Apostate Seeks New Record Label

COUNTRY: Ukraine
MYSPACE PAGE: www.myspace.com/apostateua
SEEKING: A New Record Label and Booking Agencies for Tours

Veteran Ukrainian doom/death act APOSTATE, who released the critically acclaimed Trapped in a Sleep on Black Art Records are seeking a new record label for their next release. The band is also seeking booking agencies for purposes of worldwide touring.

Having worked with U.S. media relations company ClawHammer PR the last few months, APOSTATE has garnered positive press from multiple heavy metal outlets and radio stations for Trapped in a Sleep. As a result, the band benefitted from a substantial increase in worldwide name recognition and is well positioned to build upon that success with its next release on a higher profile label. Listeners lucky enough to have experienced Trapped in a Sleep.


Apostate was formed in 1993 in Lviv (Ukraine). The first demo Consign to Oblivion

was recorded in 1995. This tape was very well received by Ukrainian underground press and fans. In 1997 appears an EP A Song of the Dead Lake. This work and plenty of live performances brought for Apostate a cult status. The band split up in 1998. In 1999 vocalist gathered new line-up and continued Apostate, but in 2001 they disbanded again.


In 2007 compilation From Consign To Oblivion to A Song Of The Dead Lake

was released. Its positive feedback was the reason why Oleksandr Kostko (bass guitar) decided to reanimate Apostate in January 2009. During 2009-2010 the band has actively played live (including Doom Over Kiev III fest), sharing the stage with the renowned bands such as Cemetery Of Scream, Skepticism, Sadist, Crionics, Virgin Snatch, Parricide. Especially precious was the experience of supporting Therion in part of their “Sitra Ahra” tour across the Baltics.

In October 2010 the new album Trapped in a Sleep was released. Currently the band is planning a European tour in support of this album for 2011, as well as writing material for the next album.



Olexandr Kostko – bass

Andrij Hudyma – guiar

Volodymyr Dejneko – guitars/vocals

Vadym Ozhygin – vocals

Bohdan Kozub – vocals

Ihor Kudyk – drums

Oleh Biblyj – keyboards





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