Dark Harvest Records merge with NoEX Records

Dark Harvest Records announced today that they are merging with NoEX Records to create an innovative and aggressive position in the ever changing music label business.

Dark Harvest Records, founded in 2006 by Worst Case Scenario drummer Daniel Paris, has become a recognized force in the extreme metal world. The label was formed out of frustration Paris had in seeing so many bands out on tour being unable to attract the commercial label’s eye. DHR was born to give talent the needed boost to grow their career. Dark Harvest has worked with metal juggernauts such as Herod, Ares, Final Curse, Blood Tribe, Sloburn and many more.

NoEX Records, a division of NoEX Productions LLC located in Fredericksburg Virginia, was started by music industry and dot com veteran Jay Burton as an “experiment” in how labels can function in the new music economy. The indie label was focused on providing up and coming artists with the support needed to boost their career and to get their music to a wider audience through the use of innovation and technology.

NoEX Released albums for BITTER and Stitch The Lids in 2010. Burton will be joining Dark Harvest as a partner to develop innovative marketing concepts and work on artist development for the label. Also Burton will give DHR a foothold in the booming NorthEast Metal scene. NoEX Productions LLC will continue to offer production and recording services as well as operate the popular Internet Radio Channel Eyes Sewn Shut Radio. “I have worked with and known Daniel for over a decade and remember when both companies were just an idea we talked about over a few beers. The Industry is evolving rapidly and we share so many of the same concepts and ideas that the merger simply made sense” stated NoEX Founder Jay Burton.


NoEX Records will cease label operations immediately with Dark Harvest absorbing some of the current artists into their lineup. Details are still pending on the artist details.


Daniel Paris, owner of DHR, added “Dark Harvest Records was started with the intent on bringing the best underground bands who have been overlooked to the forefront of the metal world. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to make the process even better and faster. First with the merging of Blunt Force Records, and now with the addition of Noex. Noex Records has an innovative outlook on working with the digital market and provides services with some impressive young talent that brings some new energy to the family.”

With this new energy, Dark Harvest Records is planning a massive assault on the industry. “We have so many amazing new things coming in 2011, the industry has no idea what it is in for” stated Burton.


Dark Harvest just released the EP Repulse from Indiana based metal band Blood Tribe and has plans to expand their once tightly guarded roster through new programs. “We are aggressively seeking new acts, especially up and coming acts that we can take into the family and work with to develop their career, music, and performance prior to a major release”, stated Paris.


DHR Distro is offering worldwide distribution on a consignment basis through the powerful 7th level of Hell program to unsigned bands around the world. A new website is in the works, new social marketing sites, and a new push toward the top is in the future for Dark Harvest Records.






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