on Evile visit their official website – www.evile.co.uk/splash.html



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