Hydria: “Poison Paradise” released in Japan

Hydria - Promo Pic 2011
Hydria - Promo Pic 2011

Brazilian symphonic metallers HYDRIA had their second album, “Poison Paradise”, released in Japan on April 13th via Spinning (www.spinninginc.jp). The album was originally released in Brazil in November/2010, two years after their debut, “Mirror of Tears”. The japanese edition features new artwork and two bonus tracks, “Chasing Dreams” and “Face It All”. The track list can be viewed below, and also features two songs composed in 2009 for the soundtrack of “2012 Onda Zero”, a sci-fi webseries.

01. Time Of My Life (Center of my Universe)
02. The Place Where We Belong
03. Whisper
04. When You Call My Name
05. Finally
06. Prelude
07. Distant Melody
08. The Sword
09. Queen Of Rain
10. Sweet Dead Innocence
11. Poison Paradise
12. In The Edge Of Sanity – (2012 Onda Zero soundtrack)
13. The Only One – (2012 Onda Zero soundtrack)
14. Chasing Dreams (Bonus Track)
15. Face It All (Bonus Track)

The album is already being promoted in Japan, and received a great review by Young Guitar magazine, which commented: “The Brazilian symphonic metal band Hydria has great highlights like the beauty of Mrs. Schüler, who, with only 21 years old, charms us with her melodious voice, along with the loud male voice, which creates the feeling of agony and explosion by the guitarist/vocalist, giving an aggressive approach to a melodic and catchy atmosphere.”

Hydria is formed by Raquel Schüler (vocals), Marcelo Oliveira (guitars and vocals), Márcio Klimberg (keyboards), Turu Henrick (bass) and Fabiano Martins (drums). Samples of the band’s work are available at www.myspace.com/HydriaOfficial



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