Fans already know that Quarterpast – the debut album by Dutch symphonic death metal band MAYAN – features EPICA guitarist/composer Mark Jansen, EPICA drummer Ariën van Weesenbeek, and EPICA guitarist Isaac Delahaye.  It’s the fans with the well-trained ears who will be able to spot guest vocalists Simone Simons of EPICA, Floor Jansen of REVAMP & ex-AFTER FOREVER, Henning Basse of SONS OF SEASONS, and one of Italy’s biggest opera talents, soprano Laura Macrì.


In a recent interview, MAYAN mastermind Mark Jansen shares some insight about the creative urge behind the formation of his new band and the themes that tie the new album together:


“I strongly felt the urge of doing something new besides EPICA, a new challenge. EPICA remains priority but we’ll try to make as much touring as possible with MaYaN.  I’m used to compose all by myself, all alone during the night. This way of working has many advantages: I can do what I want and experiment without discussions. However, there are also some disadvantages [and] discussions about music don’t need to be always negative.  Especially when you work with people who are as open minded as you are yourself.  The songs [on Quarterpast] are dealing about corruption, abuse of power, lies and deceit in all layers of society.  In order to make the next step in our development we need to get rid of this disease which is called corruption.  Quarterpast . . . needs many spins before it reveals all its layers.”

Read the entire interview with Midland Rocks here.

The track listing for Quarterpast is as follows:


01 | Symphony Of Aggression

02 | Mainstay Of Society

03 | Quarterpast

04 | Course Of Life

05 | The Savage Massacre

06 | Essenza Di Te

07 | Bite The Bullet

08 | Drown The Demon

09 | Celibate Aphrodite

10 | War On Terror

11 | Tithe


Listen to the tracks “Celibate Aphrodite” and “Drown The Demon” on the band’s Facebook player.


Visit MAYAN online at,, and on Twitter.




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