FORBIDDEN guitarist & songwriter Craig Locicero checks in about his latest Ωmega Wave Podcast guest, C.J. Ortiz:


“This week’s show may be our most relevant program so far. With all of the devastation, fear. and suffering happening in different parts of the world, Bill and I thought it was important to change things up.  We need something positive now.  Enter C.J. Ortiz of Metalmotivation.com!


“We stumbled upon C.J. via one of our listeners who had sent us a link to one of his daily motivational podcasts. This particular podcast was directed towards the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Reverend Phelps and his hate spewing, ignorant diatribes and followers being able to continue their protesting against gay rights.  ‘Don’t hate the haters’ he said among many other logical and insightful things.  It sounds like simple and useful advice, but it’s all about his conviction and delivery.  C.J. Ortiz is highly educated and a gifted communicator.  He may be able to help some metalheads keep their heads up in these most difficult times. I highly recommend everyone give the show a listen and take from it what you will.


“For next week’s show, I will be with FORBIDDEN in South America and will try at all costs to do our show live on location!”


Tune in to the Ωmega Wave Show here.  Read more about “The Metal Motivator” here.


Locicero and his co-host “Barbwire” Bill Shields (former host for “In the Dark” Radio, professional wrestler, and current Ordained Minister of the Collective Conscious) take questions and speak off-the-cuff on whatever news-related and controversial subject may come up. The goals of the Omega Wave Podcast are two-fold:


1) To speak to different compelling and controversial lyricists in Metal and Hard Rock weekly.  They will be asked about their motivation, their craft, and what exactly inspires them in these challenging times to do what they do.  Their thoughts & opinions on the most current affairs and intensely debated issues will also be discussed.


2) Have listeners sit in on a real conversation between good friends without censorship watering those thoughts down.  Hosts Bill and Craig will take questions & topic suggestions live and do not filter their reactions to them. These conversations can get very heated at times, depending on the topic.


Previous guests include: Jon Schaffer (Iced Earth, Sons of Liberty), Henrik Ohlsson (Scar Symmetry), and Neil Fallon (Clutch, the Company Band).  Future guests will include Michael Amott & Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy, Dave Brockie of Gwar, Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm, Charles Elliott of Abysmal Dawn and many more.


Listen to the tracks “Forsaken At The Gates” and “Dragging My Casket” from FORBIDDEN’s 2010 reunion album,Omega Wave, here.


Purchase Omega Wave (digi-pak or vinyl version) at the Nuclear Blast USA webstore.


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