UNMOTHERED Release Free Digital EP

Austin, Texas has birthed an audible terror. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening.

Austin extremists UNMOTHERED offer up a heavy, ugly well of noise that aims to drown out the Music City’s raucous din with sheer murderous resolve. This pummeling duo came into being in late 2010, after founding member Matt Walker parted ways with Austin heavyweights LIONS OF TSAVO. A handful of shows, a singular vision, and a self-recorded brute of an EP have lain the groundwork for the band’s next steps, which include the recording of a full-length and US touring plans. Their debut EP is now available for free streaming and download on the UNMOTHERED Bandcamp page:

As for the music itself, expect a a sepulchral, hypnotic dirge, laced with bone-rattling stoner riffs and blackened intent. Doom, black metal, stoner rock, evil grooves – they leave no stone unturned in their search for sonic realization. UNMOTHERED‘s self-titled debut is a portrait of a young band who have only begun to fight.

Matt Walker.
Daniel Curry

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