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Interview with Oscar (Oscarbombt)

Conducted by Robert Williams

Velosity are a three-piece thrash metal band hailing from Los Angeles, California. To date, the young band has performed shows alongside thrash legends like Death Angel and Forbidden as well as some of today’s leading thrash acts like Bonded By Blood and Gama Bomb. A five song demo entitled "Deadly Ritual" has garnered Velosity some much deserved attention within underground metal circles. Guitarist and vocalist Oscar recently took the time to chat with and filled us in on the history and current activities of this promising new band.

How are you doing today Oscar?

I just finished drinking a 211 and going onto a Mickey’s.

From what I gather, the three members of Velosity formed as a band in 2008. Describe how this group initially formed, were you all friends? Did the three of you all share the same musical influences?

I met Abi through my girlfriend Erika and then we stared jamming out and Chaca I’ve known since middle school and he said he would join the band once he got a bass and an amp. Me and Abi had the same influences like Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Destruction, Violence, Demolition Hammer, Annihilator,Possessed, Merciful Fate, Coroner, Faith or Fear, Sepultura, Forbidden, Death Angel, Dark Angel, Vio-lence, Violator, Exumer, Judas Priest, Motorhead etc. Chaca was influenced by early Slayer, Motown stuff and Micheal Jackson, power metal such as Demons and Wizards, Iron Maiden etc.

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So far, Velosity has self released a seven song demo entitled "Deadly Ritual". In your opinion, what was the most challenging aspect of making this recording? Where can metal fans outside of Los Angeles obtain a copy? Tell me about working with Igor Dashevsky, vocalist and guitarist of Infernal Assault who recorded and mixed "Deadly Ritual"…do you feel like he pushed you guys as a band in the recording studio?

The first demo sounded like shit because the recording was bad and we were broke and we paid the guy with beer and pizza. Then we decided to re-release it by making the song’s better. Recording this demo wasn’t challenging at all it was actually fun and I had a good time playing and singing, and I want to thank Juan from Executer Recording for the help of our newly released "Deadly Ritual" demo. If fans outside of Los Angeles want a copy of our demo they can send us a message through Facebook and we will send them a copy. Working with Igor was a waste of time because the end result wasn’t what we wanted and he just pushed us to finish the recordings faster. I’d rather give the credit to Juan from Executer.

While we’re on the topic of the resurgence in popularity of thrash metal, let’s talk prospective record labels for Velosity. Which label would you be most honored to sign with as an underground thrash act? Heavy Artillery Records? Witches Brew? Shadow Kingdom?

In my prospective, I’d want to be signed with Heavy Artillery Records or Century Media or Earache because I don’t want to get ripped off by the music business and I’d want to make my fans happy.

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Velosity recently performed as the opening act for thrash metal legends Forbidden. Describe what this experience meant to you both as a musician and as a fan of thrash metal…

Yeah it’s not just Forbidden, but Defiance and Death Angel. It was an honor opening up for these bands and it was a great experience, I had a lot of fun and I give them great respect. It’s great because I look back to my high school days and I never thought I would play with these bands. Honestly anyone can do this if they really put in the work. Also, it was fun playing with Death Angel because we got to drink some 40’s after.


Velosity has also garnered a considerable amount of attention performing at metal shows alongside some of today’s newer crop of thrash bands like Gama Bomb, Evile and Bonded By Blood. What is your take on this supposed "Retro-Thrash" movement that has been cropping up and introducing a new generation of fans to thrash metal? In your opinion, can the bands of today ever rival the legendary thrash groups of the eighties?

Fuck no, we can never rival with the thrash bands from the 80’s because they are like gods… they are the reason why I am here and why I play this music. As for the other bands, I respect them for the music they play but it can’t compete with the 80’s thrash. Although we are trying to sound more like 80’s thrash more than a retro band.

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The three members of Velosity perform under some mysterious aliases, for example vocalist and guitarist Oscar goes by the stagename "Oscarbombt" your bass player Omar is simply "Chaca" and you call yourself "Muerto En La Cruz". What special significance do these names hold for the three thrashers that make up Velosity?

Well I got my name from the Sodom song "Ausgebombt". I don’t remember how Chaca got his name. Abi got it from the band Transmetal from Mexico from the album "Muerta En La Cruz".

Who would you say have been your most notable influences as a guitarist? Which axemen helped define your own unique sound and was their a guitar player in particular who was instrumental in motivating you to pick up a six string in the first place?

First it has to be Tony Iommi, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman, Shawn Lane, Jason Becker, Michael Angelo Batio, Mike Guerro, Michael Romeo, Jeff Waters, Tommy T. Barron, Johnny Cash, Rob Flynn and George Thorogood and Robby Kreiger, Rusty Cooly, Chris Broderick, Alex Skolnick, Eric Peterson, Ronny Dorian, Jeff Young, Gary Holt, Adrian Smith, Jimmy Page, Derick Sykes, James Riley.

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What’s next for Velosity? Are there plans to do some more recording in 2011 and if so, how would you describe your new material?

Well we are currently recording "Wide Spread Devastation" it will be out in a few weeks. It’s faster, a little bit more technical and heavier than "Deadly Ritual". I hope the fans like it and enjoy it.

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk metal with me today Oscar. Before we wrap this up do you have any last words for your fans reading at home?

All I have to say is thank all of you, my fans, for all the support at the shows, I’m just like all of you. Anyone can do what I’m doing, just have heart for the music and have fun. And if you ever need advice, or want to kick it, let me know. I’m not an asshole like most of the other bands, I’ll give all the help and advice that you need.