Unsun – Clinic For Dolls

Reviewed: March 2011
Released: 2010, Armoury Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

CLINIC FOR DOLLS is the second album for Unsun and their first for Armoury Records. This follow-up is very melodic with a lot of Power Metal influence. This female fronted band has all the talent and qualities to make it in the Metal world.

Vocally and musically this is an excellent album. Aya’s vocal’s are very strong and powerful and the band complement this very well without either overpowering the other. The only drawback being that the songs tend to sound similar to one another without nothing really standing out or commanding your attention. On there own all of the cuts are fantastic but once compiled onto a 10 track disc they get a little lost in each other and neither of them really standing out.

An excellent release for fans of Power Metal and more melodic stuff. Overall an enjoyable listen but nothing very original.


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Track Listing:
\”The Lost Way\”
\”Clinic for Dolls\”
\”Not Enough\”
\”The Last Tears\”
\”I Ceased\”\”A Single Touch\”

Anna \”Aya\” Stefanowicz – lead vocals
Maurycy \”Mauser\” Stefanowicz – lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Filip \”Heinrich\” Hałucha – bass guitar
Wawrzyniec \”Vaaver\” Dramowicz – drums