Timo Tolkki Confirms 2012 Release For Dreamspace Line-Up Reunion Album & More!

Stratovarius - Dreamspace
Stratovarius - Dreamspace

Ex-STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki has confirmed a 2012 release date for the Dreamspace Line-Up reunion album (possibly under the name “Project Strato”?). As well, there will be a re-release of his Classical Variations Vol 1. solo album!

“I have nice news for you. We are planning to celebrate the 30 year existence of Stratovarius with the original Dreamspace line up releasing an album in January 2012.

Classical Variations Vol. 1 will be re-released as remastered version with new album Vol. 2 with bonus DVD including interviews. I will play guitar,bass and sing. Drummer will be John Macaluso. Release will be mid-September.

Symfonia will be active later this year with gigs around Sonisphere France.

Hope you like the news. Happy Easter.”


Stratovarius originally released “Dreamspace” in 1994, it was their 3rd album. It’s tracklist is:


1. “Chasing Shadows”

2. “4th Reich”

3. “Eyes of the World”

4. “Hold on to Your Dream”

5. “Magic Carpet Ride”

6. “We Are the Future”

7. “Tears of Ice”

8. “Dreamspace”

9. “Reign of Terror”

10. “Thin Ice”

11. “Atlantis”

12. “Abyss”

13. “Shattered”

14. “Wings of Tomorrow”

15. “Full Moon” (Japanese bonus track)





Timo Tolkki — Guitars, Vocals

Jari Kainulainen — Bass

Antti Ikonen — Keyboards

Tuomo Lassila — Drums and Percussion

Sami Kuoppamäki — Session drums on tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, and 13


This is the last album to feature Timo Tolkki on vocals before Timo Kotipelto joined the band.




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