HOT GRAVES Release Necros Mixos Sacraficio Covers EP for Free Download

Gainesville, FL’s death-thrash destroyers ov the faith, HOT GRAVES, have just released a brand-new covers EP, Necros Mixos Sacraficio, and thrown it up for free download on their Bandcamp page. The hell-raisin’ trio take us on a blackened d-beat odyssey through both cult and classic territories. A cut from The Accused cozies up next to a Discharge anthem, Roky Erickson‘s ghost turns its wild eyes to the Floor, a moment of Midnight crashes into GWAR‘s unholy racket, and the carnage left by Cannibal Corpse bleeds into Pentagram‘s last days.
Check out the video for their cover of “Madman” (PENTAGRAM) here:
Download Necros Mixos Sacraficio for FREE here:
HOT GRAVES frontman Myk commented:
“Cover songs: most people start out playing them to get acquainted with the in’s and out’s ov songcraft and performance, we all certainly did. But after awhile, they take on more significance, music becomes more sacred, or more worthy ov blaspheme. This recording signifies for HOT GRAVES a tribute to influences, and a credit to our own sense ov taking liberties within arrangements and lyrics and adaptations. For one thing, we tend to play everything D-Beat, and that is no exception here. Some ov these covers may seem strange to you, hopefully not, but each one represents a key to what makes HOT GRAVES, including the song we took our name from.” 


1. War = Death 2011 – The Accused
2. What Do I Get? – Discharge
3. White Faces – Roky Erickson
4. Scimitar – Floor
5. Hot Graves – Midnight
6. Maggot Medley – GWAR / Cannibal Corpse
7. Madman – Pentagram

ABUM CREDITS: Released 08 April 2011

Myk – Guitar / Vocals
Hutch – Bass
Matt – Drums

Guest backing vocals on “Maggot Medley” and “War = Death” by Mike & Micah from Bartholin.
Guest vocals on “Maggot Medley” (2nd half) by Damian from Impurity.
No songs written by Hot Graves, all songs by respective artists named, all arrangements by Hot Graves.
Drums recorded 04/01/11 at Thee Goatshed.
All other everything recorded 04/02/11-04/05/11 at Baphomet’s Lair Studio.
Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Myk Colby.
All respect due to the bands we cover here.
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