REVIOLENCE: Brazilian band release single ‘King Of The Night’ free for download!

Celebrating the wide acceptance of the debut ‘Modern Beast’ released last year and to present the new vocalist Ralph Wiltemburg to the public that follows the work of the band, the Brazilian bandREVIOLENCE released its new single ‘King of the Night’ for free download on its official website.


This work confirms the presence of the musician Ralph Wiltemburg, as the new frontman of the band. “‘King of the Night’ is a sample of what’s to come next album, which is already being made” says Edson Graseffi, drummer and one of the founders of the band.


Along with the new song, the group recorded a version for ‘Allied Forces’ from the classic Canadian band Triumph as bonus.


“This single is a gift from Reviolence to everyone who supported and attended our shows in 2010 and a business card to show the quality of our new singer!” Concludes Edson.


To download the single for free, visit:




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