Update from pre-production of new Primal Fear album

Ralf Scheepers 2011
Ralf Scheepers 2011

Here’s some good news from the PRIMAL FEAR camp as posted to primalfear.de

Happy easter to everybody out there! Just a short Hello from the pre-production of the new Primal Fear album – we’ve written 15 songs so far and are thrilled and excited about the new stuff so far. But we can already promise to deliver a pure Primal Fear album with all the trademarks, heavy riffs and melodies our loyal fans want to hear, spiced with a splendid musical journey and garnished with two outstanding ballads. We will start with the drum recordings soon!


And now it’s your time – the new PF album has no title so far – if you have any suggestion, write us! The best 3 options will receive a very special Primal Fear package! Cheers!



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