THOR – Live at DOM Helsinki, Finland



1’ST OF JUNE 2011


The father of muscle rock returned to Finland two years after his “sensational” performance in Sauna Open Air in 2009. This time the show took its place in DOM Helsinki which seems to be a great choice for this size of artists today. The venue wasn’t completely full but there were approximately 200 “metal warriors” in the audience.


Before the actual concert there was a world premiere of forth coming Thor movie shown on the screens. Unfortunately there were only small parts, altogether 45 minutes, of the movie shown although the whole thing will last three and half hours. On the other hand, this 45 minute clip did show enough warriors, demons and battles for one night needs. Well, Thor is Thor and it must be said that he’s really sympathetic and also unique person in many levels.

About the performance itself…  It’s hard to say many deep thoughts of this performance but here are some… Although Thor is best known about his muscles, friendship with big Arnold and stage tricks, the strongest part of the show was the music itself.  Thor still did good vocals there and although many will disagree, there are some decent albums in Thor’s back catalog. KEEP THE DOGS AWAY and ONLY THE STRONG and kind of cult classics and there are some great tunes there like: “Let the Blood Run Red”, “Keep the Dogs Away” and “Thunder on the Tundra”.  All those three were played as expected but where was “Lighting Strikes” which is one the strongest Thor songs ever made? And why in hell band played old Sweet classic “Action” which still didn’t work at all.. If you haven’t yet … check out Thor’s version of that particular song on THOROLOGY DVD.. that says more than 1000 words!


The legends do say that during his “heydays” Thor used to have an impressive stage show with all those legendary tricks there but to be honest, this current version of the show is somewhat embarrassing. First of all, Thor was in such a “big” shape to be honest. He wasn’t a tiny boy two years ago either but now he has got some more extra since then. It didn’t help that the man was wearing a really cheap looking blonde wig during most of the show. It didn’t help either to see a man in his 50’s still eating a metal rod on stage with his teeth, right… Let’s leave tricks like that for younger candidates on the next time, ok? Speaking about age, the showgirls were cheerful addition for the show and they did bring some good eye food needed for the audience which consisted of almost only males.


The original Thor band guitarist Frank Soda (ex-Lee Aaron etc.) guitarist, who has now replaced longtime member Steve Price, did some great guitar playing and energetic performance but was he in right place there playing with Thor is a good question here? The rest of the backing band remained willingly in the background but did a good solid work there.


At times there were good moments on this show but as a whole this was more of Spinal Tap type of performance what Spinal Tap ever did itself but maybe that was the meaning after all?  It did seem that majority of the audience got what they wanted for. At least Thor made them laugh, have a great time and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?



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