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SXSW or (South by Southwest) is an interactive, music and film festival based out of Austin, Texas. Now in it’s twenty fourth year of existence and being one of the largest festivals of it’s kind, SXSW welcomes over 2,000 performers annually at over 90 different venues over the course of four days in March.  Over the course of the mayhem that would ensue for the better part of a week, METAL-RULES.COM caught up with members of Saint Vitus, Pentagram and The Rods to talk metal and documented some live performance footage from 2011 showcasing acts like Skrew, Bult, Weedeater, Kylesa, Dead Earth Politics and Primitive Weapons.

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Saint Vitus were performing tonight as part of the "Metalliance Tour" alongside Helmet, Crowbar, Weedeater and Kylesa. I had never seen Saint Vitus in concert before, yet I’ve certainly witnessed my fair share of doom metal concerts over the years. I recalled a Candlemass concert from a few years back and I remembered that the turnout for that show was poor at best so I was definitely surprised and a bit taken aback at the max capacity turnout for tonight’s gig. Dave Chandler guitarist and founder of the Wino fronted doom legends stepped out into the street to fill us in on the reformation of the band, a new album in the works and performing at some huge European festivals in addition to other things…

Pentagram were among the busiest metal bands performing at this years SXSW Festival. The doom legends now celebrating their 40th anniversary, were in town to promote  "Last Days Here" the new documentary centered around band leader Bobby Liebling, as well as the new studio album "Last Rites". Pentagram manager Sean Pelletier leads us to Bobby and returning guitarist Victor Griffin and prior to a headlining performance,  in a dim lit backstage area the pair fill us in on all the recent activity with the band. As we discuss the new film and the new album, an unavoidable sound check blares through the air, penetrating the paper thin walls of the hospitality area. Bobby and Victor, ever tried and true, unflinchingly continue to respond to questions and deliver their message.

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David "Rock" Feinstein of The Rods, who many of you might recall from his days in Elf playing alongside his cousin Ronnie James Dio, was in town to promote the upcoming release of the band’s new album "Vengeance" released through Niji Entertainment. If you have been wondering what ever became of the lingerie clad woman on the album cover of "Let Them Eat Metal" you can rest assured that we have all bases covered in this career spanning chat.

2011 SXSW Performance Footage