ANAL CUNT Announce US Tour

America’s most hated band, ANAL CUNT, will be taking their shitshow on the road this coming month in support of their latest release,Fuckin’ A (PATAC Records). The tour will kick off in their Boston stomping grounds on May 24th and wind its way across the entire US throughout the month of April. A European tour is also in the works for later this year. No one is safe!

ANAL CUNT have been shocking, appalling, and causing grievous bodily harm to audiences all over the world since 1988,  peddling their ultraviolent noise-riddled grindcore and giving birth to some of the most hilarious (and hideously offensive) song titles in heavy metal history. Like GG Allin and the Dwarves before them, ANAL CUNT practice what they preach, gleefully embracing their own degeneracy and weathering an endless storm of drug busts, jail time, riots, controversy, and a drug-induced coma with two middle fingers aloft. Love them or hate them – they don’t give a fuck either way.


1 Frederick,MD @ Krugs
2 Baltimore,MD @ Sonar
3 Charlotte,NC @ Tremont
4 Atlanta,GA @ Drunken Unicorn
5 Tampa,FL @ Brass Mug
6 Columbia,SC @ New Brookland
7 Florence,SC @ Dr Buzzards
8 Savannah,GA @ Wormhole
9 New Orleans,LA @ Sibera
10 San Antonio,TX @ Korova
11 Austin,TX @ Emos
12 OKC,OK @ Conservatory
14 Phoenix,AZ @ ICYC
15 Escondido,CA @ Cafe Metaphor
16 LA,CA @ The Blvd
17 Oakland,CA @ Metro
18 Portland,OR @ Branx
19 Seattle,WA @ El Corazon
20 Boise,ID @ Red Room
22 Denver,CO @ tba
23 Omaha,NE @ Sandbox
24 Chicago,IL @ Memories
25 St Louis,MO @ Fubar
26 Indy,IN @ Vollath Tavern
27 Lansing,MI @ Macs
28 Pittsburgh,PA @ 31st street Pub
29 Columbus,OH @ Summit
30 Cleveland,OH @ Now Thats Class



1. Fuck Yeah
2. Crankin’ My Bands Demo On A Box At The Beach
3. Loudest Stereo
4. Kickin’ Your Ass And Fuckin’ Your Bitch
5. Hot Girls On The Road
6. Whiskey, Coke And Sluts
7. All I Give A Fuck About Is Sex
8. I’m Gonna Give You AIDS
9. Yay! It’s Pink!
10. I Wish My Dealer Was Open



Fuckin’ A” absolutely guts every cock rock cliche from stem to sternum.” – Metal Underground

“Reviewing an Anal Cunt album is probably the shittiest thing I’ve done this week.” – Stereokiller

“Even when the jokes fall flat, it’s all played loud enough, hard enough, straight enough to not even matter. Sounds from a shriveled sac so goddamn obnoxious and catchy it’s almost enough to make up for Lord Petrus’s sudden croakage.” – Left Hand Path

The final two tracks are just genius though and are definitely my personal highlights. Closing your album that mocks the 80s with a soppy ballad entitled ‘I Wish My Dealer Was Open’ is just pure fucking class. Typical Anal Cunt. If you have avoided their music up until now this album may be your gateway into enjoying their sound.” – The Number of the Blog

Fuckin’ A is one of those Anal Cunt releases that shy away from being spastic manifestations of primal anger, ignorance and stupidity in favor of simply being funny.” – Metal Storm

” Putnam sounds like AC/DC’s Brian Johnson on a coke binge after smoking a carton of cigarettes.” – Kik Axe Music


Seth Putnam—vocals and guitar
Tim Morse—drums




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