Warriors of Metal Fest 2011 Exclusive Coverage

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Exclusive Metal-Rules.com WARRIORS OF METAL FEST 2011 Special

The 2011 Warrior’s Of Metal Festival now in it’s fourth annual installment, is currently set to take place this coming June in Pataskala, Ohio. Fans of traditional heavy metal, thrash, speed, power and doom should take notice as this year’s festival roster includes showstopping headliners of true steel such as Widow and ASKA as well as a host of noteworthy acts including Vindicator, Benedictum, Spellcaster, Shok Paris and Dantesco just to name a few. Festival promoter and organizer Datis Alaee recently took the time to chat with Metal-Rules.com about all of the hard work and planning that goes into what could quite possibly be the only festival of it’s kind in North America. We’ll also hear from the acts set to appear at this year’s outdoor festivities and if that wasn’t enough faithful Metal-Rules.com readers, you are also hereby cordially invited to submit an e-mail to datis@warriorsofmetalfest.com for your chance to win one of five pairs of weekend passes to the Warriors of Metal Festival IV. Remember to include your first and last name in the e-mail and be sure to put Metal-Rules in the subject line.


A word with Warriors of Metal festival organizer Datis Alaee

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How are you doing today Datis?

I’m good thanks.

Give us a history lesson on the Warriors of Metal Festival. What initially inspired you to book, promote and operate your own metal fest?

Oh history, my favorite subject, okay, are you ready?


Warriors Of Metal Fest started as a local show during the summer of 2008 (June 14th)held at the historic Majestic Theatre in downtown Chillicothe, Ohio. The Fest was organized by the local big draw band, LUNARIUM’s rhythm guitarist, Ryan Carroll and produced by Lunarium’s bass player, J.R.

Carter through his 494 Productions.  Lunarium headlined the show and the participating bands came from within an hour’s drive (Columbus, OH) at the farthest.


For Warriors Of Metal Fest II Ryan decided to expand the show to 2 days and make it an Open Air event. The show was held on Friday and Saturday (June 5th & 6th, 2009). This time around, partly thanks to Lunarium’s indie Metal label, Farvahar Records (that my wife, Lea and I co-own) and

my Metal radio show DJ Metal Daddy, bands from a lot farther distances joined the line-up.


Farvahar Records sponsored that Friday night’s headliner, ASKA from Dallas, Texas after we saw them Live at the Nightmare Metal Fest II in San Antonio that spring.  I asked George Call if he’d be willing to headline our Fest in Ohio and he worked with us to make it happen.  Along with Aska, we were also fortunate to be able to host Mark Gromen of BW&BK who provided us with a live review for the Fest.  He got a better tan in Ohio than he did in San Antonio, let me tell you!


The farthest travelled band by car was Kansas City, Missouri’s Progressive Power Metal band Ancient Creation (who was signed to the Dutch label, Melissa Records at the time).  Our Saturday night headliners and two time Wacken veterans of Twisted Tower Dire plus the Raleigh powerhouse band HellRazor both came from North Carolina, sponsored by the Fest partner

Jeremy Golden, owner of Heaven & Hell Records and Sounds Of Purgatory mailorder. Other bands included the Nightmare Records recording artist and Progressive Power Metal band from Chicago, Sacred Dawn, the Independent Hebron Kentucky rockers, Pain Link and the Independent Fort Wayne, Indiana Progressive Speed Metallers of Zephaniah.


Other Ohio bands included the Auburn Records recording artists Eternal Legacy(Wacken 2010) from Parma, HammerHorde from Toledo, Mutilist from Circleville, Ipekak from Columbus, Catch 22 (signed to Italy’s Metal On Metal Records) from Marietta, Age Of Distrust from Chillicothe, and of course, Lunarium from Waverly, OH!


Operationally, the Fest was a success because it ran pretty smoothly from beginning to end with minimal problems. The attendance could have been better but as Scott Waldrop of Twisted Tower Dire mentioned in an interview with Metal-Rules.com after the Fest, "…the quality of the

bands at the Warriors of Metal Fest was excellent. Some amazing stuff!".  So we were very happy with all the performances which of course set a nice precedent to be outdone by the Fest in 2010.


Since both Aska and Twisted Tower Dire were also booked to the 1st annual Pathfinder Metal Fest in Marietta, GA which was put together by my friend, Hoyt Parris of Pathfinder promotions and Hoyt had already helped us spread some 925 copies of our WOM Fest II Sampler CD at ProgPower X in Atlanta, my wife and I decided to sponsor his Fest through our Farvahar Records and in whatever way we could.  I made a whole bunch of Pathfinder Metal Fest compilation CDs for Hoyt and donated stuff for his VIP gift bags and also booked Zephaniah to his Friday night’s show to directly support RAVAGE.


We took Ryan with us that year because having worked our own Fest and not necessarily "enjoyed" it and since he was now a new ASKA fan and of course a ZEPHANIAH fan (all of whom stayed at my house the night before to eliminate some of their road costs), we wanted to go and have some fun with our friends and also support Hoyt.  This was good too because we saw

a great performance from a Nashville, TN band called OBLIVION MYTH and decided to book them to our show right then and there!



Also while in Marietta, GA at the Fest hotel, I caught up with George Call to thank him for Aska’s headlining participation at WOM Fest II Open Air and during the course of the conversation he pointed out that he also sang for the legendary OMEN and that their drummer Danny White also played drums in Omen.  So I asked him what about Omen and Aska headlining our show in 2010?  It made sense because the two bands shared two members and we could certainly sponsor both bands if it was all okay with Kenny Powell.  I thought that would be a cool show and a double dose of George was fine by me as he is a great guy, a generous artist and a one hell of an awesome performer….and of course, I had never seen OMEN Live before either!  He did tell me that OMEN does not share the bill with another band with the same crew and a double billing of George Call was a rather rare event, which of course made me want to have it even more!  After some time we found out that Kenny was okay with the idea and I’m sure George had a lot to do with that and we booked both bands as the headliners of our 2010 show.


Soon after the Pathfinder Metal Fest I got a message from the PR guy (Benjamin) who was working for CAGE at the time that he had seen our Fest link on the Pathfinder Promotions’ Myspace Top friends, had checked us out and wanted CAGE to headline the show! Now, I knew something of CAGE and since they are from San Diego and so far away from us, they were not even on my radar.

We already had our headliners for next year’s Fest, but upon consultation with Mark Gromen and George, it was decided that this would be a good move for the Fest to bring more attention to our

cause.  George agreed for ASKA to share the headlining spot with CAGE and these two bands became the co-headliners of our Saturday show for 2010.


Benjamin also hooked us up with All Access Music Magazine, The Metal Madman Radio Show and The Gate Music Magazine in Michigan whom he said will help us promote our Fest along with his Online Metal Promotions.  To be honest with you, I don’t know how much promotion we got from these various sources but I did see our Fest Fest poster in two editions of The Gate online magazine.  I knew John (Metal Madman) from before and Bobby of All Access magazine through an online metal radio station that I used to do shows on as DJ Metal Daddy so I had faith in their willingness to helpus out. 

Various Metal DJs also helped a great deal on Metal Messiah Radio.com like DJ Metal MOM (Sandra Newton who puts on the Michigan Death Fest every year) and DJ Wereman (Aaron Werner, vocalist of the Columbus Metal outfit called Further Lo), DJ Johnnie Walker who had syndicated shows everywhere and these two guys were our co-hosts for our Fest as well.  Lord Crusan (LC), the owner of Metal Messiah Radio put his considerable graphic design talents to work to not only re-design a great logo for our Fest based on previous work by Lunarium’s ex-drummer Justin Lucas through his Greenman Imagery company but also to come up with a great medival looking poster for our Fest.


I got to know an independent promoter named Melissa Newman (aka MJ Roxx) through our Swedish band, Gallows End which we were planning on having on the Fest in 2010.  Melissa or METALissa as I call her is a very connected gal with various artists, mostly shredders in the music industry.  She used to book shows for two venues in the Dallas, TX area but once she started working for us, she decided to move up to the Louisville, Kentucky area and that’s where she resides right now. She became our Promotional Director and started pushing the Fest through her contacts online and street team sources that she had cultivated over the years.  She had previously set up a very successful Shred Showcase at McGuffy’s Bar & Grill in Dayton, OH involving Michael Harris, Joe Stump and a number of other great guitarists.  So through her we ended up with Joe Stump and Matthew Mills on our show as two of the shredders.  I set up two guitar

clinics in Sam Ash stores in Cincinnati and Columbus so that these guys can get more exposure out of their trips than just the Fest.  James D. Gilmore, another one of METALissa’s acquaintances joined the Cincinnati clinic and made some great fliers and video clips to help promote both of

the clinics, and my friend Curran Murphy joined the Columbus clinic on Friday, June 25th.


I had known Curran Murphy (ex-Nevermore, Annihilator) through H.A.T.E.’s Wags Wagner and a Metal journalist acquaintance when they first introduced me to Shatter Messiah.  We were going to have Curran produce the next Lunarium album at his Smiley Sounds Studio in Akron, OH before the band members went their separate ways.  So I asked Curran if he’d be willing to do some shredding between sets and he said he was fine with it.  He also advised me to get in touch with Jim Lewis, owner of Strictly 7 Guitars because he used one of Jim’s custom made guitars and thought he might be interested in participation in this event.  I called Jim and he was happy to participate and also sponsored the Fest with some funding through his company.  I love custom guitars by the way, I can’t play guitar to save my life but I just love the way a custom guitar, in the right hands, becomes a piece of functional artwork!


Anyway after CAGE’s addition, the floodgates seemed to open.  I was contacted by Jason Myers of ICARUS WITCH, Chris Bennett of WIDOW, Joe Karavis of BEYOND FALLEN (a band that I had liked for a good while) and Jaques Serano of the Bay area Thrash Metal band TAUNTED upon a

recommendation by LC from Metal Messiah Radio.  When I found out that Henry Moreno was also the drummer of TAUNTED (since I already knew he did the drumming for San Jose’s IMAGIKA whom I had seen in San Antonio the year before), I also contacted my friend Norman Skinner (their vocalist at the time) if they were interested in participating in the Fest and since we had no better place to put them, we made them the co-headliner of Friday night’s show with OMEN!


Several bands were already on the Fest, namely JACOBS DREAM from Columbus, OH as the direct support to IMAGIKA & OMEN.  They said that they will bring a good 200 to 300 people from not only Ohio but also the neighboring states to this show and that’s just what we needed to give OMEN a good crowd.  SKELATOR from Seattle (signed to Italy’s Metal On Metal Records) & DANTESCO who just wanted to come and share the stage with both ASKA & OMEN, both trecked to Ohio free of charge! The Swedish band signed to our label, Gallows End, let us know that they couldn’t make it so we replaced them with one of the bands on our waiting list which was DOFKA, Jim Dofka’s new incarnation of his band that had sent me a great new album called "Humanity Bleak"!  Had to have them! 

Of course the hungry young band coming from Potsville, PA called FORGOTTEN LEGACY had really

impressed me with their willingness to come all the way to the Fest and didn’t even mind starting the show on Saturday. I found out later that they also shared a bass player with Beyond Fallen, so Chuck Donahue was gonna do double duty just like George Call! Some other line-up changes also lead to one of our campground bands, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT from Madison, Wisconsin to get on the main line-up and we also added the Kansas City, Thrash Metal band called VANLADE to the early Saturday line-up as well.  Indiana’s WRECKED, Akron, OH’s TRAZOM and a local band called BLACK VICE.  The band that was supposed to kickstart our Fest and was added at the last minute called SILENT AGGRESSION from Detroit ended up cancelling on us at the last minute.


So after it was all said and done, we had a freakin’ golden line-up that ANY European True Metal Fest would totally kill for.  In fact I was told by people who had played in Germany before that if THIS line-up were to be presented to the fans, we’d have 2,000 to 3,000 people quite easily!  But,

we’re not in Germany and that was very sadly evident in the advanced ticket sales although we did have some standout people who did help us out, like for example, David Chastain bought a $25 weekend pass (that’s right, it was that cheap) just to support our efforts although he wasn’t

gonna make it to the Fest!  You should have seen me when my wife said "A David Chastain just bought a weekend pass…."!  I said "Are you kidding me? THE David Chastain?  As in Leather Leone fronted Chastain band David Chastain?  He is coming to the Fest?"  You should have seen her

expression!  I must have looked like I had grown a pair of horns or something! David Chastain did not come to the Fest but you know what?  At least he was decent enough to make a $25 contribution to our efforts and that could very well have been because his friend Joe Stump

was being featured as part of our ShredHead Tribute to Ronnie James Dio but at least he did contribute something.  For every couple of people who pull my chain and say that they’ll definitely attend the Fest that year and don’t show up there is a David Chastain somewhere.



Operationally we pulled it off but there were problems.  For one thing the Ross County Fairgrounds just outside Chillicothe double booked our date and then threw us out into their parking lot with no water or electricity! This event was that important to them!  You can’t have a Metal Fest

withought electricity so after much prodding we were finally given two junction boxes and some industrial strength lines to patch their parking lot into their electrical source on the morning of the fest!  So yes, our junction boxes were sitting out in the open because we barely got them

that morning, literally a couple of hours before the start of the Fest and no the cables were not covered because we barely had time to connect everything to have power to the stage and the merch tent and vendor / sponsor tent and the sound guy’s tent and  we were graciously

given a hose stuck into the chicken wire (fencing us off from the venue we had booked a year ago) with water coming out of it.  Was it drinkable?  I dared not try!


Our shredding between the set idea ended up draining resources from the stage crew and little by little, we fell further behind the schedule.  One cool thing that again, a number of people didn’t like was our Shred tribute to Ronnie James Dio when Joe Stump, Matthew Mills and Curran Murphy

shredded to the rest of the band cosisting of Larry Fritzely on bass (the only member of SILENT AGGRESSION who did care enough to show up with his wife), Patrick Seick from SKELATOR on drums and Wags Wagner of H.A.T.E. and BREAKER on the vocals.  They played "Man On The Silver Mountain" and "Voodoo" and the guys shredded to each song for 10 minutes followed by Joe

Stump strutting his stuff on his own.  As it became evident later this shredding between each set was not operationally possible for us and I take responsibility for that because it was my idea.  I actually didn’t see most of these because, again I was running around doing three people’s

jobs but as Mark Gromen put it, we had too many wheels turning and were trying to do too much.  So we kept falling behind and by the time JACOB’S DREAM went on stage with none of the 200-300 people they promised us (two people showed up from Tony Evans’ gym where he had posted the Fest poster), it was decided, without my knowledge, to cut their set short.  I wouldn’t have done that but I’m not the operations officer during the Fest.  I found out about this after the fact.  So people who were looking to complain about stuff, added this to their list of Friday night’s complaints as well.  Needless to say, OMEN wasn’t done until 3:00 am but man, what a

show they put on!  It was worth the wait!

On Saturday, we ended up with some of the same problems and the shredding between sets had us fall behind and the wet t-shirt contest could have been scrapped too, but I think that got the most spectators during the Fest!  Each band had picked a cover song to play during their set in

tribute to Ronnie James Dio and as soon as I get permission from Niji Entertainment, we’ll compile all the performances from the bands and the Friday afternoon Shredhead performance all as an official bootleg DVD release as a promotional item for the fans and to promote our Fest

further.  I initially intended to do this and send it to Ronnie to lift his spirits during his recovery but unfortunately he left us a month before we could prepare this present for him.

Kit & Jen Ekman really saved our butts by volunteering to run the central merch tent with my wife during WOM Fest III in 2010. If we didn’t have their help, we would’ve been screwed because my wife Lea would not have been able to organize the merch for 20 bands all by herself and still direct people and volunteers at the same time. Kit & Jen Ekman were a Godsend and they were volunteering to help our Fest on their 12th year anniversary too. It doesn’t get more Metal than that! You will see them volunteering their organizational skills at this year’s festival as well and we are very grateful for their continued support and assistance.


One major thing that kicked our butts last year was a thundercloud that was spewing lightning as close as a mile from the stage, so after TAUNTED’s performance, our security chief cut the power to the stage and we had to wait this thing out.  In the mean time 494 Productions crew covered the PA equipment with tarps and we crossed our fingers not to get any rain.  We got some drizzles, no rain but that stoppage did put us behind by an hour and a half.  When we restarted again, WIDOW cut their set from 40 minutes to 25 minues and ICARUS WITCH followed suit to help us make up some of this lost time and unfortunately CAGE didn’t get on the stage until 3:00 am.  They did not complain and were very supportive and professional because they were right there as we were all waiting for the thundercloud to veer off and go elsewhere.  They delivered a crushing 90

minute set to a crowd of truely diehard fans and hung around afterwards to take pictures, autograph CDs and t-shirts and all that stuff.  True professionals, I was very impressed.  They never complained although I can totally see any other band could have and probably would have thrown a shit fit because they would have been well within their "rights" to do so.


By this time we were all exhausted.  This Fest was not as fun as I was hoping it would be for me because I never got the chance to just stop and have a little fun.  Well, maybe for five minutes I did stop by FORGOTTEN LEGACY’s RV along with Kenny Powell and members of about five other bands when we took a group picture while humming the main riff of Sabbath’s "Heaven & Hell"!  But that was the extent of my "Good Time" at this Fest.  



One standout member and a vital part of our operations was Petros Argyropolous from Chicago who not only sponsored the Fest but also worked his ass off during the whole weekend as our Assistant Stage Manager to gain experience and hopefully one day join FIREWIND’s crew.  Petros was definitely our MVP that weekend and he really put a lot of the volunteers to shame!  On Sunday morning, Lea collected DANTESCO and I delivered Petros and our other Fest sponsor, Charles Cannon who had partially sponsored CAGE to the Columbus airport, but about half way back to Chillicothe I had to pull over to a rest stop and soon after that I passed out from exhaustion!  Lea and Ryan made it just in time to the Fest site to start cleaning up when a huge thunderstorm rolled through Chillicothe, destroying everything at the Fest site and soaking the non-waterproofed wood of the stage that was built just two days ago.  I don’t even know how

much other stuff we lost because of that; we did lose our neighbor’s tent which we had to replace after losing thousands upon thousands of dollars in festival expenses due to poor attendance.  I did not recover for two days and we inconvenienced Ryan and his family by staying at their place for an extra day and I lost a day of work just to recover.  And then came the Fest reviews with complaints and everything we did wrong.  This was all constructive criticism and I really appreciated that but after everything I had been through that weekend, the sting was there nonetheless.


The spirit of Metal brotherhood was very strong at WOM Fest III Open Air and those who could have complained did not, or at least I did not hear much beyond the normal stuff.  If any band had cause for complain though it was CAGE, but not only Sean Peck and company did not complain, they were quite gracious and even extremely supportive of our efforts and had only supportive things to say about our event.  That combined with George Call’s undying support and praises from the various fans and artists who attended the Fest that perhaps we could do this again if we learn from our mistakes and do what we can to improve the areas we are deficient in. We’re still learning, you know?  I think we’re the youngest Open Air True Metal Fest with the least amount of resources at our disposal but our spirit is strong and we believe in what we’re doing and I think that DIY attitude comes through and convinces the various bands we book that we’re not out to make a shitload of money off of them or rip them off but to put on a celebration of Metal that we can all enjoy and that’s probably why we now have, for Warriors OF Metal Fest IV Open Air, a band coming from Brazil (MACHINAGE), one from Mexico (SPLIT HEAVEN)and two from Puerto Rico

(DANTESCO & AURA AZUL) who are coming to our Fest on their own dime.

How many years have you been running this festival?

I don’t necessarily "Run" the Festival.  I book the bands for it in consultation with Ryan and do as much online promotion for it as I can in addition to promotion through my metal Messiah Radio Sunday morning Farvahar Metal Overdrive from 8-10 am as DJ Metal Daddy.  For this year’s Fest I have also been helping MACHINAGE from Brazil and AURA AZUL from Puerto Rico get gigs in the US for their first ever 3-week US tours.  I have also helped in applying for our Mexican band, SPLIT HEAVEN’s Temporary Non-Immigrant Worker Visas for their month long tour in the US with another Fest band, Heavy Artillery Records’ SPELLCASTER from Portland, OR.  For now I’m doing everything that I can to keep everything moving forward but on the actual Fest weekend, I intend to enjoy the fruits of my yearlong labor and take some pictures, buy lots of merch and get lots of autographs while I wear as many band T-shirts as I can!  No one person can run something like this.  This is all a team effort and at the end that’s how we’ll accomplish everything.  Everybody does their own part and I’m just doing mine now.

Tell me about what you think fans will find most exciting about this coming year’s lineup/fest?

Well, there are several things that are very exciting for this year’s line-up namely the third consecutive headlining performance of ASKA at our Fest which ties George Call’s three consecutive trips to Keep It True Festival in Germany but with different bands!  Secondly, our featuring of the

Traditional Metallers of SHOK PARIS who have not played southern Ohio for over twenty years and they are coming back full force after their recent reunion thanks to Auburn Records’ Bill Peters.  Thirdly, the featuring of our very first female fronted True Metal band BENEDICTUM fronted by none

other than the American Metal Goddess herself, Veronica Freeman.  I have longed for so long to see BENEDICTUM in action Live and I finally get my wish.  And of course, it is notable to mention that at least part of their expenses are covered by various fan sponsors and she plans to thank them at the Fest with something really special.  I don’t know what this is but I sure look forward to witnessing it!

What is unique about this year’s Fest is that for the first time, we will now have some international bands at our Fest this year.  As mentioned before, the guys from MACHINAGE will come to play at our Fest and to also make us some Brazilian Barbecue and the Mexican Speed Metallers of SPLIT

HEAVEN will be only the second band in our line-up, other than BENEDICTUM who have already played at WACKEN Open Air prior to Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air!  And of course DANTESCO makes their return trip to Ohio from Puerto Rico as does AURA AZUL who were just hand picked by IRON MAIDEN to open for them in San Juan last Thursday!


The other cool thing is that some of last year’s favorite bands are returning this year.  I have reserved some of the other favorites for next year’s Fest that I’m booking right now.  Two bands are returning by popular demand, ASKA, our third consecutive year headliner from Dallas, TX

and VANLADE, the young guns of Thrash Metal from Kansas City, Kansas.  Two bands from last year were booked for this year’s Fest before they could finish their sets in 2010!  Our Metal brothers from DANTESCO impressed everyone so much that before the half point of their set, Ryan leaned over to tell me "I definitely want these guys back for next year"!  And I myself, grabbed the microphone out of Ty Christian’s hand in the middle of LORDS OF THE TRIDENT’s performance and while taking pity on the people who were missing their fun and high energy performance, annouced to everybody there that "LORDS OF THE TRIDENT Will indeed be back for WOM Fest IV Open Air"!  Also returning based solely on my own insistance is WIDOW and this year as our Friday night headliner.  I figured if they voluntarily cut their set short last year to help us out, the least I can do is to give them twice as much time this year to really rock our socks off.  These guys have consistently impressed the hell out of me, whether it was at Pathfinder Metal Fest II, opening for CRIMSON GLORY or at the Bang Your Head Or Die Festival opening for SLAUGHTER XTROYES.  They

previously headlined the Kansas City Power Metal Fest II in 2009 and now they’ll also headline our show this year.  They are the nicest guys I know and they so deserve their spot.  Thanks to Jeremy Golden for his suggestion to get them for our Fest last year.


I did the booking for almost all of the bands for this year’s Fest, all with consultation with Ryan, of course.  But since Ryan’s been busy as a family man and I know he’s a Thrash Metal lover, as am I, this year’s Fest is rather heavy on Thrash Metal.  Most notable among those bands is the

direct support band to WIDOW which is the Thrash Metal band and Heavy Artillery Recording artist VINDICATOR from South Amherst, Ohio.  They had inquired about playing the Fest since last year when we were all booked up and after hearing a lot of good things about their performances and

checking out their music we decided to invite them and Ryan thought it’d be good idea to have them play direct support to WIDOW to bring a whole bunch of fans to the Fest to support WIDOW as well.


Other than VINDICATOR, we also have VANLADE, MACHINAGE, HORRIFIER, AGE OF DISTRUST are all pretty much Power Thrash bands while, SPLIT HEAVEN & SPELLCASTER are both Speed Metal bands that’ll be touring the US together before and after the Fest.  Yes, ours is a pretty fast paced kind of a show.  The guys from ARGONAUT are basically the same ZEPHANIAH crew with slight changes to the line-up and a more progressive slant to their Speed Metal and DEATHALIZER from New York City are good quality Old School Thrash Metal with progressive elements thrown in.  They too have been waiting for more than a year to get on this show.  I made Ryan a DEATHALIZER fan by introducing him to their music and now he’s also cranking DEATHALIZER in his car ;)!


And of course we have some unique acts on this show like A TORTURED SOUL from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that just doesn’t play live all that much and they are a very well sought after artist signed to Germany’s Pure Steel Records.  Chicago’s Progressive Power Metal band, SACRED DAWN with whom we have worked before during WOM Fest II Open Air adds a little spice to our Fest this year and they are also doing a ten date tour with Puerto Rico’s AURA AZUL prior to and after the Fest.  DRAEKON was a very pleasant discovery for me and their music blew me away.  Their style is Dark Symphonic Power Metal.  Their singer Chad Barnes sounds almost exactly like Roy Khan in the higher registers and their music is fast, ass kicking and emotional.  Let’s say a good mix of Rhapsody meets Kamelot, minus the filler junk and the cathedral size chorus.  Finally, I discovered STONE MAGNUM at the Bang Your Head Or Die Festival that Quimby Lewis had put together in Portage, Indiana in early February and I helped promote it through my radio show and got to know Dean Tavernier (ex-SKULLVIEW) that way.  He is the founder of this Doom Metal band and thanks to Erico "La Bestia" Morales of DANTESCO I’ve gotten more into Doom Metal so I thought I’d give this new band some good exposure and bring their Chicago based label, R.I P. Records to our True Metal Fest as a vendor as well to augment our Generation Metal Mailorder which is our official music vendor this year.  Generation Metal comes to us thanks to Wayne Smith who also is in

partnership with Frank Parr and their DRAGONFYRE STUDIO actually designed our Fest poster this year and I’m very excited about that too.  I think the dragon on the poster is damned wicked and totally metal!

What are some of the most challenging aspects of doing what you do?

I would say that’s probably being the point of contact for all the bands. In 2009 for Warriors Of Metal Fest II Open Air, Ryan & I booked everybody together.  My position was an advisory one at that time so I would make contact with the bands that I thought were very good, take the suggestion to Ryan and we’d discuss booking them.  He made some bookings on his own for bands that Lunarium had played with before and he was familiar with. Lea and I sponsored ASKA as our Friday night headliner through our Farvahar Records label, Jeremy Golden of Heaven & Hell Records and Sounds Of Purgatory Mailorder and Distribution sponsored his label’s band HELLRAZOR and also our Saturday night headliner, TWISTED TOWER DIRE, a friend of Ryan’s, Scottland Downs sponsored SACRED DAWN from Chicago and we discussed all the other bands and Ryan booked them, some with my help but for the most part he was still the point of contact for everybody. Lea and I helped with the promotion and passing out fliers and stuff, whatever web promotion we could do and I put together a WOM Fest II CD Sampler as a cool giveaway item to the people who attended the Fest and a limited edition companion Metal compilation called DJ Metal Daddy’s

Favorite Cuts with songs that I played mostly on my radio show with the necessary band and label permissions for promotional use only.  These we gave out to people who got advanced tickets.  But for the most part, we just went to support the Fest because our label’s band LUNARIUM was the

direct support to TWISTED TOWER DIRE and we had sponsored ASKA for the Fest.  So the whole experience was an enjoyable one.  The joke during that Fest was that I would scurry off after each set only to come back with the next band’s T-shirt on!  Yeah, that’s one of my ways of supporting the bands other than buying as much of their merch as possible and having all the band members sign their CDs!  It’s not like I’m gonna see them again anytime soon, right?  So yeah, I’m dorky that way I guess!


For the 2010 WOM Fest III Open Air, We had a great buzz going about both OMEN and CAGE!  We had people come to the Fest who had never heard of the Fest before and they are now diehard fans and plan to attend the Fest every year but like any young Fest the 2010 show had it’s problems.  For one thing, the stage was being built from scratch and with ultimate care and perfectionism which at times was maddening to me but I couldn’t do anything about it.  That ended up cutting into the time that the first band was to start but since SILENT AGGRESSION did not show up to the Fest, we were back to the schedule we had promoted long before the addition of that band so the production crew just went along doing what they were doing to prepare the stage and when it was all over, we ended up getting started about half an hour late which of course, irked critics.  A bunch of people who also had promised us to be there also ditched us with some

rather lame excuses and we were suddenly under staffed for doing the stuff that needed to be done and Lea had to step in to take charge as she had our friends, Kit & Jen Ekman take charge of organizing the Merch Central Tent.  Thank the Metal Gods for Kit & Jen.  I would not be exaggerating if I told you that without them, we’d have been screwed and things would have

become a lot  more stressful than they already were in the 90 some degree heat of the Ohio summer out there.  So I was running around like a chicken without a head trying to coordinate what I could but I couldn’t expedite the work of the production crew and the bands only knew me because I was the point of contact for all of them so they all came to me with questions

and concerns or invitations to go and hang with them which I had to politely decline!


Now, you have to realize that throwing an outdoor Fest is inherently different from an indoor Fest.  For one thing you don’t have to deal with the elements during an indoor Fest.  We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and the more we piss her off, the more likely it’s gonna be that we’re gonna have shitty weather.  But there are steps that one can take to combat this situation and we have done that for this year by moving to a new venue with a covered stage structure the size of Atlanta’s Center Stage that ProgPower uses for that fine Fest and the area in front of the stage is also covered so even if it’s raining, the show can go on as scheduled.


The other thing is the insurance for a Metal event.  You don’t have much of this problem for an indoor event because the club or the venue’s insurance covers your event but for an outdoor event and especially if it’s a Metal concert, they presume that the world is gonna come to an end so comparatively speaking, the insurance for the event suddenly goes through the roof!  We were very lucky and fortunate that our friend, supporter and volunteer, Michael Ellison, single handedly covered our $1000 insurance for WOM Fest III Open Air just by himself…and he still volunteered to help me drive around Chillicothe to run errands and stuff as opposed to acting like royalty or something!


The other thing is trying to convince Metalheads that just because we don’t have one of the Big 4 on our line-up it doesn’t mean that the Fest or the rest of the bands are shit!  There were a whole bunch people who had come to just see CAGE last year and didn’t even know about OMEN! Yeah, go figure!  But anyway by the end of the Fest having been exposed to all the bands that had played, they all left being fans of many bands they never even knew existed!  Isn’t that what a Festival is supposed to do? Introduce you to music you had never heard before?  Would the 20th time somebody sees a big name band be all that different than the 19th time?  I think not and the prices for those shows are a lot more than what we offer for two days of all out metal bringing together bands from all over the country plus bands from overseas! So be open to discover new bands and make new friends.  There are a lot of great up and coming bands out there, tolling week after week, month after month to keep it real and still don’t get their due attention at the national stage and they remain local and really don’t go anywhere.  Well, this is very much an Indie Oriented True Metal Festival.  We don’t care if you are signed or unsigned.  All we care

about is 1) you’re making great Metal with clear vocals, 2) you put on a good show to go along with your good performance and 3) you’re willing to travel to central Ohio to wow us and the Fest’s fans, make a lot of new friends, contacts and supporters and have a great metal time under the

stars.  If there are bands out there that are hungry enough to make things happen for themselves and are willing to work with our limitations, then I encourage them to fill out the band submission form on our website (www.warriorsofmetalfest.com) so that I can check them out and see

if you fit our Fest or not.  We are also looking for vendors for the Fest who may sell Metal merchandise like T-shirts, patches, LPs, CDs or otherwise.  A 10 X 10 spot is just $50 for the whole weekend this year and we anticipate a turnout of 300-500, unless of course Metal-Rules.com can

increase our chances through this report!  So please get in touch with with me (Datis Alaee) at our website as well.  Please help us lessen our challenges!  Putting on a show like this is challenging enough!

For how long do you anticipate running this festival as a yearly event? 

As long as we can without losing our asses big time like last year. Fortunately we have made a good number of new friends since last year and are also getting the fans a lot more involved this year.  I think the fans should also have a stake at our success and that is how both of our

headliners and BENEDICTUM are being supported this year.  In fact we have seen a record number of fan donations this year from a number truly dedicated fans and supporters of the Fest and we are very grateful for that.


Additionally, we have recently incorporated Warriors Of Metal as a non-profit organization (www.warriorsofmetal.org) so that we can offer incentives to participating bands and get a membership going for the fans of the Fest and collect dues that we can put towards each year’s Fest expenses, start a music scholarship and donate to worthy charities.  We will also be applying for a 501c3 Tax Exempt status that will allow donations to the organization to be tax deductible under certain circumstances.

Why do you think so many American metal festivals end up getting cancelled? What goes wrong, in your opinion, with the fly-by-night crowd of unsuccessful promoters?

I’m kind of new to this but I happen to know many Fests end up losing a lot of money and cannot recoup those expenses due to lack of attendance and believe me, I can totally relate to that.  We were at that point at the end of last year’s Fest.  We are still very much in the red, historically speaking, but we have taken steps to minimize or combine our costs by moving to a new and better venue (Frontier Ranch at Pataskala, Ohio, just thirty minutes east of Columbus) and getting more sponsorships and more fan involvement.  We may not be able to recoup all our losses but

ultimately, we’re not doing this for the money, you know?  If we can break even, that would sure be nice but even if not, we’re not gonna stop.  I realize it may take a while before we find our audience and we can build a core group of fans who will eventually come to the Fest not only to see a great metal show but also to see their friends again but we’ll just continue putting on quality shows and keep learning how to do things better every year because in the final analysis, we’re doin this for the love of metal. I have been a metalhead for the past 26 years and in 1996,

the SAVATAGE album "Streets: A Rock Opera" saved my life.  I was in a very bad and dark place at the time and the song "If I Go Away" had a deep impact on me.  It made me think about my life much like the protagonist in the story and that "If I go away, what would still remain? Of me!"  The

answer was nothing but pain caused to others.  That could not be my legacy!  But now I believe I have found out what I would like my legacy to be.


I want to make a difference in our Metal scene and I want to help fledgling bands make a name for themselves through exposure at our Fest.  I want to bring metal artists together for further collaborative efforts.  Did you know that SKELATOR from Seattle and DANTESCO from Puerto Rico are releasing a split CD this year?  These two bands didn’t know of each other, except for SKELATOR’s bass player, Zach Palmer, who had always wanted to see DANTESCO live but had never had the opportunity to.  Last year they shared the stage on the same night and a deep friendship and appreciation of each others’ work developed between them and now, our Westernmost band and Easternmost band from last year are collaborating to release a joint CD!

How cool is that?  I feel like this is my calling and that this is something I have to do!  It’s hard to explain, but despite the stress and the constant disappointments and our lack of resources or expertise, I feel like I have to organize this event, that I have to top myself and I have to put on a better show each year and I’m lucky enough to be supported by my wife, Lea who is totally on board with this and even more so sometimes.  The Warriors Of Metal Inc. non-profit organization was her idea.  She’s good at those behind the scenes organizational skills and I dare say I can put on a killer line-up of band together for a Fest as evidenced by our line-ups ever since we started doing this as an Open Air Festival.  There is not one "Bad" band on this year’s Festival and just

wait till our 5th year anniversary show in 2012!  That one is looking like it could surpass last year’s golden line-up!


In the end, funding and most importantly, a supportive team determines if a Fest is gonna live or die, or in the case of Powermad becomes a sleeping dragon for a while!  Everything costs money, whether you like it or not and if you have all the money in the world and nobody to help you, you

will not be able to put on a Fest like this but with a supportive group and some money, you can still make things happen and that’s what we’ve been doing all this time.  Unfortunately, the "If you build it, they will come" motto goes only so far.  If you build it and they don’t come but you still have a supportive crew, you can try again and maybe solicit some financial helpers to make things happen but you have to have a group of people who believe in what you’re doing.  In our case you have to be totally metal!  I’d like to think I’m pretty metal and I know there are a lot of people who are way more metal than me like Hoyt Parris, or Jeremy Golden without whose help I could not ramble on like this!  But to the greater metal media like Blabbermouth.net, I’m a nobody.  That’s why when some "Metal" person picks their nose that ends up as news on there for the world to see but they won’t publish our repeated press releases to inform the metal fandom of what we’re putting together after a year’s worth of work and sacrifice.  That’s why, I seek out the help of people that may be more metal than me in the hopes of being able to break through to the greater metal nation to let them know about what we’ve put together, and would appreciate their support for.  Ultimately if the people don’t support what we do, we sort of lose the reason for doing all

this every year but I’m gonna keep going for as long as I can afford to.


I cannot comment on the fly-by-night promoters or any promoters who set out to blatantly rip bands off.  They disgust me.  Whether they are financing an addiction by stealing band merch or charging bands an arm and a leg to play their events or forcing them to sell such and such number of tickets or they don’t get on the line-up, it becomes clear that they are not in it for anything more than making a buck and could give a rat’s ass about the metal scene or any other kind of scene for that matter, let alone anybody else.  Unfortunately, these douchbags are freakin’ everywhere and

by monopolizing the booking in various towns around the US, they essentially put a choke hold on  that town’s bands so that they would have to go through them to get any exposure at all even if they already know they’re gonna get ripped off.


Well, we aim to do better by bands through our Warriors Of Metal Inc. non-profit organization.  We will team up with people who do care about the bands and the metal scene like Bonnie from Dungeon Promotions in Nashville, Tennessee, Hoyt Parris of Pathfinder Promotions in Georgia, our good friend and Raleigh metal father figure, Tony Dio Leonard and his friend Robby Rodwell of the "Dive Bar", also in Raleigh, NC, Chris & Samantha from Metal Thursday Booking at "Ralph’s Diner" in Worcester, MA and Carmen Butera at the Great Awakening Booking in Orlando, Florida, not to mention our own Ryan Carroll of Riffaxe Booking, Justin Zych of ARGONAUT in Fort Wayne, IN and Lothar Keller of SACRED DAWN in Chicago, Illinois, just to name a few.  We will offer bands a better way to get booked to various places around the country without getting ripped off.


Our Fest is not pay-to-play and in fact Ryan and I have always maintained that we hate that shit.  We encourage bands in our area to sell tickets if they want to help us out and from each ticket sale they get to keep a generous percentage and whatever they don’t sell, the return to us. Otherwise we rely on the fans to support our events the best they can while we take on the bigger burden of the operational costs.  If we just have 50 fans save $5 a week for a whole year, they can band together and sponsor a damned good band for next year’s Fest.  That equals to maybe two less beers per week that they’ll piss away anyway.  Just think about that; two less beers is not gonna kill anybody but it can lead to doing something very significant that you’ll be proud of for a very long time to come. That is all that it takes.  It’s really not much of a sacrifice.  I don’t get all the metal CD’s I want all year because I don’t drink and smoke so that’s where my savings comes from but if everybody sacrifices a little, then all of us can enjoy something spectacular that we can all be

proud of.  Yes, I’m a fan first, promoter second because I’m here to help the bands not rip them off.

What advice could you offer to someone looking to organize a True Metal fest in their respective hometown?

Gosh, I’m not sure I’m qualified to give advice to anybody yet!  I’m still learning all this myself and some would argue I’m not doing a good enough job bringing in bands that may actually draw a lot better.  But in our defense, Ryan and I would rather put on a Fest that we ourselves would

also like to attend as opposed to bands that may draw a crowd just for themselves and then see everybody disappear as is the disgusting norm here in the US.  People that attend our Fest live, breathe, eat, walk, talk and shit metal and they’re not gonna ditch the next band that they may not know just because the one that they did know is now done playing.  Our fans are diehard metal brothers and sisters from all over the US and as Sean Peck said when they ended up playing a German Fest one time at 3:00 am just like they did at our Fest last year, they were assured that there will be fans to watch them and I think that’s not exactly what transpired in actual fact.  At our Fest, despite the heat, all the beer and exhaustion, there were still people in front of the stage headbinging, putting up horns and hair was flying around and our good friend Chris Duhan from the Syracuse area captured everything on his camcorder and put them up on YouTube after he got home from Ohio.  These are the hardcore Metalhearts that we cater to and the bands that cut us a break by not charging us to come and perform know our limitations but they come anyway because our show is 1) not a Pay-To-Play event and 2) they can expand their fandom to the state of Ohio and the fans of the Fest who are now coming from all over the midwest and they know from their interaction with me that as Mark Gromen says, know that "our hearts are in the right place" and that we’re doing this for the LOVE OF METAL not for making a buck.


I guarantee you, if we can break even with expenses, we would help all the bands with some gas money to get back home; it’s just not happened like that so far.  Why?  because there are people still sitting on the fence, not willing to commit to our Fest under the pretext that "I only attend

one Fest per year and that is such and such because I’m a loyal fan of theirs" or coming to Ohio is not worth their time and money because they don’t know any of the bands!  Well you know what?  Attending another Fest within one year is not disloyalty to either.  I attended ProgPower XI

last year for the first time in my life and it was awesome but that doesn’t mean I’m disloyal to WOM Fest!  This country is big enough for multiple Fests within the same genre of Metal.  Hoyt Parris has been attending ProgPower for many many years and he’s been a great supporter of the Atlanta Metal scene for the past 3-4 years through his Pathfinder Promotion shows and the last two Pathfinder Metal Fests both of which Lea and I have sponsored in whatever capacity we could.  The Indianapolis Metafest will be coming back this October and I’ll be helping Rob Mason

promote that Fest and Keith Menser will be bringing back the great Powermad Festival after a decade long hiatus in Maryland and you can bet your ass I’ll be helping Keith with that one for his April 2012 show, I think Steve Bently of ANCIENT CREATION and Jodi Michael will be bringing

back the awesome Kansas City Power Metal Fest next year and my friend Camden Cruz will bring back the Florida Powerfest III next year as well! I say the more Fests the better for our metal scene and by God, if I could attend all of them, I would!  Now I just gotta win the lottery!


And just because you don’t "Know" the bands on a Fest, that’s no excuse not to come!  That’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water! That’s what Facebook, myspace (if you don’t get infected while browsing it) and YouTube are for, you know?  Show a little initiative, get out of

your comfort zone and research the bands playing at the Fest!  You may just like what you hear!  One of the advanced ticket buyers this year commented to me that he was researching some of the bands he didn’t know of and he found a couple that he didn’t know about and actually found very interesting and so is now looking forward to the Fest even more than before!  Huh, imagine that!  Actually that’s why we put up a Fest sampler on our website (that I’m listening to while I write this) with all the band history and a sample video so people can check them out and get

excited about seeing them live in our Open Air Metal Fest setting.


We have been described as the US version of Keep It True meets Headbanger’s Open Air in Germany by one of the diehard ProgPower fans on the Ultimate Metal Forum and also by the owner of Iron Shield Records in Berlin, Germany.  We are about True Metal and I guarantee you, it is

possible to have a whole Fest without one Radio Rock, nu-metal, Death Metal, Black Metal or I don’t know, Brutal Gore Metal or whatever with Emo Screamo vocals to bring in the fans.  So yes, there is some personal bias in there but for my money, I’d like to enjoy the vocal artistry of a band too instead of being barked or screamed at!  Sorry, that’s just not our thing at WOM Fest Open Air.  I book bands that actually can sing within the stylistic confines of their genre.


There are lots of harsh vocal bands that don’t read our submission guidlines and apply their band for my consideration anyway and those I have to reject but at the same time I do respect everybody’s choice of how they care to express themselves and I refer them to a Fest that does showcase those kinds of bands and more often than not, they are appreciative of it.  Alternatively, if I dig them myself but cannot necessarily book them to the Fest, I feature them on my Metal radio show and that way they can still make some new fans and some contacts by participating in our Metal messiah Radio Chat Room as I play their songs and they are also appreciative of that.


So my advice would be to be true to what you believe in and do it for the love of it because believe me, people don’t do this kind of thing here in the US to make money and by all means, if you find a trick to do things that has worked for you that we have not thought of and you’re willing to share, I’m all ears!


 A word with the bands of this year’s WOM


Chris Bennett of Widow

Introduce yourself…

Hello, I’m Chris from Widow! We are also known by many other names, such as Wierdo, Window, and Weed-o.

Where are you from?

We are from the great state of North Carolina! There is a great Metal scene here and we are very fortunate to have been a part of it for many years! We have great support for Heavy Metal here with many fans and great places to play! We have played all over the world and I’ve enjoyed every gig we’ve ever done! Being from the south we make ourselves at home everywhere we go! We wanna rock!

What style/genre of metal are you?

We play Traditional Metal, some people in the last couple of years have called it The New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. It’s cool with me whatever people wanna call it, we are a metal band and always will be! When we started we were called Power Metal. We just write songs we like and go with it!

How long have you been together?

Widow has been together for 11 years now. Johnny Wooten and I have played together longer in our previous band, so we’ve played together for 14 years! This is our life man, so we’ll keep on going for many more years! We love rocking, and that’s all we wanna do!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We released our debut album "Midnight Strikes" on Tribunal Records in 2003. After that we signed with Cruz Del Sur music and released "On Fire" in 2005 and "Nightlife" in 2007. Both of our Cruz Del Sur albums were also issued in Japan on Spiritual Beast Records. Last year, Divebomb Records reissued our debut, now called "Midnight Strikes Twice", with bonus tracks and enhanced video of a 2004 live show and a promotional video for our song "The Pleasure of Exorcism"! We have completed a new album titled "Life’s Blood" that should be released very soon!

Where can people check out your tunes?

You can go to www.widowusa.com or become a fan of Widow on Facebook, and that is a great place to start! I would suggest you buy all of our albums, because I’m a fan of having a physical product! I’m old school, I wanna be able to look at the pictures, read the lyrics  and liner notes and the band thank you’s!

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

Because we are commited to rocking our hardest and making sure everyone in the crowd is having the time of their lives! I can guarantee you that we will be!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Yes we do! We will be playing new songs from Life’s Blood, and that will be special because we don’t know how to play them  that good yet! Come to the show if you wanna see us screw up!!! You know you don’t wanna miss that!


George Call of ASKA

Introduce yourself…

I’m George Call, singer/guitarist of American Power Metal band, ASKA. People also know me from a three year stint I did with Metal Blade’s original, classic, Epic Metal band, OMEN. More recently I’ve joined forces with Mick Cevino’s VIOLENT STORM, which features current and former members of ASKA, OMEN, Yngwie Malmsteen, Blackmore’s Night & Solitude Aeturnus, but I’m really here to talk about ASKA and our incredible third consecutive annual headline appearance at the Warriors of Metal festival. Is this our third or fourth? We love Datis!

Where are you from?

I personally was born in the Canal Zone. "The Canal Zone? What is that? Bleaagggh!" The Canal Zone is an abolished former United States territory that existed within the borders of the Republic of Panama in Central America. Founded during Teddy Roosevelt’s administration in the 1930’s, the Zone’s purpose was twofold; It housed all American personnel (and their families) needed to run the day to day affairs of the U.S. operated, owned and controlled, Panama Canal and its infrastructure efficiently. It also housed and based all branches of the United States war machine for the Canal’s protection. Hell, the entire U.S. Southern Command was headquartered in the Canal Zone. After all, this little man-made strip of water cutting a swath between North and South America was considered a strategic asset to world commerce. In the late ’70’s President Jimmy Carter signed treaties that reverted the American holdings back to Panama. So, yes, Carter not only sucked ass in his handling of the U.S. economy but he sucked ass in his handling of the Iranian hostage crisis and he sucked ass in his handling of the Canal Zone treaties with Panama. He probably sucks ass in bed too. Easy to see why he’s rated worst U.S. president ever in poll after poll but I digress. ASKA was born and based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

What style/genre of metal are you?

Your question is redundant as I’ve already answered this. Death to you infidel!

(Editors Note: Infidel? Redundant? What the hell cheeseburger titz? Don’t give me no lip, your being featured on Metal-Rules.com the most bitchin’ and awesome metal website in the universe…if you’ve never heard of us before just ASKA-round)

How long have you been together?

ASKA’s first record has a 1991 release date on it but we were working as ASKA a few years prior to that. That first record also featured my brother on it and a friend I’d known since 5th grade but they quit like motherfuckers and the only two of us that remain from back then are the two of us with the same birthday! That’s right! ASKA bassist, Keith Knight and I both have birthdays on February 28th. So there you have the secret to staying together for a really long time: Share the same birthday! Pay me now for sharing my ancient secrets from the orient!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Well, our albums have been released through a number of different labels. The last two labels to release ASKA music were our own Vanadium Records and Germany’s Pure Steel Records.

Where can people check out your tunes?

You can check our songs out live tonight or tomorrow at the Warriors of Metal fest. Also, on the road at shows around the world. I would also suggest www.askaband.com, www.myspace.com/askaband, reverbnation, amazon.com, cdbaby.com, itunes, all of the usual places. You Tube is another good place to go. Go online to You Tube and enter ‘ASKA Everyone Dies’ in the search bar to see and hear our latest!

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

They should make the drive because we’re semi-good looking and cute. Almost as cute as the staff working the grounds though not as cute as Ryan C. He’s dreamy. Hmmm…what else? Let me think… oh yeah…we rock too! We’re really good onstage!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Nah. Just more of the same. Awesome goodness. Just kidding. We’ll be debuting a couple of songs from the upcoming album for the first time ever at the Warriors of Metal Fest. It will be the first time any songs from the new album will have been played live anywhere outside of our practice studio. Worth the price of admission in memories and bragging rights alone! It’s gonna be fun man!



Antonio Calaf of Deathalizer

Introduce yourself…

I am Antonio Calaf, the guitarist for Deathalizer. 

Where are you from?

The band was formed in New York in 2008.  I am originally from Puerto Rico. Enmanuel is Dominican and Miguel is Colombian.

What style/genre of metal are you?

We play Thrash Metal with a bit of a progressive influence, but nothing too crazy, like Dream Theaterish!  We are also fond of the occasional power ballad.

How long have you been together?

We have been together since the summer of 2008 so it will be our 3rd year anniversary this year at Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We are not currently working with a record label.  We have been able to handle all the CD and merchandise sales by ourselves. 

Where can people check out your tunes?

We have all our music available for streaming and download at our website, www.deathalizer.com.  We would love everyone to have our music so we decided to let the fans name the price.  Any money paid through the website go directly to the band.  You can also find our music at our facebook and myspace pages.  We are also on i-Tunes.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

We will deliver a set of kickass Thrash Metal that will have you running around the festival grounds in search of your lost childhood.

Do you have anything special planned for this year’s festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

This is our first time playing the WOM Festival and we will come out with our guns…eh… guitars blazing.  We are the third band on Saturday.


Lords Of The Trident

Introduce yourself…

We are the LORDS OF THE TRIDENT – the most metal band on earth. Those who have heard of us cower in fear at the very mention of the first syllable of our name. This makes it very difficult for them to pronounce words like lobotomy, lore, and even loathsome. Those who have not heard of the LORDS are FOOLS, and will be the first ones to have their villages burned to the ground by the power of our mighty metal. In January we just released our sophomore album, "Chains on Fire", and it has been our most highly reviewed album to date. In the past few months, we’ve been honored to provide direct support for Mushroomhead, Skeletonwitch, and 3 Inches of Blood on their tours through our area. Prior to that, we were honored to provide support for Heavy Metal monsters CAGE. Strangely, we also provided direct support for indie megaband OF MONTREAL on their tour through our area. That was weird, let me tell you. Last week, our second DVD was released, which contains almost two hours of live footage all shot in HD. We’ll have a Blu-Ray version on the way soon as well!

Where are you from?

Originally? As our members are all immortal, it’s difficult to say. Currently we’re based out of the fair castle-town of Madison, WI. We used a crew of local demons to build a fortress 13 miles beneath the earth’s crust, in the Mohorovičić discontinuity. We have to practice down there, or we cause earthquakes. Our guitarists are from Japan and Rome, respectively…I met Asian Metal on the top of a mountain, and Killius Maximus in the Colosseum. As our drummer is a demon prince, he’s obviously from Hell (not Hell, Michigan…just Hell). Our last bassist died in a shipwreck, and so Death offered up his high priest to replace him as our new bassist. Nice guy, Death. Real straight shooter.

What style/genre of metal are you?

We’re a mix of 80’s Heavy Metal with modern Metal influences. Akin to if Iron Maiden and Killswitch Engage had a baby, and Bruce gave it singing lessons. Oh, and the rattle was shaped like a guitar, and made of pure steel (obviously). It’s pretty much the most pure form of Metal available without a prescription. True story: the head of the Warriors of Metal festival in Ohio was so overwhelmed by us last year that he rushed the stage in the middle of our set, grabbed the microphone, and loudly proclaimed "THE LORDS OF THE TRIDENT WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!" Then, with a scream of pure barbaric rage, he ripped off his shirt and was instantly surrounded by gobs of beautiful ladies. Ok, maybe that last part didn’t happen, but there’s always the opportunity at the fest this year….

How long have you been together?

Technically, since the beginning of time, since our souls were forever destined to intertwine to create the purest metal possible. We’ve been playing live for about 500 years, but we took a 600 year hiatus awhile back to sort out some nasty girlfriend issues. We started playing again around 2.5 mortal years ago. We usually play 3-4 shows a month, and travel around quite frequently. We’ve mostly been sticking to the eastern half of the US at this point, although our CD has been shipped to fans and distributors all over the world, including Japan and Germany. We’d love to conquer California sometime. LOTS of beautiful ladies down there (to become our slaves). Not sure if Arnold would put up much of a fight anymore, but once a barbarian, always a barbarian.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

No, no label. We don’t need one, since we already have a flock of demon lawyers at our disposal. It’s good to have friends in low, low places. Satan himself actually was considering signing us to his personal label, but he was worried that we’d steal all the fans from his other acts. Shrewd businessman, that guy. Even without any label backing, we’ve been able to produce two full-length CDs, two DVDs, a Christmas single (featured on a compilation disk), an auto-tune remix featuring a local rap mogul, and enough shirts, stickers, and buttons to choke a horse. Rest in peace, Lightning. You were a good horse…

Where can people check out your tunes?

Pretty much anywhere music is sold on the internet, you’ll find the LORDS. Check iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon.com, BandCamp, eMusic, etc. You can also order hard copies on our website, www.LordsOfTheTrident.com. Basically, just type "Lords of the Trident" into google, and you’ll find us.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

Have you ever seen anyone light his guitar on fire while doing a solo? Or perhaps his mic on fire via the force of his singing? Maybe you’re so jaded you need to see something phenomenal, like a whip made of kevlar ON FIRE? Well mister, that’s what you’ll see if you come to the Warriors of Metal festival to see the LORDS. That, and the most amazing metal you’ll ever hear in your entire life. I’ll just warn you ahead of time….you should bring some armor or something….some sort of protection….you’ll definitely need it. Not convinced? Go to YouTube and type in Lords of the Trident. You’ll see we aren’t fibbin’. And don’t just come to the Warriors of Metal fest for us! Let me tell you, we’ve played a LOT of shows. And no other bands have put up as good of a fight as those seen at the Warriors of Metal fest. I actually broke a sweat during the sword fight on the stage! Seriously, be there. You won’t regret it.

Do you have anything special planned for this year’s festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We’ve just recently released our second CD and second DVD, and we’ll be playing songs that perhaps many have never heard live. Maybe a new song as well? We haven’t decided yet, because we’re not exactly sure what the effects will be on normal humans. As a test, we played the songs in front of some small test animals – dogs, fish, a cow, etc. – it’s taken WEEKS to get the blood off of the walls after those explosions. So yes, we may play some newer songs as long as the Warriors of Metal fest has a good cleanup crew, and perhaps a biological hazmat team. We’re also working with our in-house electrical engineer demon to rig up something special with some LED’s. And if it goes badly, let there be no mistake – dying from electrocution is very metal.


 Lothar Keller of Sacred Dawn
Introduce yourself…

My name is Lothar Keller and I’m the vocalist & guitarist of our band. The name of the band is Sacred Dawn.

Where are you from?

Sacred Dawn is based in the Chicagoland area. All the guys in the band are spread out throughout the western and Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago minus Eddie Foltz being our only true Chicago resident. Mykull actually had relocated to Chicago from Tampa, Fl to join Sacred Dawn on Sept of 2008. I had been in a band with Mykull before back when we were living in North Carolina which is where we both grew up. I have now been living in the Chicago area for about 11 years now. After the band with Mykull broke up back in early 1998, I decided to get involved with the Television broadcast production and moved to Iowa. Metal seemed to be kind of dead at the time so it was my best option to make a decent living. Then I got a job offer in Chicago and I have been here ever since. Brian Kim is from South Korea and had relocated to the USA as a kid. He also attended Berkley and studied guitar and began to master the Keyboard since then. Eddie Foltz and Joey Vega have pretty much been living in the Chicago area all of their lives. The rest of us are transplants.

What style/genre are you?

That has been probably the most difficult question to answer as the band’s musical direction is pretty open. We have been known as a Progressive Power Metal band but as time goes on we have brought in elements of Doom and even thrash. I listen to everything which makes it very difficult to write one way all the time. Joey Is more of the Power Metal guy among us. Mykull brings Doom and as I call it Dark Prog Metal to the table. Eddie is our Thrash Metal lover and Brian is huge into Progressive Rock & Metal. We love to hear what other peoples’ take is on our style. You get a little bit of a mix from everybody so hopefully even if you dont like every Sacred Dawn song there is a good chance you will find a song that fits your liking.

How long have you been together?

Six years almost to date. After 5 years of not playing music I decided to build a studio in my basement. It took about 2 years to complete but it was worth it. I started playing and writing again. Once it was up and running I started recording ideas and songs. After about a year it was time to start seeking musicians to play with. The band started off as a 3 piece featuring myself (Lothar Keller) on vocals and guitar, Joe Marvin on drums and Jesse Bagby on bass in Feb of 2005. From that point on we were pretty much writing and recording the first Gears of the Machine album release. After 1 year it was time to add a 2nd guitar player because the song writing required it. We had the pleasure of having both John Vitale and Alex Manske as both guitar players of Sacred Dawn. However Alex Manske only did live performances with Sacred Dawn and was not on any of the recordings. We also went through a drummer change after June of 2006 with Brad Sabathne on drums. Due to personal life situations for John Vitale and Alex getting his band Degradation off the ground Mykull Carpenter has been our guitar player since Sept of 2008. Brian Kim joined Sacred Dawn in November of 2009 and we have been in that line up since then. Even with the band member changes over the last 6 years we still take pride in making good music.

Are you on a record label, if so who?

Well, as some of you might already know we were signed to Nightmare Records when we released Gears of the Machine: A New Beginning on April of 2008. Since the changes of the band members after the release along with the direction of the bands goals we decided to reinstate Qumran Records. My father and I own Qumran Records and at that point all we really needed was a worldwide distribution deal to get our music out there. Everything on this album is funded by Sacred Dawn so we have control of our own destiny. We worked out a great distribution deal with Dark Star Records and look forward to a great relationship in the future. Lance King is great guy and I wish only the best for Nightmare Records. Its just business…

Where can people check out your tunes?

The best thing I recommend is to go to our website and you can navigate yourself pretty easily towards listening to our music. Everybody can check out our tunes on most of the usual websites and even check out the new video for the song Delirium on youtube. Here are the links





Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

Sacred Dawn has proven over the years that they can deliver a great show with even having oppotunities to have played for the Warrior of Metal Fest 2 back in 2009. Sacred Dawn has opened for such acts as Kamelot,Epica,Into Enternity, Loudness, Symphony X, Firewind, Testament, Cage,etc. We come with an attitude that we are there to have a great time and put on a class act performance. We have been complimented again and again on our Live shows because we my bandmates and I care a good deal about how we present ourselves.  I feel fortunate to not only play with competent musicians who enjoy doing what that do but I’ll also tell you, these are a great bunch of guys to hang with afterwards!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival apprearance that metalheads and the rest of the population should know about?

Well, Sacred Dawn is pleased to announce that they will be on tour with Aura Azul from Puerto Rico leading up to both of our bands performing at Warriors of Metal Fest 4. The Sacred Dawn Metal Madness tour begins June 9th through the 19th. Check our website www.sacreddawn.com for details as shows get confirmed. I would like to also say thank you to the Metalheads  for keeping Heavy Metal alive!! See you on the road!


Vic Stown of Vindicator

Introduce yourself…

My name is Vic Stown and I’m the lead vocalist and guitarist of Vindicator. What’s that!? You’ve never heard of Vic Stown and Vindicator!? You can find Vindicator slinking down the back alleys and gutters of Cleveland, quite a bit. We’ve shared many a Cleveland stage with many a Cleveland, national, and international legend.

Where are you from?

Vindicator hails from the small village of South Amherst, Ohio. It’s about forty minutes west of Cleveland and because South Amherst is fairly unknown, we like to represent the nearest city, which would be Cleveland. Growing up in South Amherst my brother Jesse and I were exposed to a lot of eighties rock and Metal. Our father was in the Hair Metal band, Stutz. There’s something about having a band rehearse in your basement many times a week that seems to infuse music into your DNA. It sounds stupid, but it seems like people who play music had some one in their family who played music. It’s not always the case, but it seems to be more often than it’s not.

What style/genre of metal are you?

Vindicator is a Metal band that draws it’s influences largely from Thrash (Bay area, Teutonic, and tech, included) with traditional Metal and hard rock subtleties. Metal is Metal, but if you want to break it down into sub genres, I guess we’re a Thrash band. If I need to elaborate on individual influences, the current line up is very diverse. I myself am influenced by just about everything, as is my brother. We share a great love of all things Megadeth and just about nine out of ten Tech Thrash bands, including: Coroner, Artillery, Destruction, etc. It seems like our new guitarist James LaRue is also influenced heavily by Friedman era Megadeth and Adrian Smith era Maiden. Our bass player Mike Kurtz is greatly influenced by Steve Harris and numerous other greats on bass. It’s a hodge podge of Heavy Metal and Rock. If I were to list all of our influences one might need to take time off from school or work before getting to the next question.

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together since 2005. Six years of disfiguring faces with loud, angry, Metal. My brother and I have been writing music together for about eight years. Before Vindicator we were in the Power Prog band called Violent Night (not to be confused with Violent Storm). After its demise in 2005, we regrouped and decided to start Vindicator with a few of our friends who were very into the idea of starting a rough around the edges Thrash band. Since then we’ve shared the stages with the likes of Hirax, Kreator, Raven, Exodus, Soulless, Black Death, and many more. We’ve toured internationally and played many a venue in our own homeland. We’ve shared a lot of good times in the past six years.

Our current line up comprises of Jesse, James LaRue, Mike Kurtz, and myself. Jesse and I have known Mike for a long time. We’ve played with his Traditional Metal band, Lick The Blade numerous times and have always respected his energy and talent. When we found ourselves without a bassist, he was our first choice. Having filled in for Vindicator before, he was already familiar with our material and having known us for the past six years, made him an obvious choice. He agreed to join almost as quickly as we asked. We met James LaRue on our last tour but had been familiar with his previous work in White Wizzard and Holy Grail. He was filling in on guitar for Canadian Metal act Aggressor. Talks between James and Vindicator began while on tour and a few months after the tour James moved to South Amherst to take up lead guitar duties.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Vindicator signed with Heavy Artillery Records in 2009. Heavy Artillery is home to many an excellent band, including such acts as: Enforcer, Spellcaster, Exmortus, Vektor, etc. Heavy Artillery and Vindicator had known each other for some time before a deal was struck. Vindicator was one of the first bands approached by the fledgling label in 2005. We were offered a deal then, but due to personal reasons, graciously rejected it. We stayed in touch with the label over the years, though. Having self released a full length and having just finished a split CD with the German Thrash Metal act Metal Witch, Heavy Artillery once again showed interest in our work. It seemed the best option was to sign with them having known them the previous four years.

Where can people check out your tunes?

One might visit one of our social network pages including: www.facebook.com/savindicator, www.reverbnation.com/vindicatormetal, or www.myspace.com/savindicator. Or find us on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/vindicatormetal.

Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

People should drive to WOM Fest to see firsthand how we’re gonna get their faces disfigured from loud, angry, Metal. If they’re OK with the possibility that they’re necks might break from excessive headbanging, or they perish due to over exertion from moshing, then by all means, come watch us for some high energy, in your face, metal.

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Vindicator was contemplating the idea of doing our set completely naked, but then when we realized how out of shape we were, we decided we should play one of our new songs from our upcoming album instead. Being given the opportunity to support the headliner, our set time is a little longer; meaning our set list will include some old gems of ours in addition to our usual, ear slaughtering, set.


Ian Bender of Argonaut

Introduce yourself…

My name in Ian Bender and I am the drummer and one of the composers for our band called ARGONAUT.  We officially formed in December 2010!  Most of our members were formerly in the progressive speed metal band, Zephaniah (www.facebook.com/zephaniahband), and include Gary Wenglikowski (Vocals), Justin Zych (Guitar), Trevor Krall (Bass), and myself (Drums).

Where are you from?

We all come from Fort Wayne, Indiana although through our association with Ryan Carroll (ex-Lunarium) and Datis Alaee (Farvahar Records), we feel like our second home is Chillicothe, OH since we’ve been there so  many times to play as Zephaniah and now as Argonaut!

What style/genre of metal are you?

Musically, Argonaut stays true to Zephaniah’s focus on speed, intricate guitar work, and catchy melodies, with the occasional musical surprise thrown in.  We are pushing ourselves vocally and working to bring four-part harmonies into our live show!  Our style could be described as equal parts power, thrash, progressive, and 80s metal.  That is a pretty broad, but as a new band we have not had the opportunity to get much feedback from our fans yet; and ultimately it’s the fans who will tell us what we sound like.  So, we encourage you to ‘like’ us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/argonautmetal), check out our demo tunes, and see for yourself!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Currently, we are completely self-managed and unsigned. We would love to talk with anybody interested in us, professionally or musically, and are very grateful for the folks who have helped us get this far!  Ideally, we would like to find good management and gain the opportunity to open for some big-name Heavy Metal acts and share our love of music with everyone we can!

Where can people check out your tunes?

For more information on Argonaut, you can contact us online in any of the following ways:

Offical Website (www.argonautmetal.com)

Facebook (www.facebook.com/argonautmetal)

Twitter (www.twitter.com/argonautmetal)

ReverbNation (www.reverbnation.com/argonautmetal)

Online Merch Store (www.argonautmetal.bigcartel.com)

Booking Email (booking@argonautmetal.com)


Joshua Simpson of Draekon

Introduce yourself…

I’m Joshua Simpson (guitar) and the name of my band is Draekon.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised just south of Indianapolis. The other members of the band are spread out over Indianapolis and Lafayette Indiana. Our singer, who lives in North Carolina, is the only member of the band living out of state.

What style/genre of metal are you?

We like to define ourselves as “Dark Symphonic Progressive Power Metal”. There are certain bands that we all collectively site as influences but there are also a lot of areas that we diverge, as far as musical tastes go. From our experience this difference in influences makes for a unique and interesting sound.

How long have you been together?

The core of the band, which consists of Stanford Stivers (Drummer) and myself, have been playing and writing together for about three and a half years now. Chad Barnes (singer) joined the band in early 2010. He was the final piece we needed to complete our lineup.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We have not yet been signed to a record label, but we are going to be recording an EP this summer at Audiohammer studios in Florida. We hope to use this recording in our search for the right label, and then record our first full length.

Where can people check out your tunes?

Currently you can check us out on Facebook, Myspace, Reverb Nation. We should have our own website (www.Draekon.net) up and running in the near future as well.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

We’ve dedicated ourselves completely to what we’re doing, with years of rehearsal and writing! If you come to see us at Warriors Of Metal Fest I guarantee you will see a band unlike any you’ve seen in the Midwest Metal scene! Our sound is Dark and Epic and this sets us apart from the rest! If you drive out to see us, we will deliver!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

This year we have a lot of doors opening up for us and we’re very excited about all the possibilities! We are going to be bringing everything we’ve got to this performance! Our plan is just to give the most brutally epic performance possible!


Hommy Torres of Aura Azul

Introduce yourself…

Hello there! This is Hommy Torres, guitarist and founder of Aura Azul.

Where are you from?

I’m from Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

What style/genre of metal are you?

The band is labeled sometimes as Power Metal or Heavy Metal, though I think we are something in between.  We have the speed and complexity of Power Metal with the melodies and headbanging riffs of Heavy Metal, coupled with the guitar solos that adapts to each song.  Now add screaming high pitched power vocals to the melodicly agressive Heavy Metal vocals and you’ll get what people often compare to something like Iron Maiden meets King Diamond and some times early Queensryche, so you hear us and decide!

How long have you been together?

The band was formed in 1993, but due to musical differences we split up.  It was hard at that time to find musicians because the grunge era was going strong at that time and most of our friends didn’t want to play Metal, and besides that there was no internet, so that made it more dificult to find musicians, so we decided to split.  Fat forward to 2003 when I made contact with a good friend and a former bandmate and we decided to pick up where we had left things and the results are showing now.  We got our full length album out in 2010, got to play with Paul Di’Aanno, Metal Church’s Ronny Munroe, Icarus Witch, Dantesco and we were just handpicked by Iron Maiden itself to open for them in San Juan Puerto Rico last Thursday!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Yes, we are currently signed to Jurakan Records which is an independent Metal label from Puerto Rico owned by Erico Morales of Dantesco.  They will play the Warriors Of Metal too!  So you need to check them out if you have not done so yet.  They are one of the best Metal bands I’ve heard and Erico is by far one of the most versatile singers I’ve had the pleasure to witness as well.

Where can people check out your tunes?

We are on YouTube, myspace, Facebook, our blog page, Sound Cloud, i-Tunes, Reverbnation, etc. and of course we will also bring our merch to our summer tour in USA which kicks off on June 2nd in Worcester, Massachusetts and (so far) ends at Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 19th, with our performance at Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air towards the latter end of the tour.  Check our Facebook page for the latest tour dates and locations.  From June 9th to June 19th, we’ll be joined by the Chicago Progressive Power Metal band who are also participating at Warriors Of Metal Fest this year.  We’re really looking forward to touring and jamming with those guys during our first ever US tour this summer.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

Simple, this is a band that loves Heavy Metal, we live for it and its part of our lives and souls.  We show it in our music and in our Live performance that we would very much like to share with the US fans on this unique opprtunity, not to be missed.  If you love fast, complex solos, high pitched melodic vocals, galloping bass and double drum kicks, melodic twin guitar attacks and an energetic Live performance then you owe it to yourself to get your ass to the Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air this year and check us out

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We will bring the same show we just put on opening for Iron Maiden last Thursday night!  The exact same energy and passion. 


Jonathan Dayton of Age Of Distrust

Introduce yourself…

Hello I’m Jonathan Dayton.  I’m a drummer and I’ve also been a Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air volunteer for the past 4 years.  Additionally, along with Jake Davis (rhythm guitar, vocals), Matt Harper (bass, lead vocals), and Kurt Miller (Lead guitar, vocals), we make up the band Age of Distrust (or AOD for short).  We’ve been around for several years now, but with out new lineup and brand new music coming out in the form of an EP this May, one could say we’ve turned a brand new leaf.

Where are you from?

Chillicothe, which used to be the first capital of Ohio before it was moved to Columbus (I bet you didn’t know that!) was the original spot for the first 3 Warriors of Metal Festivals mainly because it is the hometown of Ryan Carroll, the original Fest organizer and current president of our Warriors Of Metal inc. non-profit organization that puts on the Fest every year. The Fest has now moved to an Open Air venue called the Frontier Ranch in Pataskala, OH which is about 30 minutes East of Columbus but the very first event in 2008 was held at the historic Mejestic Theatre in downtown Chillicothe, which has been confirmed by Chillicothe Paranormal Researchers to be very haunted.

During the Civil War, the theatre was used as an infirmary / makeshift field hospital with many wounded soldiers either being treated or dying of their wounds.  Legend has it that from the side door of the theatre, buckets upon buckets of soldiers’ blood was thrown out and splattered all over the alley next door which is now appropriately called Blood Alley!  I suppose if the place was Not haunted, that would’ve been weird!  That venue was also used for 3 of the last 4 All Hallows Eve Metal Fests which has been our Halloween Metal Festivals until this past year but anyway, AOD played that first WOM Fest, headlined by our good friends and mentors of Lunarium and for the next year Ryan, who was at the time the Lunarium rhythm guitar player affectionately known as Rygon Riffaxe, decided to make the Fest an outdoor event and extend it to 2 days.  I got a brutal tan helping out to set that one up, lol!  We opened the 2nd day of WOM Fest II Open Air in 2009.  During Warriors Of Metal Fest III, AOD had broken up and we only came back together for a special benefit show for Ryan which went very well but we were out of practice and it wasn’t possible for us to play at the Fest as AOD although I did drum for the opening band of that Fest’s Saturday show which was called Black Vice.  But after the reformation of AOD, I was back to my original band!  So I Believe I’m probably the only musician who will have played at EVERY WOM Fest from the very first one up to this year’s event, ha ha!

This Fourth Fest will now begin a new chapter of AOD’s evolution as a band and will hopefully begin a long summer of touring for us as well. 

What style/genre of metal are you?

AOD plays what I call ‘Doomy Thrash Power Metal’.  We try to mix The sounds of Metal bands such as Iron Maiden, early Metallica, etc. with the sounds of bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and Morbid Angel.  I personally am influenced by everything from Ensiferum, Turisas,  to bands like Skyclad, Slayer, and may more.  We bring a lot of styles and genres to the table as a group, and the end result is what you hear.  If you haven’t heard, then what are you waiting for?

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together since 2005.  The band started as high school friends who shared similar musical interest.  I joined the band in July of 2007, the 3rd change in lineup.  Our final lineup change didn’t happen until November of 2010, when Kurt Miller (Formerly of bands such as Mutilist, who also played at WOM Fest II Open Air, and then with Butchered Remains) replaced one of our guitar players, Will Harris who went to college in West Virginia.  A couple of long breaks took place but with our new lineup we have a new attitude and brand new music!

We’ve played as far east as North Carolina, played all over the state of Ohio and have opened for the likes of Skeletonwitch, Woe of Tyrants, Lunarium, Zephaniah, Eternal Legacy, Twisted Tower Dire and many many more!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Not currently but we are represented through Ryan Carroll’s Riffaxe Booking Agency.

Where can people check out your tunes?

www.ageofdistrust.webs.com/ Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and Myspace.  I think we may even have some old live clips up on YouTube somewhere!

Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

People need to drive out to check out this Fest mainly to support this great event that just keeps getting better every year and brings a whole bunch of uniquely awesome Metal acts right to our neighborhood.  People need to support an event like this or not complain that there’s no good Metal shows in the US and they can’t afford to go overseas.  Well, you don’t have to go overseas because Warriors Of Metal Fest is now bringing the overseas bands to us, right here in the good ‘ol US of A!  They should come and check out AOD’s brand of Doomy Thrash Power Metal and definitely lokk into and research ALL the bands playing this Fest every year.  If they just take a little time and do some google, YouTube or Facebook searches, I bet you they’ll be surprized just how many of them they will like.  I have heard this from fans who came to last year’s Fest and didn’t know half the bands who played and were then fans of ALL of them, myself included.  So they should go to see EVERY BAND there, not just the one or two they may recognize.  I know I’ll be there all weekend and I plan on seeing ALL of them and party on all weekend long!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We have a bunch of kickass new songs that the regular fans of the Fest who have not seen us since 2009 will definitely enjoy but other than that, we just look forward to playing to the great fans and bands there, and hopefully meeting many new people and making new fans!  I look forward to this Fest every year because not only are there at least 20 great bands from all over the US and now also from Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil, but the ambiance of the festival is unmatched by any place I’ve ever been!  Serriously, nobody should miss this Fest.  When Sean Peck of CAGE urges everybody to get their advanced tickets for the Fest and come to support this event, then I think people need to get off the fence and come to see what they’ve been missing.  Take it from the only musician that’s been there every year.  Warriors Of Meta Fest Open Air IS WELL WORTH YOUR TIME AND MONEY! We will give it all and leave everything we have from our heart and soul on the stage for our fans and friends watching us!   We would have brought our cool stage backgrounds and stuff, but for travelling reasons we won’t be able to, but for our next trip to the States we will do our best to bring the fans that we will make this year, our complete show for the future.  But you gotta see us to believe us first so go ahead and make our day!  See you on the road and at the Fest.


Rick Black of A Tortured Soul

Introduce yourself…

Hello. I am Rick Black, Singer, Poet, and Lyricist for the Dark Power Metal band called A TORTURED SOUL . I first got into metal at age ten when I started playing Guitar/Bass my grandfather encouraged me to learn as he played Mandolin and sang with his brothers every Saturday night (with lots of drinking of course)! When I grew up I auditioned for a band called TYRANT and got the job but not for playing the  guitar but singing. I wondered how the human voice could make the high pitched screams made by Children and started working on that!  Then I started writing lyrics since I was already in college taking classes in communications and lecturing and I learned that a good band consisted of people that all played their various parts together towards a singular overall sound and purpose. So I decided to give the idea of a band a shot and answering an ad at a music store I found a band called REZ who needed a singer. I got the job, searched for a more defined name and came up with what I am which is: A TORTURED SOUL!  Within 13 days, we were playing with Putrid Pile and Obsenem at a Halloween event and it has never stopped. I was influenced by King Diamond and Rob Halford whom I considered to be the greatest vocalists on the planet as a kid and I just followed suit and sang the only way I knew how with a mix of mid-range and high pitched vocals. As a lyricist, I have been writing songs that can affect people to open up their minds to free thinking instead of simply accepting one view point.  The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways.

Where are you from?

We are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the beer flows and the all American Harley roars and where metal still exists!

What style/genre of metal are you?

It is very difficult to put a label on our music it is fast and down tuned, with very High and low vocal lines and two killing lead guitarists with the bass and drums holding the point. We are not influenced by trends of the day. We just get together and write songs that will be interesting to play years later when we dig them up and play them again. We have two albums which address issues with religion and human frailty that were inspired by my own life and tragedies. Therefore, it is always interesting to see a crowd’s reaction to such songs and the overall experience becomes a great show to witness in a live setting. 

How long have you been together?

A TORTURED SOUL has been together since 2001 in one form or another. Most of the musicians I have worked with are very skilled.  I am lucky in that and always have been.  I play guitar myself but nothing to compare to my current guitarists who make me look like a silly unknown talent, but of course, they are very respectful about it!  All the members are good friends that hang out together on our down time.

A TORTURED SOUL really got serious once Scott Varga left the band and we found Eric Grant who has been kicking the shit out of the drums for us ever since, and we are working his ass off :)!  Throughout  the last 10 years we have had the great opportunity to open for many great bands such as Lupara, Usurper, Vital Remains ,Putrid Pile, Underthreat and many others.  In return we have also had a number of pretty good bands open shows for us such as the WOM Fest III veterans of Lords Of The Trident from Madison who will now share the stage with us at WOM Fest IV Open Air. As for myself, I intend never to stop until my unevadable death!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We are on two record labels Pure Steel Records in Germany and Digital Media in New York.  We have been contacted by other labels but these two really give a shit about their bands and that means everything to us!

Where can people check out your tunes?

The fans can check out A TORTURED SOUL on Myspace or YouTube


Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

There really aren’t a lot of groups that sound like A Tortured Soul, so for those Metal fans who want to see something they have not seen before, the Warriors Of metal Fest IV Open Air presents them with a unique opportunity to see an experienced True Metal band in action that they may not have again.  Now, with that said, it also bears mentioning that generally speaking  opportunities to see us perform Live are fairly limited anyway because we’re not a trendy band on a major label that is touring all the time.   We have to work full time jobs and write and produce new albums and so it gets a little difficult to squeeze in a good tour into our schedules.  At this point we try to do what we can to remedy this in the future as we do really like to play to a likeminded crowd of True Metalheads in a Fest such as this and if we can make a tour out of it given this opportunity then so much the better because we do like to play music for a living but financially we have not been offered the right deal yet to get everyone on the road.  so come on down and party with us at the Warriors Of Metal Fest Open Air because  it promises to be a Great memorable time for sure.  We have been waiting for two years to get on this show and now that we’re finally playing at this event, you should not miss us.  This will be a uniquely rare event for the Ohio Metalheads as well as those from the surrounding states to see us Live, so you better watch out because we’ll be “In For The Kill”, as the Black Sabbath song goes.

Do you have anything special planned for this year’s festival appearance that Metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We have a few ideas but I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for the fans so they’ll just have to come to the Fest and bring a bunch of their friends with them and make either a kickass metal road trip out of it or just a damned awesome Metal weekend if they live closer by so see us at the festival to really enjoy what you won’t soon forget!


Ken Erb of Shok Paris

Introduce yourself…

My name is Ken Erb and I’m the original guitarist of the melodic Power Metal band SHOK PARIS.  This band has gained notoriety in the US and abroad since it’s inception in 1982. The first recorded song "Go Down Fighting" which was included on the Auburn Records CLEVELAND METAL ALBUM was played daily on Cleveland’s WMMS radio by Kid Leo during drive time leading to instant popularity in our hometown. During the 80s the band performed with the likes of, ICON, HEAVY PETTIN, WENDY O, CHASTAIN, CINDERELLA and performed at countless venues across the US to packed houses.

After the release our first album, "Go For The Throat" for Auburn Records, the band started receiving rave reviews for our hard hitting performances. Next up was the release of "Steel And Starlight". This album received much interest from several major record companies and we decided to form a partnership with Auburn and IRS/MCA Records for the release of "Steel And Starlight" which was then put into heavy rotation on the infamous syndicated Metal radio station Z ROCK. Two songs from this album were featured in the classic cult movie THE HIDDEN, and this led to a number of US tours most notably opening for SAVATAGE on the HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING tour and an East coast tour with LIZZY BORDEN. Immediately following that release we started writing for our next album "Concrete Killers",  again on the IRS/MCA label. For that release we decided to go with a name producer Kevin Beamish who worked with Y&T, REO SPEEDWAGON, SAXON, JEFFERSON STARSHIP & MICHAEL SCHENKER. The video for this album "The Heat And The Fire" was played on regular rotation on MTV’s HEADBANGER’S BALL. We promoted this release with a headlining midwest tour that culminated in a live broadcast for Z ROCK in Dallas. That recording LIVE FROM DALLAS was included in our re-issued LIVE album in 2004.

After that period the band decided to take a break due to management and record company issues and was absent from the Metal scene until 2004 when Bill Peters from Auburn Records asked if we would do the BANG YOUR HEAD OPEN AIR Festival in Ballingen, Germany. We were happy to oblige and reformed with all of the original members except for Eric Marderwald who was replaced by George Mihalovich, lead guitarist for AFTERSHOK. This was our first European appearance and we were well received.

This opportunity breathed new life into the band and hopes were high for a new recording and more shows. Unfortunately, however, a number of the band members had family and job commitments which made this impossible.  But then in 2008 Bill Peters approached me with the idea of getting Shok Paris back together for his Auburn Records’ 25th anniversary show and I couldn’t refuse. In a matter of a month or so I put together a new rhythm section consisting of local bass prodigy Ed Stephens, rhythm guitarist John Korzekwa and my brother Donovan Kenaga on drums. These guys were all huge fans of the band and we had no problem putting together a kickass set in record time. After the success of that show and some discussion we decided to keep it going and start writing and doing shows, This led to a short german tour starting out with a co-headlining spot at the HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR 2010 as well as a handful of club shows with our Auburn band mates ETERNAL LEGACY.

Where are you from?

Cleveland, Ohio which is a major stop on the rout of pretty much all the national and international acts that tour the US, so we thankfully get a whole a lot of great bands to play with when they’re passing through our hometown,  and of course, Cleveland is also home of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum which everybody needs to check out at least once in a lifetime!

What style/genre of metal are you?

Melodic, Power Metal.  Do you remember the kind of Heavy Metal you fell in love with and got hooked onto for life back in the 80s?  We play that style!  Our sound and style remains basically the same; melodious Metal with driving rhythm, pounding drums, and with a new found edge and energy. Singer Vic Hix remains one of the Heavy Metal community’s top vocalists and the band is tighter and heavier than ever.  You should expect a headbanging attitude (and let me tell you, Ed Does NOT Disappoint in that particular department), soaring vocals from Vic, Steve Harris like bass performances by "Special Ed", steady heavy riffing by John and some shredding guitars from myself, all to the great skin pounding by Donovan.  Once you see us play Live once, you’ll be hooked on Shok Paris!  you should have seen the Metalheads in Germany go nuts at last summer’s Headbanger’s Open Air!  Now you get to experience the same thing here in the good ‘ol US of A, so don’t miss out.  Come and see for yourself.

How long have you been together?

We have been together since 1982, although the new members (bass, drums and rhythm guitar) have been with us for the past two years.  We mesh very nicely and that will be evident very soon as the band is now hard at work writing material for our forthcoming release which we hope to have ready for the WOM festival so we will be bringing you more Shok Paris style of Cleveland Metal for your hearing pleasure soon!

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We started out with the indie Metal label, Auburn Records back in the early 80s for our 1st album, got on the IRS/MCA major label for our 2nd and 3rd releases and are now back to our starting roots with Auburn Records again!

Where can people check out your tunes?

Our first release GO FOR THE THROAT can be purchased through Auburn Records. Our second and third  releases STEEL AND STARLIGHT  and CONCRETE KILLERS are available digitally on the IRS records website.  Additionally I believe all of our material is available through I TUNES and there are a large number of songs and live videos posted on You Tube.

Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

This will be our first southern Ohio appearance in over twenty years and the only Ohio appearance in the month of June.  I am sure NOBODY in attendance will be disappointed because we always put on a hell of a show so be prepared for some ass kicking, face melting molten Metal show at Warriors of Metal Fest IV Open Air this year.  Did you know that Lea Alaee of Farvahar Records is personally sponsoring us for WOM Fest 4 Open Air this year?  She only saw us once last May at our farewell USA show at the Beachland Ballroom in Euclid, OH before we headed out to Germany.  Datis asked me back then if we would be interested in participating in the 2011 Warriors Of Metal Fest and looking at a poster of that year’s Festival that he gave me and seeing all the quality Metal acts that he had on playing in 2010 such as OMEN, CAGE, ASKA, DANTESCO WIDOW, and DOFKA who had just opened for us that night, I said yes, absoloutely; we’re definitely interested.  And that again was after seeing us Live just 1 time!  We are looking forward with great anticipation to the WOM festival in June.  We also hope to have our new release available for sale at this event. Be the first kid on the block to own the new Shok Paris CD.  We are also encouraging everyone to post requests for their favorite Shok songs on our Facebook page and we will try our best to accommodate them.  This is gonna be a blast man. See you all there.

This is your official SHOK PARIS. *WARNING* ! Our set may cause symptoms such as mass hysteria, ringing in your ears, uncontrolled head banging and sudden urges to raise your fists in the air. If these symptoms persist for more than four hours go to the nearest beverage stand immediately and drink outrageous amounts of beer!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We will be debuting material from our forthcoming release for the first time ever as well as past material that we have not played since reuniting.  Once the new release is complete, hopefully in time for Warriors Of Metal Fest, we plan on hitting the road in the US and abroad and we’re already booked for a 2012 appearance in Athens Greece for a headlining show at the UP THE HAMMERS FESTIVAL V in March..

But for this summer, come to Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air for some pure, unadulterated, face melting Metal you may not have heard before and if you have not been properly "Shock"ed yet, then you definitely CANNOT miss this show!  You cannot pass up this special opportunity to see us or any other great band on this year’s line-up!  Come and support all of us and make the True Metal scene stronger than ever.  Come and witness firsthand what SHOK PARIS is all about!  Are you metal enough?


Veronica Freeman of Benedictum

Introduce yourself…

Hey this is the V here from Benedictum and welcome to our world! We look forward to jamming for you since we really don’t get the pleasure of doing that too much in the States at this point. Benedictum looks forward to some head banging, kick ass Metal at this years WOM and we are proud to be a part of it for the very first time! Support for festivals like this is really needed and we count on you to step up to the plate and be there.

If you don’t know who we are … and I KNOW there are a lot of you who don’t, we are  Benedictum, like the Pope with a “um” at the end. I would say that our sound is a mixture of Power and traditional metal with a little bit of steroids thrown in. I hate labels so come and find out for yourselves!

Where are you from?

Benedictum originally sprang up from the primordial ooze in San Diego CA and now are residing in both SD and the Phoenix AZ area. We have had the pleasure of playing all over the world including a ton of festivals in Europe like Gods of Metal, Wacken, Head Banger’s Open Air, Rock Harz, Alcatraz…

But that was then, this is now!

We want to play for YOU!

What style/genre of metal are you?

Again with the labels, the kick ass, in your face, let’s bang your head style! The kind you need to come and support along with every other style on the bill. You see it may depend on us to perform, but the bands are all doing their part. We will all be there, will you? Will you show the US that metal is alive and well in ALL of its forms?

Well, will you?

How long have you been together?

This band has been together officially since 2005. But I have been writing with guitar player Pete Wells for many years. It was in 2004 that Craig Goldy (Dio, Giuffria) showed a lot of interest in what we were doing and then got us in touch with Jeff Pilson (Dokken,Dio, Foreigner) who produced our first two albums “Uncreation” and “Seasons of Tragedy” which were out on Locomotive records.

We have a new album that was just released called “Dominion” produced by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, NoFx). We encourage you to check it out and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We are now on Frontiers Records with our latest album “Dominon” and hope you show us some love by giving it a listen.

Where can people check out your tunes?


You can find out more about us on our website as well as get our music.  Stay in touch with us.


And we truly do appreciate your support. There is a lot of music out there in the world, thanks for giving a listen to us.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

They should drive out to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out ALL the bands. Take a listen to the variety, the passion and the intensity that each and every artist wants to bring for you. The sooner we work together in supportive Head Banging fashion the better. Just get here!

Do you have anything special planned for this year’s festival appearance that metal heads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Just want to see how many people show up to support not just us, but this festival and all it has to offer the underground True Metal scene here in the US.  You are what makes it special, so be there!


 Introduce yourself…

Hi, my name is Fábio Delibo, I’m 30 years old and almost 20 years dedicated to Heavy Metal. I can say that I started listening to Heavy Metal when I was 10, my sister started dating a guy who was a fan of Megadeth and he showed me “Holy Wars” it was like love at the first sight, since then my life changed completely. Along the years I’ve been in some bands, but playing cover songs from great bands like: Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, etc.  One day I decided that It was the moment to try something and fulfill my dream of playing MY songs until 2007 when Machinage was formed, and now you are going to be able to listen to my band at Warriors Of Metal Fest !

Where are you from?

I was born in São Paulo, one of the most important cities of Brazil because of its economy. People who want to try something as a band living here can make things “easier” to make things happen in this world of music.  But in Brazil like many other places in the world, trying to live off of music alone is definitely a little complicated especially if you play Heavy Metal!  However, we are doing something that many bands dream to do that is being able to play in The USA, and now we are very excited about this prospect.

What style/genre of metal are you?

We play old school, unadulterated, bone crushing, face melting Brazilian Thrash Metal.  You can expect heavy riffing, kickass rhythms and a mix of harsh and clear Thrash vocals so If you like old school Thrash Metal like Megadeth, Overkill, Heathen, Destruction, Onslaught, and Imagika then you’ll like us too.

How long have you been together?

The band was formed in 2007 and I’m the only remaining member from the original line-up.   Member changes have happened through the years but all of them have contributed to what Machinage is today.  One notable change was brought about by the creation of one the best songs of Machinage called “Mask Behind Some Lies” written by Fernando Kump that played with us until last year and because of some family problem had to leave the band.  Our current line-up has been together since last November and I can say that this is the best one we’ve had so far.  It seems as if we have been together since the beginning, it’s incredible, so we have Renato Lorenccini (guitar), Adriano Bauer (bass), and Ricardo Mingote (drums).

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Yes, we do have a label to release our CD and this is something to celebrate because it was a great achievement.  This is a very difficult thing to achieve in Brazil because as you know, there are a lot of great Metal bands in Brazil and the competition is fierce so we are very happy to have made it.  I have no words to tell you how happy Machinage is; we signed with a Brazilian label called BST Records that is going to release our debut album here, and in the USA it’s going to be released by Metal Messiah Records which is responsible for creating the impetus for our visit to the US because of Metal Messiah Radio’s affiliation with the Warriors Of Metal Fest.  As you may know, Datis Alaee, co-owner of Farvahar Records is also DJ Metal Daddy on Metal Messiah Radio.com and the station owner that everybody calls LC (Lord Crusan) is the person who recommended Machinage to Datis for Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air this year.  So we would like to thank LC for this connection, DJ Dave Softee of the Metal Meltdown for our Metal Messiah Radio interviews, and Datis for not only booking us to the Fest but also booking a 3 week US tour of the East Coast and Midwest for us from June 9th to July 2nd.  This is our first tour in USA and we are all very ecited about it especially since we will be supported by US Music Corps throughout the tour as we are endorsed by Randall & Eden Amps and Washburn Guitars and we are very grateful for their assistance. 

I should also thank Chris from Metal Thursday Booking for allowing us to play at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA on his off night on June 9th (the day we arrive in the US), Bonnie from Dungeon Promotions for arranging a Nashville gig for us on June 19th along with two other Fest bands, Heavy Artillery Records’ Spellcaster from Portland, OR and Mexico’s Split Heaven on their own continental US tour, and also Hoyt Parris of Pathfinder Promotions for booking a gig for us in Marietta, Georgia on June 26th.  Datis has been hard at work trying to book as many gigs as he can for other days of these 3 weeks and more tour dates have yet to be confirmed.  He is even having us stay at his home for a couple of days so we don’t have road costs.  As you can imagine, this is an expensive thing, paying for our own US tour, so we really appreciate any source of savings!  Our US tour will end on July 2nd in Miami, Florida at the gig that LC booked for us. We would like to thank everybody who has been involved in making this become true, not only being signed to a label, being endorsed and supported by US Music Corp who have also endorsed and are sponsoring Warriors Of Metal Fest for the use of the Randall & Eden Amps that we will use but also the release of our album at the Fest and an American tour on top of all that!  This is gonna be fucking awesome!

Where can people check out your tunes?

Our album was produced by Tim Laud (Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy)  and by now, our CD is being mixed and it’s supposed to be ready by the end of April, to be released in May.  But for now it is possible to listen to some pre-production tracks so you can figure out what Machinage sounds like.  Just go to www.myspace.com/machinage or www.reverbnation.com/machinage and check those tunes!!!!

Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

Well, this is a great chance for the US Metal fans to see a Brazilian Thrash Metal band in action and witness firsthand why the Sepaltura and Overkill fans liked us so much in Brazil.  We are self-financing this trip to the US to participate in Warriors Of Metal Fest IV Open Air because we feel honored to be invited to this True Metal celebration to share the stage with many great bands from America, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Come and see for yourself how a Brazilian Thrash Metal band takes care of business.  You will headbang to the pure old school Thrash Metal that will bring back the 80s into your soul.  If you consider yourselves True Metal fans, then do yourselves a favor and come to see us play Live and support Warriors of Metal Fest Open Air because this Fest is going to freaking Explode, and we are coming all the way from Brazil to help it do just that. So, if you’re smart, you will caliptalize on this rare opportunity and you won’t miss us!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We intend to play a new song that no one has ever heard, and we are going to prepare a Brazilian barbecue, that nobody will ever forget about ! Adriano is gonna be preparing this and I tell you, he is pretty good!  We have heard from Datis there are some fans of the Fest from Northeast Pennsylvania who are coming back to Ohio (members of last year’s Forgotten Legacy band I think) and the girlfriend of their bass player has also promised to cook some tasty barbecue ribs at the Fest so Adriano is ready for the 1st WOM Fest Bar-B-Q challenge!  Wo will win?  Everybody ;), so bring it on!  Hey, are you ready for a Brazilian Metal party?  It’s gonna be wild….especially with those Mexican party animals from Split Heaven!  Have you seen their tour pictures with the Brazilian Power Metal band Hellish War last year on their Facebook page?  Ha ha ha, very funny and very crazy!  This is going to be, I think, The Metal party of the summer for us in USA.  So come and join us for an unforgetable time of great Metal music, great food, beer, and the best thing of all, reaffirmation of our Metal brotherhood and sisterhood!  This is what being a Metal community is all about.  Have you seen the picture on the WOM Fest site’s splash page at www.warriorsofmetalfest.com?  That’s what we want to be a part of! 

Have you read the comments from the fans and the Metal band members at the Fest last year?  That’s what we’re looking forward to.  We want the fans to speak of Machinage with compliments and speak of this Fest with reverence.  We want to be part of this Fest’s history of success.  We will be the first Brazilian band to play at Warriors Of Metal Fest ! Our Metal brothers from Mexico, Split Heaven will be the first band from their country to play at Warriors Of Metal Fest ! Why would any True Metal fan want to miss these firsts and so many other great bands from all over USA?


Joe Potash of Horrifier

Introduce yourself…

This is Joe Potash, guitarist and singer of the American power/ thrash metal quartet known as HORRIFIER. I am a founding member of the band as well as it’s front-man.

Where are you from?

We are from Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A. and we primarily play in the New York City area. We have played and are to play with the likes of LIZZY BORDEN, ROSS THE BOSS, TYRANT, OCTOBER 31, D.R.I., and ONSLAUGHT. We have also been featured in magazines with THE RODS, SORCERY, WEHRMACHT, and John Greely.

What style/genre of metal are you?

With the lack of a better classification, we play power/ thrash metal. We like to combine elements of Heavy, Power, Doom, Progressive, Speed, and Thrash to fulfill all of our tastes… but as long as it’s a traditional style, we’re into it.

How long have you been together?

This band has existed since 2004 but we didn’t settle under the moniker of HORRIFIER until 2006.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We released our debut record entitled "Grim Fate" on May 31st of last year on the German label Witches Brew. I convinced original ICED EARTH drummer, Greg Seymour, to play in a song on the album… it has been getting nothing but stellar reviews worldwide.

Where can people check out your tunes?

You can listen to our music and find out more information about us at: www.myspace.com/Horrifier

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

People should make the trip out to Ohio to see us because I guarantee we are one of the most original "newer" bands in the old school realm going right now… not to mention that Warriors Of Metal fest is America’s only open air heavy metal festival!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Not only will you hear our record performed in it’s entirety at the festival, but you will also hear some songs off of our upcoming release. We will also have the CD/ t-shirt pack for sale.

Stone Magnum.jpg

Dean Tavernier of Stone Magnum

Introduce yourself…

I am Dean Tavernier from Stone Magnum. I am currently vocalist and guitar player for the band.  But this is not important… as to who I am, what is important is the entity known as Stone Magnum.  But an introduction to the four members of the band would consist of mentioning the likes of Marty Buchaus (bass), Jim Brucks (guitar), Brad Toth (drums), along with myself.  We are not newcomers, we’ve wasted away for many years, but now the creation of Stone Magnum is necessary in this world we live in…where the truth is often stranger than fiction and the darkness appears as light.    


Where are you from?


Stone Magnum are from the midwest… northwest Indiana, on the southern shores of Lake Michigan in the city of Michigan City, Indiana.  The NWI Metal scene has been strong as of late, and will assuredly get stronger.  What’s nice also is we are close enough to Chicago that we are getting involved in the Chicago scene as well. 

What style/genre of metal are you?


In Stone Magnum we play our own brand of dark Doom / Heavy Metal.  We have some elements of the originators of the genre, Black Sabbath, along with influences from bands such as Candlemass, Trouble, Pentagram…etc..but also classic Heavy Metal influences as well.  The members of the band have varied musical backgrounds within the Metal genre.  We’re older fellas, so we’ve heard it all from the late 60’s to the present…so we have many years of influences, experiences, and memories that help shape our sound.

How long have you been together?


Stone Magnum was created in August 2010.  It was originally started by me creating songs during a very low time in my life.  At the time Stone Magnum was created, my former band Skullview had just finished our 4th album, and were preparing to go to Europe.  But with that band there was always uncertainty.  We had been on a 9 year hiatus and I wanted to play, my creative side of me was busting at the seams and it just wasn’t happening in the other band.   I started writing some tunes on my own.  Given my state of mind at that time, I think I unlocked some different emotions and the music was much darker and depressive than what I had written in Skullview.  After writing a couple of tunes….things kind of took off in a matter of a month or two.  I let a few people hear what was written and immediate interest followed.  Before I even had a lineup of players, there were shows booked in Chicago…and the 2nd show was opening up for Raven and Earthen Grave in Chicago.  I only had three songs written and no band members…and only had a month or so to find some players and write a few more songs.  Brad was an old school drummer, locally known in the music scene for his love of metal and his skills as  a drummer.  I’ve always wanted to jam with Brad and he found what he’d been waiting for as well.  We picked up a couple more members and put this band together very quickly and have been moving forward ever since.  We’ve been through a few members since the original cast, but now we feel the stones are finally set and it’s time to build up Stone Magnum to mammoth proportions. 

Are you on a record label, if so which one?


Stone Magnum is endorsed by Chicago’s R.I.P. Records.  R.I.P. Records is known for their releases with bands such as Metalucifer, Sabbat, Skullview, October 31, Metal Inquisitor, Lordes Werre, Morningstar, etc….  R.I.P. Records heard the first Stone Magnum song and was responsible for pushing this band into existence.   Without R.I.P. Records, Stone Magnum would probably never have came into existence.  

Where can people check out your tunes?


There are some demo tracks available on www.reverbnation.com/stonemagnumdoom and on myspace under stonemagnumdoom….that is if it still exists..haven’t updated this site in awhile.  There are also live video clips at youtube that can be seen.  We’ve undergone some lineup changes since the recording of the demos, so the songs at the reverbnation page and myspace are the past and not exactly representative of what Stone Magnum is currently. For a more accurate interpretation of what the  band sounds like in it’s current state, there is a video on youtube and at the reverbnation page for the song Locksmith of Misery.  This song represents the true essence of what Stone Magnum is all about.

Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?


In addition to hearing all the other great bands that are playing at WOM Fest 4 Open Air from various Metal genres…Stone Magnum’s performance will offer a chance for midwesterners to hear doom metal in it’s purest sense.  We have reason to believe that Stone Magnum will become a cult status band in the future, and likely will not become a household name.  What that usually means is our base will be in Europe and abroad. Personally for me…the underground is what I was brought up on following Heavy Metal…so there is no shame for me to be in an underground scene.  As long as there are people who live for Metal, Stone Magnum will have an audience…we just need to connect with them.   WOM Fest gives many people a chance to see some great bands who don’t get the opportunities to thrive in the States…maybe WOM Fest will help bring some exposure to great Heavy Metal that people don’t read about at their local magazine shop.  So get out here and check out some epic Doom Metal!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?


We’re just going to play our brand of no frills midwestern Doom Metal. We hope to have our Debut album, Stone Magnum, finished and available to distribute at WOM Fest.   We’re simply a straight ahead Doom / Heavy Metal band. Don’t expect any gimmicks, smiles, or nonsense out of us.  We won’t be jumping around, flashing gang signs and speaking to the audience in "street ebonics".  We won’t be twirling our hair and jumping around choreographing a smiling stage show for you….we’ll be up there playing hard driving, serious, ominous hooks.    Be sure to load up on the potassium iodide because this festival is going to irradiate with METAL!


Split Heaven

Introduce yourself…

SPLIT HEAVEN is a prime example of the new, vital Traditional Metal-Wave, which states: Heavy Metal with usual trademarks is simply still the most stable! These five amigos from Mexico are ready to make you scream and bang your head with thundering speed, ’80s metal riffs (we all miss) and battles solos that results in an original mix of classic heavy and speed metal with European style beside hammering high-pitched vocals. They’re one of the most upcoming promises in Heavy Metal.

Where are you from?

Querétaro, México.

What style/genre of metal are you?

Heavy Metal 

How long have you been together?

Officially since 2007 when our first album was released but the band was formed in 2005. 

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

Pure Steel Records (Germany) 

Where can people check out your tunes?


Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

First of all to give them the opportunity to watch and listen a real heavy metal festival. Then, if you want to listen to a true, melodic and pure heavy metal band that is not a copy like thousands of self called "true metal bands" you should go to Pataskala and watch the mexican tequila boys Split Heaven. 

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

Of course, we will deliver to the audience thundering energy on the stage playing songs of our new album "Street Law" which will be released on April 29th and also some songs of our second album "Psycho Samurai".


Erico La Bestia of Dantesco

Introduce yourself…






Where are you from?



What style/genre of metal are you?



How long have you been together?



Are you on a record label, if so which one?



Where can people check out your tunes?



Why should people go to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?



Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?




Brett Scott of Vanlade

Introduce yourself…

I’m Brett Scott, vocalist for the band Vanlade.

Where are you from?

We’re from Kansas City, Kansas, and we are very proud to say we’re one of the few bands keeping true to Heavy Metal in the KC area.

What style/genre of metal are you?

We play a very traditional style of Metal drawn from Speed Metal, Power Metal, and Thrash Metal.

How long have you been together?

Cody (our drummer) and I have been in the band for two years, but the band has existed in one form or another since 2006, beginning from high school jam sessions between fellow Metalheads.

Are you on a record label, if so which one?

We’re not currently on a label but we’re working on it! We’re in the process of self-releasing our debut album, “Iron Age” and are very excited to unleash a quality VÓ“nlade LP unto the world.

Where can people check out your tunes?

Our most current demo, “Stay Heavy Or Die,” is available for listening on our Facebook and Myspace pages.  It won’t be long until our album will be available as well!  We’ll also be on tour through the Midwest in June, so people can check us out live as well!

Why should people drive to the Warriors of Metal Fest to check out your band?

I’m confident that Vanlade will bring a lot of energy and great tunes to the already amazing table at the Warriors Of Metal Festival. And like Dio said… WE ROCK!

Do you have anything special planned for this years festival appearance that metalheads and the rest of the general population should know about?

We’re definitely pushing to have our album ready and packaged for the Festival and the rest of our out of town dates, but I don’t want to promise anything at this point. At any rate, the album will be ready this summer!