HELLFIGHTER – New video: “Legacy Of Hate”


HELLFIGHTER released their brand new video for the corrosive track ‘Legacy Of Hate’ via their You Tube channel. The video can be seen below.
The track, taken from their acclaimed album, DAMNATION’S WINGS, (released via Heavy Metal Records on 28th February 2011) is the first video from the band, who feature former members of UK thrashers Xentrix, in their ranks.


The band has recently confirmed an appearance at this year’s Hard Rock Hell festival, held in North Wales across the first weekend of December.
The video was put together by band guitarist Kristian Harvard.
The ten tracks on DAMNATION’S WINGS showcase HELLFIGHTER’S ability to blend intelligent, mature song writing with their Thrash and Metal roots.  This album delivers mayhem and melody, power and precision and is winning praise across the board, including Black Sabbath legend Bill Ward, who wrote to the band personally to tell them how much he enjoyed their music.


Opening track, “Tower of Sin,” sets the mood with a gargantuan opening riff and screaming vocals reminiscent of some of the great classic Metal bands.  But this is not an exercise in nostalgia; DAMNATION’S WINGS is undeniably modern.  Lumbering, juggernaut epics like “Bring Only Pain,” and, ”Firewalker,” set combat boots stomping, while out and out thrashers like, “Descent” will undoubtedly knock teeth down throats…in the most pleasant way possible of course.


The lyrics tackle diverse subjects, including Second World War atrocities, an 18th century murderess and the recent economic collapse.


The album was recorded at Backstage Studios, Derbyshire, England and at Viscon Studios, Lancashire, England.  It was mixed and mastered by Andy Sneap at Backstage studios. All songs were written by HELLFIGHTER except for, “Bring Only Pain,” which was co-written with ex-Xentrix bassist Paul “Macka” Mackenzie.


Track list:

1. Tower of Sin (04:50)

2. A Lesser God (05:32)

3. Legacy of Hate (04:52)

4. Faith in Lies (04:17)

5. Damnation’s Wings (05:25)

6. Revolution Within (04:17)

7. Epitaph (05:19)

8. Bring Only Pain (07:38)

9. Descent (04:58)

10. Firewalker (07:18)


HELLFIGHTER was formed in 2007 but its origins can be traced back to UK thrashers Xentrix, who were at the forefront of the European thrash metal scene in the 1990s.  They released five albums on Roadrunner and Heavy Metal Records and toured Europe extensively with bands such as Testament, Sabbat and Tankard, receiving widespread critical acclaim.  They are now acknowledged as one of the foremost British exponents of the Thrash Metal genre.






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