KAMALA: new video clip of the band is officially released

The controversial video clip for the song “The Fall,” composed by the band KAMALA and extracted from the album “Fractal” was finally released on the group’s official channel for viewing. The material was produced by the team composed by Léo Alves and Thiago Pinheiro, made by Studio Kaiowas, it counted with the participation of the proper musicians of the KAMALA as actors of the boarded tram.


Original title: The Fall

Length: 4 minutes

Genre: Drama / Violence

Band: Kamala

Director: Kaiowas Studio

Screenplay: Kaiowas Studio

Production and Direction: Leo Alves and Thiago Pinheiro

Consulting and Distribution: MS Metal Press

Actors: Raphael, Nicholas, Andreas and Ricardo (Kamala), Thiago Pinheiro

Photography: Leo Alves andThiago Pinheiro

Costumes: Kamala / Lady Snake

Edition: Leo Alves

Special Effects: Leo Alves and Thiago Pinheiro

Rating: Over 18

The KAMALA is still riding his agenda = diary(?) for concerts of your current tour in support of their second album “Fractal”.



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