Fetus In Fetu releasing debut album

The danish based Death Metal act FETUS IN FETU, can now announce the release date for the debut album ”Abnormal Disfigurement”, the album will be avalibel every through Casket Music / Copro Records the 30th may. Already now its possible to stream the three songs ”Bring Your Slasherhook”, ”Raped In The Crypt” and ”Sacrifice, the Flesh” on the groups MySpace profile: www.myspace.com/fetusinfetudenmark

The record also contains a couple of guest appearances, guitarist Janus Svenningsen of Necroptic (Severe Records) and Emesis, as well as guest vocals from Morten Svendsen from Transparent.


”Abnormal Disfigurement” are recorded in the bands own studie Fetus Studio in Brønderslev, Denmark and produced and mixed by the band guitarist Johnni and later mastered by Thomas Bekker (brother of singer Michael Bekker).


The singer Michael Bekker have giving the following statement about the release:

”Now Fetus In Fetu are finally ready with our first full-length album, thanks to our manager Carsten Brogaard of Revolution Music and Casket Music for believing in us. We look forword to get in the van and get out on the European and Danish road, we will come with full force and a bag full of old school death metal. Since we recorded the album last year, we’ve had some chances in our line-up, we’ve gotten a new bassist in Lasse Toft, our old bassist Astor have taken over the lead guitar, after Christian left the band, a roll he is much more suited. The first time we will play with the new line-up are the 4th june at the Day Of Decay warm up show at Rock Caféen in Aalborg, Denmark. Here it will be possible to buy the new album, which will be released the 30th may, aswell as new t-shirts and other great stuff. Stay brutal and keep supporting metal!!!”


The artwork are made by Remy of Headsplit Design, and the layout by Carsten Brogaard of Revolution Music. The albums cover can be seen here: (www.revolution-music.dk/rmbm/fetusinfetu_abnormaldisfigurement.jpg) and the track list are as followed:


1 Moulded Blood
2 Raped in the Crypt
3 Molested with a Knife*
4 Bring your Slasherhook
5 Abnormal Disfigurement^
6 Sleeping with the Dead^*
7 Golgatha
8 Sacrifice, the Flesh

*Guitar solo by Janus Svenningsen af Necroptic (Severe Records) and Emesis
^Vocal by Morten Svendsen by Transparent











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