KISS – The Lost Cities Tour July 9th 2011, Grand Falls – Windsor, NL


July 9th, 2011

Salmon Festival

The Lost Cities Tour

Grand Falls – Windsor, NL

Review and Photo’s by Celtic Bob


An annual festival in Grand Falls – Windsor, NL known primarily as “The” party of the summer. The bands that usually play the festival have never really interested me therefore I have avoided the event concert. This year was something totally different when it was announced that KISS would headline this years event. Sadly the opening acts for the event were on par with what the festival usually offers…the major difference this year was the headliner.

The gates opened shortly after lunch and the already large crowd began to make their way to the front of the field. The day’s events began at 3pm with Fefe Dobson who’s music was at an opposite end of the musical spectrum as KISS. Next up was The Orchestra which was ELO without Jeff Lynne or Bev Beaven. Huh? WTF? They did do a decent job and they did come from the same era as KISS so having them on the line-up made some sense. The Orchestra was followed by Down With Webster. This was pure 100% CRAP!!!! I am open-minded when it comes to music but this was far from listenable. These guys and their 2 laptops, turntable (I believe) and samplings should never have shared a stage with KISS! There was a bit of relief with Smash Mouth. These guys played some great Rock n Roll and put on a good show. The drummer (Randy Cooke) really stood out during their set. Energetic and really hit hard. Worthy of opening for KISS.

Paul Stanley

In the 45minutes between Smash Mouth and KISS the heavens decided to open up and rain poured down on the constantly growing crowd. We were rushed into the press/photo pit as the band wanted to hit the stage straight away. The KISS logo curtain dropped as the intro played and the infamous, “You Wanted The Best…” was heard. With a bang the curtain dropped and the band was visible playing “Modern Day Delilah” off of their latest studio disc: SONIC BOOM. The band was energetic and in the zone from the get go.


The stage was smaller than what they are used to and could only use a fraction of their normal show but this never deterred them from giving the audience an amazing show. Paul handled the between song banter for the most part and Gene spoke only a few words throughout the entire performance causing some to wonder if it really was Gene on stage behind the make-up. The rain never let up during their set and Paul, Tommy and Gene were clearly soaking wet early on but it never phased them. Paul even made comments about it over the course of the evening. At one point he commented that this was the Rock n Roll Capitol due to the large outdoor crowd braving the rain to see them and being really enthusiastic as well.

The band performed the usual standards such as “Cold Gin”, “God Of Thunder”, “Lick It Up” before ending with “Rock and Roll All Night”. Tommy and Gene even got on lifts going to the top of the stage in the pouring rain near the end of the show while Paul smashed his guitar all amid a small fireworks display. Paul’s voice sounded a bit strained at times but like a true musician he carried on giving it his all. Tommy did Ace’s “Shock Me” while Eric Singer came to the front of the stage and sang Peter’s “Beth” to which someone beside me commented that “Even after all these years he can still belt out that song”. Obviously a HUGE FAN. hahaha!!!!!!


For KISS’ first show ever in NL it was a huge success and estimates put it at over 35k on the field which was over double the population of the town. It is very strange that they have never played the island before as Gene’s partner (Shannon Tweed) is from here! They said they will be back, let’s hope they are true to their word.





Kiss - Gene Simmons











Modern Day Delilah

Cold Gin

Let Me Go Rock n Roll


Say Yeah


Do You Love Me

Calling Dr.Love

Shock Me

God Of Thunder

Love Gun

I Love It Loud

Black Diamond

Detroit Rock City



Lick It Up

Shout It Out Loud

Rock n Roll All Night

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