Anvil and Helix confirmed for the Sweden Rock Cruise, October 6-7

The Canadian bands Anvil (who were forced to cancel their appearence at the cruise in April this year) and Helix,reunited with all now living members of their classic line-up, are both confirmed to appear at the Sweden Rock Cruise. The ship Tallink Silja Galaxy departs from Stockholm, Sweden on October 6th and makes a round trip to Turku, Finland to return to Stockholm 23 hours later.

Four more bands are to be booked and we hope to present their names soon.

Testament cancelled

Testament whom we earlier announced, have unfortunately announced that they are cancelling their entire European tour, which includes the show at the Sweden Rock Cruise. We are working on finding a replacement and hope to present one soon.

Anvil (Can)


It took Canada’s Anvil 30 years to become an overnight sensation. The documentary “Anvil! The story of Anvil” was one of the most talked-about phenomena of 2009, not only among metalheads. Anvil were best known for “Metal on metal” (1982) and “Forged in fire” (1983), two classic heavy metal albums influential to the likes of Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax. Then their career stalled and for many years the band was all but forgotten. Yet the optimism of dynamic duo Steve “Lips” Kudlow (vocals/guitar) and Robb Reiner (drums) never faltered, which made a huge impression on those who watched and loved the documentary. Triggered by the renewed public interest, Anvil have released their best album since their halcyon days, “Juggernaut of justice”. As a live act, they have nothing left to prove – the only difference is that more people than ever come to the shows.

Helix (Can)


In the mid 80s, Helix were one of the most popular hard-rock acts in Sweden. These Canucks’ biggest hit “Rock you”, from 1984, remains a singalong anthem at heavy metal-parties nationwide. Contrary to popular belief these days, Helix was no one-hit wonder. Songs like “Gimme gimme good lovin”, “Heavy metal love” and “Deep cuts the knife” also bear the name of classics – the latter is found on an album that made #1 in Sweden, namely “Long way to heaven” (1985). The last time Helix took the stage in Sweden was at Sweden Rock Festival in 2005. This time it’s even more special. There has been a reunion of Helix classic lineup: Brian Vollmer (vocals), Brent Doerner (guitar), Daryl Gray (bass), Greg “Fritz” Hinz (drums), plus Kaleb Duck (guitar) in lieu of the late great Paul Hackman. You will hear the both raunchy and melodic hard rock of Helix presented in exactly the proper fashion – prepare to get floored by a true 80s knuckle sandwich.




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