Inferi – The End Of An Era

Reviewed: March 2011
Released: 2009, Tribunal Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Over the years I’ve got a ton of stuff and to be honest I don’t remember where or when I got this album. However when I revisited it on a whim a couple months back I realized how good it was and perhaps I didn’t realize it the first time around. Shame on me!

This American quintet from Tennessee have a couple of indie-level albums under their belt, this being the second. It’s a pretty professional job, a good package and presentation, lyrics and photos all designed to impress. The cover art, a picture of a mean-looking, warrior type dude, is the icing on the visual presentation.

Sonically, after a brief, stirring intro the band rip into some heavy Death/thrash. It’s pretty fast and furious for the most part, relentless and heavy. The album is not completely one-dimensional however, there are some tempo changes and a few different arrangements here and there. There is a really decent eight and a half minute instrumental called ‘The Warriors Infinite Opus’ which caught my ear. The soloing on THE END OF AN ERA helps the entire album stand out from the pack. Malcolm Pugh is the main song-writer and lead guitarist and he has a sophisticated soloing style that is a nod to melody and well as speed.

Inferi despite being a young band with some modern influences and touches, they certainly remain faithful to a classic thrash sound. The vocals are harsh but not unintelligible and the lyrics are above average in my estimation, each being a dark tale of epic battles (ancient and modern) evil, darkness and all the good topics in metal! Talented, proficient with killer chops, all these guys make the grade as performers. It’s a good record, if you like you’re your metal fast, dark and heavy, check it out.


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Track Listing:
1. The Ruin of Mankind
2. Gatherings In the Chambers of Madness
3. The Endless Siege
4. A New Breed of Savior
5. Sentenced to Eternal Life
6. The War Machine Embodiment
7. The Warrior\’s Infinite Opus
8. Quest for the Trinity
9. Forged In The Phlegethon
10. Cursed Unholy

Josh Harrell – Vocals
Malcolm Pugh – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Brocius – Guitar
Nevin O\’Hearn – Bass
Eric Brown – Drums