Michael Monroe on Sensory Overdrive Scandinavia Tour 2011 at The Rock in Copenhagen Denmark



Michael Monroe – headline

Sensory Overdrive Scandinavia Tour 2011

Vomit Supreme (support act)

Rock The Night Club, The Rock

Copenhagen, Denmark

April 2, 2011


Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Michael Monroe is back with the brand new and brilliant studio album SENSORY OVERDRIVE. The album is an amazing example of what glam/sleaze rock’n’roll is all about. I know that I might be crazy to proclaim the album to be one of the best albums of 2011, but so be it. Monroe was going to play at The Rock in Copenhagen on something they call Rock The Night and the club is one of the hottest places in Copenhagen when it comes to rock/metal and sleaze music. The Rock is open until 5am in the morning so if you want to party all night long to good music it’s definitely a place to check out. Me and my friend arrived to Copenhagen during the day and we were lucky enough to meet up with the entire band. I especially talked a lot to the drummer who is also Swedish. We got in line after the stroke of 9pm and a lot of people were as eager as we were to see Michael Monroe in action. We saw that the major parts of the visitors actually came from Sweden and I think that Monroe maybe is more popular in Sweden compared to Denmark. Time flew by and the clock got close to 10 when the support act showed up on stage.

Vomit Supreme

A few brave fans had gathered in front of the stage to see Vomit Supreme but most part of the people in the club hung out at the bar and boosted themselves with alcohol in await of Monroe. After 15 minutes I was tired to hear of the support act which were really not tight on stage and they looked mostly confused.

A huge backdrop hung at the back of the stage portraying the cover of the new Monroe album as well as his name. A small podium where the drums was placed was also there and a small ramp led out from the middle of the stage and it was only for Monroe that The Rock had put this small ramp in the middle of the stage.


Michael Monroe

The band entered the stage at about ten minutes to 11. The members in the band are:

Karl Rockfist – drums

Steve Conte – guitar, b-vox

Sami Yaffa – bass, b-vox

Ginger – guitar, b-vox

The members plugged in their instruments and waited for the intro to fade out and at the stroke of the first chords to the first song “Trick Of The Wrist” Monroe ran out on stage and received the fans love. As always, he entered he the stage with a bang and ran around on it like a maniac. He had an amazing contact with the crowd and encouraged everyone to sing a long with him. “Get Blood” from the new album followed and Monroe had three separate monitors that he mostly stood on to get closer to the audience on the small ramp. Even though the new album hasn’t  been out for long, surprisingly fans were singing along to every new song. The songs came in a hurry and the old Hanoi Rock song “Motorvatin” was really anticipated by the fans. Monroe said it was nice to be back in Copenhagen and thanked everyone that had turned up for being there supporting him and his band. “Hammersmith Palais” continued on the show and that song is taken from Monroes late band Demolition 23 that also Yaffa was involved in. Monroe worked hard from the stage jumping up and down while he announced the first single from SENSORY OVERDRIVE which was “78”. That song went straight into “Nothings Alright” also taken from the debut album with Demolition 23.




His band was really tight and solid and Conte and Ginger completed each other on the guitar work. The same goes for bassist Yaffa and drummer Rockfist they shared a heavy and steady flow together. “Not Faking It” and “Modern Day Miracle” followed and it all had been brilliant if it weren’t for the poor sound. The vocals was mixed too low and the bass and drums was too high. It was almost impossible to hear any of Monroes saxophone or harmonica play. “Gone Baby Gone” and “Superfly” continued the evening and Monroe hardly said anything in between the songs instead he focused on the music. But maybe he felt a little stressed because it was time for Rock The Night to kick off the night club straight after the show. Rockfist kicked off the song “Bombs Away” before it was time for “Love Song” and “Machine Gun Etiquette”.


“Dysfunctional” was one of those songs that really got the crowd going as well as the amazing “I Wanna Be Loved” that the crowd sang along to. Monroe introduced the band members. The members that got the most cheers was of course Sami Yaffa. After having introduced himself as Michael Fucking Monroe was it time for the last two songs which were the monumental Hanoi Rocks classical “Malibu Beach” and “Dead, Jail Or Rock’n’roll”. As soon as the last song was over the band and Monroe went off stage after having thanked the audience for their support. After having shouted for encores for a short while they arrived back on stage again to entertain the audience a bit more. One hour wasn’t enough for the eager fans they wanted to have more from their favourite artist. “Back To Mystery City” was the first and last encore. On the set-list the band had on stage there were three songs as encores but they did not play “Life Get’s You Dirty” and “Feel Alright”. Maybe the band was somewhat stressed to get of stage on time.

It was magical to once again hear that brilliant Hanoi Rocks song performed live. 70 minutes flew by and the clock had turned midnight and the Rock The Night nightclub kicked off.






How can I sum up the show? Well a fitting word ought to be "awesome". Monroe was born to be a frontman and singer and he knows how to handle a crowd. However was it bad the the sound was so poor and that it sometimes felt like Monroe was a bit stressed over the fact the the show had to end about midnight. It also lacked songs from Monroes band Jerusalem Slim which also Yaffa was a member of. The crew was really fast to clean the stage and equally fast to get rid of the merchandise. I have never experienced such an eager to get things away and there were some very disappointed fans that wanted to buy things after the show. Overall was it a great show and it was really nice to see the one and only Michael Monroe teamed up with the original Hanoi Rocks bass player Sami Yaffa again. I hope that Monroe now can keep this band together for a long time. When I left the club I saw lots of people lining up outside the doors in order to get into the clubs infamous night club Rock The Night.



Set list

Trick Of the Wrist

Got Blood


Hammersmith Palais


Nothings Alright

Not Fakin It

Modern Day Miracle

Gone Baby Gone


Bombs Away

Love Song

Machine Gun Etiquette


I Wanna Be Loved

Malibu Beach

Dead, Jail Or Rock’n’roll


Back to Mystery City




Thanks to Camilla Blicher, booker and production manager at The Rock for help with press/photo pass. Also thanks to the staff and security at the club for nice treatment.


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Also a huge thank you goes out to Martin D’Amour at Rock The Night for bringing Michael Monroe to Copenhagen.


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