Nazareth – Big Dogz

Nazareth – Big Dogz

2011, Eagle Records

Rating: 3/5

Classic Rockers Nazareth return to the spotlight with BIG DOGZ. This album of all brand new originals showcases the talent within the band and that after several decades in the business they still have what it takes to release a solid Rock record. For those out there that are unfamiliar with their music outside of the standard ‘Hits’ are in for a treat.

Apart from their more popular Rock songs and their ballad “Dream On” (which was covered by Helix) I too am quite unfamiliar with their catalog of music. Listening to BIG DOGZ was quite a pleasure for the most part. It takes a few spins to get into but once you do it is a fairly solid and consistent album. If you are expecting to hear a “Hair Of The Dog” or “Razamanaz” then you may be slightly let down. This album is more laid back and slightly more mellow overall. The high energy anthems of yesteryear are gone and replaced by a more ‘mature’ sound while still maintaining some of the heaviness. McCafferty’s vocals are a little bit more rough then they used to be a decade ago but generally that is expected. His voice is similar to AC/DC’s Brian Johnson but you can understand the words.

Different from the Nazareth that we all still hear on Classic Rock Radio but not too different that it would alienate their fans. A solid Rock n Roll album that is worth a listen.