IRON MAIDEN – Barricade Collapse Forces Cancellation Of Rio de Janeiro Show; Video Available

IRON MAIDEN’s March 27th show at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was cancelled when the audience barricade set up in front of the stage collapsed during the first song of the night, ‘Satellite 15 … The Final Frontier’. Video footage of frontman Bruce Dickinson asking the fans to step back from the stage once he’d noticed the collapse can be seen below.

According to a report from Brazil’s, the band stopped playing and Dickinson explained that the band would return to the stage once the barricade had been repaired. After 20 minutes, the crowd began losing its patience and Dickinson then returned to the stage to inform the audience that the show had to be cancelled.

He also informed the fans that Iron Maiden would play the HSBC Arena (March 28th) at the same time to make up for the cancellation. Footage of Dickinson addressing the crowd can be viewed below.

IRON MAIDEN - the final frontier
IRON MAIDEN - the final frontier

The following update from the promotion company, Evenpro, regarding the make-up date set for tonight (March 28th) has been issued via Iron Maiden’s official website:

“The Iron Maiden Concert at HSBC ARENA has been postponed to Monday, March, 28th due to technical problems with the barricade provided in front of the stage. This decision was taken by HSBC ARENA in agreement with the band’s staff, because it’s their priority not to put fans’ safety in risk.

Iron Maiden will stay in Rio de Janeiro one more day to be able to make the show and not leave Rio de Janeiro out of this leg of The Final Frontier Tour.


All the fans at tonight’s (Sunday) concert must bring their tickets stub tomorrow to be allowed entry the concert.


For those fans who cannot attend the concert on Monday, the refund policy will be as follows:


— for those who had acquired the tickets at the HSBC Arena box office and other P.O.S, will be able to ask refund at the HSBC Arena box office from April 4th onwards, with the tickets stubs.


–f or those who have acquired through Call Center or internet, please keep the ticket stub and make contact with, or phone number 4003-1527, from April 4th on.


The band are naturally very sorry for any fans that can’t return tomorrow but promise a great and safe show tomorrow Monday for those who do.


HSBC Arena and the band thank the incredible fans for their understanding of this difficult situation and their cooperation. As much as the band wish to play for their fans the safety of each one of those fans is always paramount. Iron Maiden look forward to a fantastic concert tomorrow.”




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