Onslaught – Helsinki, Finland


The 7th of April


Review and pics by Arto Lehtinen

The long time British thrash metal veterans Onslaught have constantly visited up here in Finland. The five piece visited the Masters Of Metal event last year with 1349, Bibleblack and others. The headlining tour of their own was just a matter of time. When the latest brutal piece of metal titled SOUNDS OF VIOLENCE saw the light of day Onslaught embarked upon a massive European tour with a couple of supports such as Suidakra and Final Depravity. Before Onslaught hit the road, the  co-founder and original drummer Steve Grice pulled out and was replaced by the former Extreme Noise Terror/Desecration skinman.


The Onslaught gig faced a real unpleasant schedule conflict as both Obituary and Grave had been scheduled to play in another venue at the same day. It was kind of weird why booking managements of all the bands weren’t able to manage to arrange the same touring package. Both the gigs definitely levied each other and heavily. However, it had been arranged people having attended the Obituary gig were able to have the lower price for the Onslaught gig.

Unfortunately, less than hundred people arrived at the venue to testify Onslaught in action. Before them Suidakra were finishing their own set. The German metallers asked how Obituary was.

Despite a small amount of people having attended the show Onslaught unleashed demonic thrash metal outburst. The set mainly featured the newer material from the latest killer album for obvious reasons. Promoting the new album by playing a shitload of new songs is definitely important for any bands to gather some reorganization. Of course the older material is as essential part as before. The gig was kicked off by the “Killing Peace” and was followed by “Rest In Pieces”. As for the old material “Let There Be Death”, “Power From Hell” and the set was concluded by “Thermonuclear Devastation”. In general the songs picked up from the last two albums were vital and brutal indeed. Of course the old Motorhead classic "Bomber" was the part of the set of the night.

The five piece thrashed with the intensive rage thru the whole gig without slowing down or giving up any inch. The frontman Sy Keeler strong performance was dominating. His stage manners had the demonic references. Both the guitarist Nige Rockett and Andy Rosser-Davies unleashed the demons of their guitars. The sounds were outstanding great and clear.  

As already stated, the gig suffered from a lack of attendance. People scream they want the old school thrash metal and when it is available and offered, only a handful of them showed up.

Killing Peace

Rest In Pieces

Let There Be Death

Sound of Violence

Metal Forces

Code Black

Planting Seeds of Hate


Born For War

Power From Hell

Bomber (Motörhead cover

Thermonuclear Devastation


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