ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION – past, present and future

One of the earliest metal-bands in Finland was ALTARS OF DESTRUCTION. They entered the scene along STONE, AIRDASH, A.R.G. and NATIONAL NAPALM SYNDICATE in the second half of the 1980s.

However, due to some twists of fate and a record deal that after all did not happen, the band went into hibernation. They might have already been considered history, but fortunately reformed several years ago and set their energy towards recording that one debut album they did not had the chance to deliver earlier. “Gallery Of Pain” was released in April 2010 through Violent Journey Records. Autumn of 2010 saw the first video, “Cross The Line (Of No Return)” by Jani “ViSKi” Viskari.

A new Interview by fireangel / Night Elves is the first AOD-interview in English and also the first one to cover AOD’s story extensively. Interviewees were Kimmo Osmo (Guitar), Pasi Osmo (Bass) and Mika Luoma (Vocals).


Some excerpts:

Anja Fireangel: When the band was formed in 1986, you were between 16 and 18 years old. When and how did you learn to play an instrument or to do vocals? Which were your heroes that motivated you so much to start a band yourself? How did the band members get into contact with each other?

Pasi Osmo: I was 17 when I started to play seriously. First playing guitar for a few months and singing for my own band. My brother Kimmo had a band of his own with some school buddies, playing bass and [doing] vocals, but wanted to change over to guitar. He convinced me into joining his band and taking the bassist role. This was a good decision, because the bass works better for me, and Kimmo is more talented with guitar than I could ever be.

Back then in the mid 80’s we listened to old heavy, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN etc., gradually bands like VENOM, SLAYER, METALLICA etc., stepped into the picture. All of these bands have made an impression on our music. There were no famous thrash bands in Finland yet at that point, but metal-wise we had great names like ZERO NINE, TAROT and OZ.”




“Anja Fireangel: In Kimmo’s photoalbum on Myspace is a newspaper-scan about AOD playing a gig with STONE and added comments about how at a similar gig with them the police came because stage diving was not permitted. Could you please tell of that gig and also in general how the atmosphere at your concerts was?

Kimmo Osmo: The atmosphere back then at shows was real intense and sometimes brutal, and our audience sure knew how to put on a show of their own… We played joint gigs with STONE, AIRDASH, and PRESTIGE. One of the gigs with STONE was definitely the most memorable, when the crowd started stage diving and the cops stopped their show…then hell broke loose.



The complete interview can be found from this link:



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