TO CAST A SHADOW part ways with singer Gunnhild Huser

Norwegian gothic-doom metallers TO CAST A SHADOW have announced that singer Gunnhild Huser is no more a member of the band. Gunnhild will play her last show with TO CAST A SHADOW in September.


Guitarist Marcus Granlien comments:


“We are sorry to inform you all that Gunnhild is leaving TO CAST A SHADOW after our concert in Gjerdrum, Norway on the 24th of September. It is, however, very important for us to stress the fact that TO CAST A SHADOW will continue, and future shows have already been booked.

Even though it is a cliche, we must admit that musical differences made it difficult to continue this collaboration. It has been 2 exciting years with Gunnhild in the band, and she has managed to make herself and the band noticed with her fantastic vocals on our last album, “In Memory Of”.


There is no grudge between Gunnhild and the band, we have simply decided to set a new course. We wish all the best for Gunnhild and her music-projects, and we thank her for all the good times we shared in TO CAST A SHADOW.

The “new” TO CAST A SHADOW will appear at the Rocktober festival in Hamar, Norway on the 8th of October, with London Prog/Death metal band TALANAS. More liveshows are being planned this autumn in Italy and England and will be confirmed soon.


We have received a lot of wonderful reviews so far, and it is an unfortunate time to announce Gunnhild’s farewell. We are however confident in this decision and the future is looking bright and very exciting for TO CAST A SHADOW.”



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