Nylithia Unleashes “Trainsaw” MP3 & Video for Free Download

Vancouver independent metal goliaths NYLITHIA have devised their own method for releasing their new self-produced album.

The focus MUST be put back onto individual songs, re-instilling each track with the value it deserves.
Therefore we have a new model: we will be releasing our new album, one song at a time, for FREE download via:

Each MP3 will be accompanied by a video, lyrics, and a piece of original artwork by ‘Infector EP’ artist, Humanburger Jones ( www.humanburger.com/ ).

We’ve kicked it off with “TRAINSAW” and its accompanying artwork and video.

Each month, we will unleash a new free song and artwork.
Visit www.nylithia.com/ to download the track and see the video on Youtube:

The previous songs will remain available for purchase in all formats through nylithia.bandcamp.com/

After recording is complete, the album will be available for purchase in a variety of digital and physical formats, including CD and a limited pressing of vinyl LP’s, complete with full-sized, full-colour artwork, signed and numbered by the band and artists.

This is to reward the closest fans of Nylithia with digital copies of our music in the best quality we can produce.


Thanks for listening, we fully appreciate your support.

Kyle, Royce, Dan, Nikko




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