BARN BURNER – new release “Bangers II: Scum of the Earth” and tour dates

Bangers II: Scum of the Earth

Kevin Keegan – Guitar/Vocals

Cameron Noakes – Guitar

Nick Ball – Bass

Taylor Freund – Drums



With the volume, technicality and intensity that embodies heavy metal and the overarching catchiness and longevity of stoner and classic rock, Barn Burner capture a signature sound that cannot be easily placed or categorized. Cultivating the principles of partying and the ever lasting might of the riff, Barn Burner creates a live atmosphere that render an audience incapable of standing still. Whether it is giving your best friend a well-deserved swill of beer or lovingly smashing the bottle over his head to the sound of a ruthless riff, Barn Burner will fulfill the demands of its listeners. Having finished their second record and follow up to the critically acclaimed Bangers, Barn Burner are prepared to unleash something more fierce…


The upcoming release of their second full-length record, entitled Bangers II: Scum of the Earth, saw Barn Burner teaming up with producer/engineer Adrian Popovich once again (Tricky Woo, Priestess, Sam Roberts, The Dears, and Sebastian Grainger) to create a truly original heavy metal record. While maintaining some of the core aspects of their previous record, Barn Burner have captured something more intense, taking steps to create an album more dynamic then their last. Having already toured Canada, the U.S. and Europe with the likes of Priestess, Bison B.C., and 3 inches of Blood, Barn Burner intend to continue its war path in support of the Metal Blade release of Bangers II.


“This music is all about the swagger, and the foursome carries themselves like the 1976-77 Habs: they will own you, plain and simple, no matter how hung over they are from the night before.” Decibel Magazine


“huge groovy riffs that would make Phil Lynott proud.”


“the band is electrifying, and whether you are in the mood to headbang or not, they inject something into your bloodstream that renders you incapable of resisting the overpowering urge.” Outburn Magazine


Bangers II: Scum of the Earth will be released worldwide on June 7th, 2011!



05.16 Trius Ruvueres, QC @ Le Dartagnan

05.17 Ottawa, ON @ Ritual

05.18 Kingston, ON @ Time To Laugh Comedy Club

05.19 Toronto, ON @ Mod Club

05.20 London, ON @ Rumrunners Music Hall

05.21 Sudbury, ON @ Jubilee Hall

05.24 Regina, SK @ Distrikt

05.25 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite

05.26 Calgary, AB @ Gateway

05.27 Kelowna, BC @ Flashbacks

05.28 Vancouver, BC @ Flashbacks



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