Heart – Night At Sky Church (DVD)

Heart – Night At Sky Church (DVD)

2011, Eagle Vision

Rating: 4/5

Filmed early last year in Seattle at the Sky Church venue. This performance clearly demonstrates why the Wilson sisters of Ann and Nancy were one of the most popular bands of the 70’s and 80’s and like most Rock bands suffered through the 90’s. Now with a decade of the new millennium behind us Heart prove to us once again why they were one of the greatest bands around and can still produce new material.

Recorded prior to the release of their latest CD: RED VELVET CAR, this concert DVD features a small preview into that album as the band perform the upbeat rocker “WTF”. This song fits in perfectly with older classics like “barracuda” and “Magic Man”. It has that edge to it that the older songs had and what was missing from most of their later albums. One friendly surprise is when Alison Krauss comes out on stage to lend her vocal talent to “These Dreams”, this brings the already amazing songs to a higher level. Without hearing it you never would have imagined how well Krauss’ voice works along side of Ann and Nancy. They compliment each other extremely well.

NIGHT AT SKY CHURCH is a definite must own for any Heart fan. Ann’s voice hasn’t sounded this good in ages and Nancy is simply amazing both vocally and on guitar. This is easily one of the best live DVD’s out there.  



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