DEVILSTONE Open Air: the third revelation


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March 30, 2011
Vilnius, Lithuania

Devilstone open air: the third revelation!

Rapidly booming heavy music festival will hit the ground for the third
time fortifying its positions as imperishable! This midsummer, 15 – 17
July, the spellbinding and God’s forgotten Lithuanian corner called
Anyksciai offers you the maddening hard atmosphere, live and high quality
metal music, and refreshing streams of Sventoji that brims over entire

The organizers oblige featuring over twenty bands encompassing best local
performers and exceptionally selected artists from European extreme music
scene. To add up to festival’s credit, Lithuanian ground will be honored
by the feet of English death metal veterans BENEDICTION. Eagerly awaited
over two decades legendary dark prophets resurrect the buried hopes of
their fans and bring long-polished and never forsaken hellish live
performances to the highlights of Devilstone Open Air.

For hell not to break loose Northern winds shall be invoked. Storming in
with refreshingly modern sounds and moods whilst maintaining professional
quality are Norwegians SUSPERIA playing melodic black/thrash metal and
Swedish IN MOURNING with their progressive death keynotes. The gloomy
shadows will descend to mystic depths and enter the abyss with blackest
screams in blending melodic tunes, lyrics, and voices preached by French
genius ALCEST and his spectacular atmospheric metal.

A local spice to your experience is provided by the legends of pagan
spirit OBTEST and incredibly perspective death metal youngsters PARALYTIC.
More detailed cast will be confirmed closer to date.

For those metal heads who burst with energy even after entire day of live
performances the night-time Rocktheque program is offered. Time until dawn
is devoted to 1960-1989 rock music aiming to resurrect of the forlorn good
old Woodstock spirit.

Be sure to bring your friends and try out the miscellany including
volleyball tournament, tea tasting, MC growl fight, photo contest,
creative workshop, football match, as well as many more. And do not forget
to pay homage to the natural and cultural heritage in Anyksciai area as it
is always full of surprises, inspiring scenery, and life-time experiences.

Standard ticket price is 20 Euro and great discounts available for groups.
Find out more at

Information for bands

Devilstone Open Air still has several available slots and is seeking a
professionally minded, strong skilled and quality-guided bands
disregarding metal genre to enrich the festival’s line-up. If this short
list of requirements defines your band and you strive to play in a
prominent metal music festival, contact providing
following details:
– band’s title
– short description
– links to music and live video
– contacts (e-mail and phone number)

Facts and Roots

– The previous Devilstone Open Air festivals featured worldwide famous
SINISTER, CODE to name but few.
– The festival’s title arose from a local legend. It is said that a devil
carried a huge stone aiming to crush Anyksciai’ church. As the dawn broke
a rooster sang scaring the hell out of the devil. Running for the hideout
he threw the stone aside where it lies up to date. One can visit the
landmark titled Puntukas in a meadow of the Anyksciai Regional Park.
– The festival ground is located on the riverside of Sventoji (Lithuanian
word for “The Saint One”) in the valley of Dainuva. The distance to the
town centre is roughly 1 kilometre.

Find out more

– festival trailer is available at
– read the bands’ feedback from previous years following this link



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