KALAMAZOO, MI – Michigan-based black metal group, Winterus, has announced an April 26th release date for its Lifeforce Records debut, In Carbon Mysticism, a record the band hopes will push the boundaries of black metal further than ever before, by creating a genre-defying psychedelic landscape built upon pummeling metal textures.

“We expect this album to change the way metal is heard from ear to ear,” said vocalist, Christopher Erich Neu. “With an honest delivery, including three live tracks, you can feel the passion of ever-maturing musicians that strive for something new and brilliant.”

In Carbon Mysticism consists of six studio tracks and three live recordings. The record was self-produced and engineered last winter in Battle Creek, MI, and mastered in Los Angeles by Maor Appelbaum (Cynic, Therion, Rob Halford).

“We wanted a lo-fi, self-produced sound, not polished and strict or hiding behind Pro Tools,” added Neu. “Sonically, it’s a very honest approach.”

Artwork for In Carbon Mysticism comes courtesy of Joshua Davis, an artist the band had previously worked with, who was able to help achieve the simplistic and calm atmosphere Winterus was looking for.

“From the start we want people to understand the uniqueness of not having a flashy MySpace layout displaying unnecessary tweets about what a member is eating at what restaurant. As it is almost a necessary handle, in the same sense it feels out of touch.”


The track list for In Carbon Mysticism is…

01. Lone Wolves

02. Reborn

03. No Rest

04. Harmonious

05. Moonlust

06. Eternal Ghost

07. Christ Reign (recorded live)

08. Dusk Unveils (recorded live)

09. Through The Mist (recorded live)

Winterus originally formed in December 2009 under the name The Ancient, and quickly released an EP, ‘A Frozen Path’, in May 2010, which led to its signing with Lifeforce Records.

In Carbon Mysticism sees the band further developing its blackened death metal with a subtle atmospheric edge, drawing influence from such acts as Immortal, Enslaved, Napalm Death, and Nachtmystium.

The forthcoming album combines dark and intense atmospheres with unbridled attacks of grim and raw attitude dealing with themes of brutal honesty, isolation, philosophy, and real human emotion.

Stay tuned for more information on Winterus and In Carbon Mysticism, and be sure to tune into: for even more background on the exciting new group.


Winterus is…

Christopher Erich Neu – vocals

Nathan Barnes – guitar

Dominic Simmons – guitar

Cody McCoy – drums



Winterus online…




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