After Baton Rogue Morgue our Agency signs another amazing band coming out from the cold lands of Finland: SKULLDRIVER!!!

– Here some biographical notes to present the band:

It all started back in 1999 in a small redneck village in the southern part of Finland called Liljendal.

Kuli and Karda a.k.a “Mr.Deeler” where about 16 years old, they started jamming together with their friend Joni Kosonen (who now plays guitar in a band called Circle of Contempt).

They started a band called Infiltrator and played together for a few years playing mostly covers, but had a few songs of their own. As the years went on Joni moved with his family to the northern part of Finland, the rest of the guys got kicked out from their rehearsal place wich was supported by the church, due to some conflicting opinions with the local priest and soon the band would split.

In 2005 the guys came together again.

Pede and Kuli found themselves jamming together and Karda was heading back home, later to be known as camp Skulldriver.

Some new members were joining, Jocke a.k.a “J.P Ecker Holmes” and Tomi.

Now things started to happen.

New material was written immediately.

Hard riffing ,grooving and with a touch of insane energy …Skulldriver was founded…

In 2006 they released their first EP with the tracks Locomotive and Push the button.

For about a year the band played shows here and there in small clubs and bars and the audience feedback was overwhelming.

New material kept coming and a new EP with the songs “Saviour” and “Usage” wich was released on the internet.

The guys continued writing material and playing gigs with such bands as Kiuas, Omnium gatherum, Sturm und drang, Baton Rogue Morgue, Coprolith, Trident, Millennia and many more. The reputation in the Finninsh underground metal scene was here to stay, and is yet growing!

In 2009 the former drummer of Millennia called Arska joined the Skulldriver crew as a third guitar player, the redneck godforsaken bastard crew was complete, he found his place immediately and it didn´t take long for the guys to decide to make a full-length album consisting of old and new material. And so in January 2010 “Facts, Fictions and Fucked up Situations” was self released.

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