LAKE OF BLOOD: New Tour Photos, Video Available

LAKE OF BLOOD have just returned from a short tour throughout the Western half of the country with brothers in arms VESTIGES, leaving behind a trail of bleeding eardrums and blown minds. Heavily atmospheric, viciously intense, and dedicated to the bone, this young quintet’s aggressive, dissonant take on black metal weaves together the genre’s puritanical roots with elements of doom, thrash, folk, and startling moments of clarity. The two tracks contained within their latest release, As Time and Tide Erodes Stone, are epic in far more than length; these songs are sagas, odes to a dying world and an uncertain future. UK label Human Jigsaw recognized the burning potential within LAKE OF BLOOD’s sprawling compositions, and unleashed their debut full-length on March 28, 2011.


Along the way, guitarist Nordic offered up some thoughts on LAKE OF BLOOD’s most recent adventure. He describes the van troubles, good friends, long nights, vegan munchies, and various ganja-fueled debaucheries that accompany the unholy rite of passage that is the DIY tour. Check out his account of what went down at Salem, Oregons’ Burial Grounds:


“The Burial Grounds is home for the few involved in the underground within Salem, OR. It is also home and birthplace of Eternal Warfare Records & Distro and a plunder of the infamous Woodsmoke releases. We were lucky enough to have met up with this small collective of minds when we first traveled up north to play Berkley, CA at the Gilman. This was back in 2008.. we’ve been friends ever since and have kept close contact between these last few years. We arrived to the house at about 2:30am and got the warmest welcome a band from Southern California who worships marijuana on a regular basis could ever imagine… it was amazing and we love each and every person involved with that house dearly for putting us up for the two nights stayed. We spent the next day relaxing and chatting with everyone who was at the house before the show and got ready later into the afternoon since the place we were playing at, called the Wastelands, was a late show anyways and close by. We got there at about 7:30pm with the show starting at 8:30pm with MANIA opening up the night. This was another special set for us specifically because MANIA is a one man black metal group done by Nate M. of LEECH and live session member of HELL. If you haven’t heard either.. do your homework and listen to both. We played our sets soon after and kept the energy constant and closed the night off playing two new songs that left the entire venue hungry for more. It was a great feeling and because of ending it off on such a strong note, it was suggested we record the songs back at the Burial Grounds the next day before we left.


We woke up early the next morning and collaborated a bit about what we wanted to do and decided to do a live rehearsal demo recording that included one of the songs we played the night prior and another new song, both of which are going to be re recorded for the upcoming full length as well. These two tracks will be available soon via Eternal Warfare within the next few weeks. We couldn’t have been any more excited to pull off recording both tracks with such ease and to be a part of the burial grounds’ history. we parted ways with doing a few trades and a massive group picture in front of the house. We couldn’t have asked for more, we love Salem, Oregon.”


Read the rest of his tour diary HERE:


Check out video of their Portland performance here:



And peep some amazing live shots captured by SF Sludge.






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