Norris Streams Entire New Album “The Great White North” Online

“The album as a whole is a disrespect to western civilization,” commented Norris frontman Curtis Wilson. “Our culture has lost all hope in my eyes. I think about leaving this shit hole for a more simple life in a less developed country, but then I realize we have brain washed all countries into wanting our shitty, over-consumptive lives anyway, so I might has well just stay here. I do paint a very grim picture of where the future is heading for us but, I also believe in positive change for the willing.”
“This album is one of the angriest records that I’ve heard in a long time,” states Year of the Sun’s president C. Benner. “You can legimitmately feel the frustration, the hostility, and the honestly throughout ‘The Great White North’ and it’s extremely refreshing. It’s really quite an impressive record and I think it really speaks to what’s happening in the world around us right now.”

Norris have been ripping their way through Canada leaving behind a trail of devoted fans who have been a key factor in spreading the band’s extreme blend of metal, rock, and hardcore across the country. The band’s explosive sound has been praised by Exclaim Magazine as “…simply obliterating…. manages to come barreling out of the speakers with unbridled passion.”
### Canadian experimental tech metal outfit Norris is currently streaming their entire new album “The Great White North” online at Fans can also download the band’s crushing new single “Food For Thought” absolutely free for a limited time only at the same location. Norris’ new album is scheduled for a March 22nd, 2011 release date through Year of The Sun Records.



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