Keep It True Р2011 Lauda-K̦nighshofen, Germany



After recovering from the US metal attack the day before, it was time to get back to the hall. The first band was the Italian Sign Of The Jackal. One of the better, if not so original newcomers to the scene of heavy metal they had good energy in their set. Which just had to be admired by yours truly and his old bones…  I really got strong early Warlock vibes from their stuff. Good band, check ’em out.

Enforcer has already stomped their boot-marked to international heavy metal scene with two excellent records but I still don’t think they fire their guns at full power at stage. Maybe too much trying or then Enforcer have managed to polish and perfect their records way too much. Band lineup has changed little from last album as Olof Wikstrand has also taken guitar on stage with vocals. A mysterious band, nearly perfect albums, but to me they just lack something live. Still they have bright future ahead of them. I would claim that they are one of those bands that have to take the spotlight when old legends retire.

Roll The Dice

Mistress From Hell

On The Loose


High Roller


Scream Of The Savage

Midnight Vice

Running in Menace

Take Me To Hell


If Enforcer has gone to more melodic direction with their second album Diamonds, next band Saracen have always gone down that road. If it would have been an open air gig I would have just lay down on the grass and closed my eyes, but not this time? Saracen or not, my siren of the moment were drinks at parking lot.

If the cards dealt earlier were almost AOR’sh there was nothing more than pounding sing-along and fists in the air choruses in the next hand we been dealt. This lineup was 2/5 Japanese and the rest teutonic (Desaster+Metal Inquisitor). As few days earlier in Helsinki, Metalucifer lit up whole audience in Lauda-Konighshofen. Gezol spent most of his time in photopit than on stage rallying the audience like a real heavy metal dictator. I could easily say that Metalucifer is a combination of Japan-Germany axis in heavy metal, militaristic, exact and making audience to pound their fist in union. Perfection. Neil Tanaka? Yes, he was there also almost falling to his chainsaw and ripping up posers.

Heavy Metal Ironfists

Heavy Metal Drill

Heavy Metal Bulldozer

Heavy Metal Revolution

Heavy Metal Samurai

Warriors Ride On The Chariots

Heavy Metal Chainsaw

Heavy Metal Hunter


There were still some cards left in the deck and the next draw was made by the Canadian Death Dealer. Speedish heavy metal, more flowing than previous Metalucifer but for my disappointment hall became almost empty during their set. Death Dealer is more or less perfect heavy metal to my ears and their set was a killer. Perfectly blend of melodies, choruses, scorching riffs and great  rough vocals. Constant cold shivers down the spine!

No Color

I Still Don’t Remember



Cross My Way

Mind Game

The Screamer

Nothing Inside

Under to Over

The Faddist

Coercion To Kill



So what about Sledgeleather? One of my favorite female vocalist’s Leather Leone on vocals and bassist and drummer of Malibu Barbi (Joanne Rebel b, Sandy Sledge d) plus unknown (male) guitarist in their ranks. Set was build around Chastain classics (Ruler Of The Wasteland, For Those Who Dare, Angel Of Mercy, Voice Of The Cult) and one  Malibu Barbi cult classic, ”When The Lightning Strikes”. Some other unknown songs were also played and that was about it. Nothing to tell about those songs.

And to top that, guitar player was really out of place. But thanks to Leather Leone’s still powerful voice it was enjoyable overall.


And then something completely different: Sacrifice. One of the ultimate thrash acts to ever hail from Canada. I think their set started little slowly but around "Cyanide" things were getting better. The younger part of audience did not seem to care, they had their pits going on all the time. Maybe watching a thrash gig from the stands is not the way, banging in front row and breaking bones would have been better away. Nice gig, not a flush but still a winning hand compared to many thrash gigs I have seen in my life.

Forward to Termination (FtT)

We Will Prevail (TOIC)

In Defiance (SoM)

Cyanide (FtT)

Hiroshima (TOIC)

Soldiers of Misfortune (SoM)

Infernal Visions (Torment In Fire)

The Great Wall (TOIC)

Afterlife (FtT)

Burned at the Stake (Torment In Fire)

Pyrokinesis (FtT)

Re-Animation (FtT)


One the most anticipated acts of the whole festival was of course Satan. Old nick himself finally made it to Keep It True, this time in "Court In The Act" lineup (G. English b, B. Ross v, S. Taylor d, S. Ramsey/R. Tippins g). And they did deliver. Period. Just look at the setlist and dare to say otherwise. Most underrated guitar duo ever, legendary heavy metal voice and pounding bass/drum section equals NWOBHM perfection.  Go see their other bands, buy their records and worship.

Into the Fire

Trial by Fire

Blades of Steel

No Turning Back

Broken Treaties

Break Free

Hunt You Down

The Ritual

Dark Side of Innocence

Alone in the Dock


Kiss of Death

Pull the Trigger



And then, something for all the US metal maniacs, Crimson Glory. I had no idea what to except, a glorious heavy metal show, or just another lame reunion without the original voice of the band. But hell no, this really could be described as a tribute to Midnight who sadly passed away 2009. Not a lame pub tribute but a real heavy metal tempest that took the whole packed audience into it’s grip from the beginning. First thing people would ask is if the new vocalist, Todd La Torre filled Midnight’s shoes? Yes he did, nothing to complain here. Opening their set with Valhalla&Dragon Lady was enough to make this one the best gigs ever. Looking at the setlist now later, I still feel the shivers down my spine. Jeff Lords, Ben Jackson, Jon Drenning, Dana Burnell and already mentioned Todd La Torre, thank you.


Dragon Lady

Angels of War



Queen of the Masquerade

Lady of Winter

Where Dragons Rule

Painted Skies

Masque of the Red Death

In Dark Places

Burning Bridges

Red Sharks

Lost Reflection


Eternal World




Crimson Glory deserved their place as headliners, best gig ever for me at KIT? Perhaps. We’ll see if I’m back next spring. Depends strongly on lineups of certain bands, I’m getting really pisses about these "three penny reunions". More young & hungry bands! (And better beer for sale.)