Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory

Reviewed: July 2011
Released: 2011, Relapse
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Exhumed has been exhumed! ALL GUTS, NO GLORY is their first full-length studio album in eight years! The band hasn’t been really that productive as this is only the 5th (or 4th depending how you count) studio album in 20 years. They messed around a bit in the past few years with a pair of covers albums, but the band really needed to stop messing around and put out a raging album, which they did.

It’s a great record, a nice little 35-minute collection of 11 cuts of carnage. It’s a bit more modern sounding perhaps than their older albums. The modern production is razor sharp and skull frying as well. The band has pretty much abandoned their gore-grind past, which is fine, it’s still shreds flesh from a mile away. Now there is a bit more of a modern death-thrash feel to the songs and some really fast, clean soloing. This is probably the most even blending of Death and Thrash the band has attempted. I personally think it sounds great and they haven’t sacrificed brutality one bit.

The dual vocal attack is in full force and the patented humour and sense of fun is still in place, perhaps at the expense of some of the more explicit gore-based lyrics. Even the album cover is a bit more tongue in cheek and less horrific than the past few. It’s pretty relentless in terms of pace, delivery and execution. A lot of people have passed through the band over the years and the face of heavy music has changed as well so I’m not shocked that the band has evolved. The news guys are in again, out again as people come and go.

I’m sure a few die-hards will not like the new direction, but I doubt Matt really cares at this point. He made his mark on extreme music 20 years ago with a pair of landmark albums, all the rest is just bloody chunks of gravy.


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Track Listing:
1. All Guts, No Glory
2. As Hammer to Anvil
3. Your Funeral, My Feast
4. Through Cadaver Eyes
5. Death Knell
6. Distorted and Twisted to Form
7. I Rot Within
8. Dis-assembly Line
9. Necrotized
10. Funereality
11. So Let It Be Rotten… So Let It Be Done

Matt Harvey-Vocals, Guitar
Leon del Muerte-Bass
Danny Walker-Drums