Drunk Vision – “Self Burning Machine” Video Released

The Brazilian Death/Prog band DRUNK VISION is currently releasing their first video, called “SELF BURNING MACHINE”, the first for the album “Day After”(2011) .

The first video for the album “Day After”, from the Death/Prog band DRUNK VISION is the album’s first track, “Self Burning Machine”.


The video was released in 2011/5/29 simultaneously on 50 Brazilian TV’s Channels.

Shot at UFO Studio, the same place where the album “Day After” was recorded, Self Burning Machines’s video shows the band playing among televisons that are being destroyed in the course of the video, and some scenes are actually shot in torn pieces of those televisions. Twelve televisions were destroyed during the video shooting.


With Luiz Corrêa as director and editor, the video translates the chaotic feeling that the song needed with fast and consistant cuts, besides a remarkable photography.





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